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Kids will be kids, sometimes they'll do wonderful things that excite and amaze you, other times they'll be little hellions.

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Wimp Videos Stories Subscribe. Our relationship is stronger than it has ever been and I dont dwell on this event in the same way. Like Us on Facebook.

My punishment

Here are some true stories from AskReddit users about being punished as. My dad thought either my brother or I stole his camera and sold it, and until we told him who did it we were both grounded. But then she said she never gave me permission to do even though another adult was sitting there and confirmed he heard her give me permission to do it.

She still denies doing this or any of the other corporal punishment my sister and I were subjected to. I was undiagnosed ADHD.

After that she yelled at me for 5 more minutes and ordered me to take a shower. I was an unruly child to say the least. So yeah, that had messed with my head quite a bit. But, if I remember correctly, my siblings got it WAY worse.

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I had zero toys, I owned no books, I had nothing to do but get lost in my head and at one point my radio was taken away so I was left in complete silence I was between Why was I grounded? Now I see it as the reactions of angry and scared people to a situation they couldnt control, and resolve to do better myself.

He would dare me to relax. Share Tweet Next Story. My mom immediately jumped to this being devil worshipping, despite my friend and I not even knowing what a pentagram really meant.

My mum had enough and told me I was getting adopted. Matt Gilligan. I ended up being grounded and isolated for 1.

People discuss the worst punishments they ever received as kids

After a few hits my arms gave out and my head dropped hard into the toilet water. Then my mom freed up one of her hands to turn my ass red. Also had to pick up all the rocks in the vacant lot next to our house and put them in a pile on weekends as part of the punishment. Finally after 6 months he finally cleaned his room and found his camera and said we were ungrounded, we never even got an apology.

I used to be hurt thinking about it.

Punishments were truly horrible in the middle ages

She took me to school that day and my mum picked me up and I went home, as if nothing had happened. Then he would put nails sticking up under my heels. He took me out on the front porch and while he was paddling me, the rail I was bracing against broke and I fell off the porch. I started therapy about 5 years ago and was reaching a point where I was going to decide whether to confront my parents with how I felt about my childhood, or cut them from my life.

25 truly shocking punishments given by parents

After that my dad continued to ground me for block of months at a time. I remember distinctively telling class mates I was leaving to live somewhere else. Not to excuse what they did, but my mum and dad both had terrible upbringings with abusive parents. Next Story.

While there she lifted me up by my legs and attempted to give me a swirly. My dad was full of anger and my mum was rather weak and full of shame.

People share the cruelest punishment their parent ever inflicted on them

Then I have to stand on my toes. My hands immediately latched on to the toilet bowl to stop my head from falling in. My mum made me tidy my room and take what I wanted in a bag and I went to my aunties house mums sister to wait for the lady to pick me up.

Whenever I was rebellious toward him, he was fond of whipping my bare back with metal radio antenna. This lead to my mom telling every single teacher and after school care worker not to allow me to be anywhere near my friend. Being trapped in my head for that long has fucked me up mentally permanently.