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It was a great weekend. My military buddy had called me up said he was passing through town on his way to base and wanted to hang out for the weekend. I called my wife to let her know Jack was going to be staying with us the weekend.

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My whole body was aching for my husband. My husband did as he was told. His eyes widen as he watched me, his wife finger-fucking herself right in front of him. So I continued sucking until I knew he was at his peak then I stopped sucking.

I thought this was the perfect time to do it. I went over to my aching husband and kissed him. My breasts were free. I licked the tip again and again once more. It had pre-cum at the tip and was pointing directly at my face.


Then gently licked the tip. I got up from my knees and went over to the kitchen drawers.

Sometimes we like to play the game where I order him around in intimate play. As I looked at his underwear, I could see that his dick was ready, trying to escape. So I wanted to tease him a little and make him work for it.

His huge cock was pointing at me. I ignored him and continued to rub my clit. I wish I could feel that big cock inside of me. As my husband went behind me, I poked my ass out and moved back and forth. I went over to my husband and started kissing him passionately. My aching pussy and body had been fulfilled.

I moaned louder and arched my back. Our career schedules are sometimes hectic, so sometimes there can be intervals between our intimacy. I ever so gently blew on it. I stopped and went over to my aching husband.


Without warning, I pulled off my panties. I felt my release coming. I wanted my husband to give me my story. As Jake licked faster, a wife moan escaped from my mouth. I pulled down his slacks and tossed them to the side. When Jake tried to put his hands on my other breast, I quickly swatted them away.

By the time we both get home, all we want to do is go to sleep and relax. I wanted to fuck my husband right then. I stuck two fingers in my tease and licked off my juices. He kissed me back with passion and tried to put his hand in my panties again. I wanted to really tease my husband. I faced my husband, climbed on top of his aching dick and slowly allowed myself to slide onto it.

I kissed him deeply. Now completely naked, I got down on my back, on the floor in front of my husband. The friction was making us both hornier. As soon as I took off his briefs, his big erection sprung free. I came across some duct tape and went back over to my husband. I have to wake up early tomorrow for another day of work. I pushed them away. I put his whole cock in my mouth.

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I then began to unbutton his white collar blouse. My husband thought he was slick when he tried to move back and forth and put his hands on my waist. But I wanted to tease him a while longer. It looked like his pre-cum spot got was growing. Imagine your big cock inside my tight pussy. My husband got up.

I took my pointer finger and rubbed my clit. I made my way down to his slacks. He again did as he was told and lifted his hips, so I could take off his briefs. My husband suddenly had stamina. No touching unless I tell you to. I wanted to show him what we both were missing.

I then took off my jeans but left on everything else. It felt so good. I saw his dick had made an imprint. I saw his veins on his dick pop out. I walked over to my husband sitting down in the chair. I got off my husband and got on my knees again. I just imagined how it felt inside me. I then played with my breasts. I want to share some of mine. I again got on the floor and masturbated. My husband walked in, took off his coat, kissed me on the lips, and went to the refrigerator for a drink.

I got very excited. I knew he was ready for me. My red lace underwire bra was exposed. I unbuttoned my jeans, pulled them down, and told my husband to put his hand in my underwear. It had been a bit since we were intimate, and that just made my desire stronger. I tried not to release myself before my husband came home.

I got up from the chair where I was sitting with my laptop and went over to my husband, Jake.

I love reading all these nice, sweet, sexy stories. This time I went deeper. Then I stopped, sat there and just allowed myself to sit on his cock. I pulled away from his kissing and pulled my jeans back up. I felt my vagina pulsing and throbbing. As soon as I felt he was going to release I stopped. I kissed him on his nipples and chest.

When he took his hand out it was soaking wet with my juices. I wanted him to fuck me hard. I slowly went up and down on him. I could see his erection through the slacks he had on. Seeing my husband right in front me and looking down between his legs just pushed me over the edge. I slurp, sucked, and continued to tease him.

As my husband sat back down in the chair, I then proceeded to take off my blue t-shirt. He again gently nibbled at it and sucked it. My husband was still standing watching my every move. He gently nibbled on my breast. I held his cock in my hand. I quickened the pace and spread my legs wider. He had an enormous erection.