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Will Logan happily walks home from the amateur magic competition. He's practically skipping down the street this warm evening. In his hand, he carries the 1st prize trophy, and he can't wait to show his dad. His father, Samuel, had wanted to come to the show, but he has work to do both in the office and at home, being a single parent.

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The villain high-fived some of the others as he moved away, laughing and sweating. He tilted her head so it pushed against the inside of her cheek, then began to move it in and out, slowly and deliberately face fucking her.

She heard Kara moan softly in sympathy. It was useless. From his pocket the immortal villain pulled a small green glowing object, like a cut gemstone. Never one to rely on just one precaution, Savage had set red lamps set overhead flooding the young girl with the light of Kryptonian sun, making sure even if she somehow got free of the chains she would have all the powers of a nineteen year old cheerleader.

Though considering the bruising he noticed between her legs she no doubt had much on her mind. Kara pulled at the green chains, trying to get free.

The men in the room laughed at her display, eager to feel her squirming just as energetically under them. With his other hand the villain held a small round mirror in front of her face. She twisted and heaved, using every ounce of might in her slender body. Cassie looked up him.

She could well imagine its owner using it on Phillipus, Menalippe, her other Amazon friends and sisters. That is IT! Move for me. But it was not the nudity of the assembled villains that intrigued Savage as much as that of the two young women chained to the metal tables in the middle of the room. He nodded to the man he had prevented raping Kara.

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Kara raised her head, looking at him with eyes stained with tears but defiant non-the-less. Their matching long blond hair hung damp, framing their tear stained faces as they lay on the platforms with their arms pulled back above their he and their legs spread wide, hooked down around the side of the table so that their exposed crotches were at the edge of the surface.

She was helpless to save her cousin or herself. Savage wondered if the girl had worked out the secret to her imprisonment.

Her head moved slowly, tugging as his rape-tool. The Kryptonite held her unbreakably in its radioactive grip while overhead the red-sun lights did their work sapping her powers.

The man pressed his cock head to her mouth, and she let her red lips pucker around it. Take it! Savage walked over, blithely ignoring the violent rape going on as he watched. Savage smiled, clearly enjoying the effect he had on the others. But Savage held up his hand.

This is synthetically made green-k, able to weaken you and hurt you, but not to kill you quickly by its mere presence. It was circumcised, the bulbous head already wet with excitement. The dozen men standing around looked at him, their eyes showing a mixture of lust, joy, and the fear that his arrival would al a postponement of their gruesome fun. Take it all.

On the table next to Kara Cassie watched Savage reach down with the gemstone and saw him moving his hand, and then heard a pitiful wail from her friend. His hand grabbed the back of her head, holding her in place, and then he eased his hips forward. Her body shook as the man fucking her pounded her with unbridled enthusiasm. Cassandra looked at the member waving next to her lips, smelling its pungent musk.

Savage said nothing, stepping back as Kara continued to scream and sob. The young heroine shuddered, feeling her sensitive boob being mauled by his cruel hand. She felt the man in her mouth close to his own climax and gagged as some of his caustic pre-cum leaked down her throat. He moved inside her a few more times, then slipped free of her young pussy, his cock softening as it trailed a deposit of sticky white cum from the soft pink lips. She tilted her head back and let her lips part.

Reaching down he pushed his thumb past her labia lips, spreading them to reveal the soft wet pink beyond. Kara watched in wide-eyed terror. On the other table Supergirl gave a soft moan as her rapist gasped, thrusting strongly between her legs and then stiffening with pleasure.

The idea of Kal in the hands of these monsters, the things they would do to him, gave her desperate strength. The man looked back at Savage, clearly wondering if the chance to sate his lust was worth having his hardened member chewed off.

Cassie looked at him with disgust, but Savage only smiled his sick smile.

Leaning over he grabbed one of her breasts in his hand, pulling on it and digging his fingers brutally into the pliant orb. The touch of his lips was more foul even than the liquid oozing down from her battered pussy. Please take it out!

Kill you all! Savage leaned over and kissed her shoulder.

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The door to the room opened and Savage stepped in. Cassie only turned her face away from him, her fists clenching as she jerked in time to the thrusts of the villain between her legs. She returned his stare with cold fury, her lips curling back to show her teeth. When he finally let go and stepped back and out of her she could still feel his fingers crushing her breast. She had thought its strength was because it was a kind of robot.

A metal gag was across her mouth keeping her silent, but her eyes spoke of the unmistakable horror and anguish she felt as she stood frozen, forced to hold down her beloved daughter as she was brutally raped in front of her. Kara looked up at the villain, eyes cold. The man looked at the blond still being fucked by Mirror Master, rubbing his rock hard member as he watched Cassie getting pounded. He smiled. The cock slid passed her teeth and into the warm wet cavity beyond.

His tight abs moved under the skin as he pushed inside her and then began to pump energetically, smiling like a ghoul. The sickly green glow of the chains made her look pale and haggard. They were in a range of dress states — some like Scarecrow and Felix Faust who were more conscious of their physique preferring to keep most of their clothes on while others like the ocean going Black Manta or Bloodsport with more athletic forms had no modesty about standing start naked in front of their fellows.

He reached out and played with one of her nipples, bruised and discoloured from its rough handling of the hour. His hand on her tit squeezed so hard she moaned, fresh tears running down from her eyes. She closed her eyes as Mirror Master panted happily.