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I trust my husband like a good wife. The stranger guy opened his shirt and pant and he was without underwear and we could see his 9 inches 90 degree up to the penis, such a monster thick it is, and I started feeling wet. Hello, Indian sex story readers. For our shock, we saw Kalpana leaned on that stranger and I could see the stranger pant and the tent because of the erection is now rubbing Kalpana bum, while watching I felt some different kind of temptation in me.

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The stranger has put his hands around Kalpana waist and rubbing with gentle massage and while me and Ravi were watching the stranger acts. If IndianSexStories2. I was in a party gown with deep backless which is in blue color and sleeveless.

He came closer and said that he wanted to hug me for 5 mins, I shouted at him and he said he never saw an actress and he told me that I look like a bold actress. The stranger lifted her shirt off and started sucking her navel, Kalpana was an immense pleasure and closed her eyes and only she moans and feel for this pleasure. I was watching the dance of Ravi and I saw Kalpana coming back to Ravi to dance with him.

I was in confusion and I closed my eyes by then Ravi lifted me and made me sit on a bench on the corner, he lifted my party frock and removed my panty and he kept this in his pocket. About me, I have a perfect figure with fair complexion and my stats are 32 28 This makes every guy staring at me.

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Thereby we started dancing my husband was not sure about the dance and he was staring at all the people around whoever is dancing. I and Ravi saw the stranger kissing Kalpana neck and Ravi was not showing any reaction, which is why very strange for me. My husband is party freak and he takes me to all his parties.

He squeezed my boobs and I saw Ravi coming to this side and he saw both of us, this made me mad with shocks. Although they were doing this sex act on the balcony I could see a security guard coming towards this dark balcony and I tried to change his direction by asking some silly questions.

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I saw Kalpana opening her bra and pulling her right boob out and she placed this in his mouth and she moans and says suck me, I was trembling with fear but I was feeling excited to watch this. This time my husband decided to go for a karaoke party and he introduced me to his friend Ravi and his wife Kalpana.

I took a chair near to the dance floor and sat and I saw my husband coming towards me and I felt relaxed. My husband, as usual, went to pick some drinks for him and me and during this short time gap Ravi started making silly jokes on his wife Kalpana and she was kind of feeling shy.

If you're on ISSstories. Since I have come from a rural middle class this culture is completely new to me. I was feeling headache because of loud music and I thought I should go out to stand and take some fresh breeze on the balcony. Since my husband is a party freak he takes me to all his parties and his colleagues take this opportunity to intro to me.

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Kalpana face was in shock with this act and I could see Ravi slowly coming behind me to dance, I felt Ravi is more bothered about me than Kalpana. Then some strange guy has come from somewhere who is very tall and heavy built and he requested Ravi that he would like to dance with Kalpana, and Ravi immediately agreed and I could see Kalpana in a shock, however, she got pissed with Ravi and said yes to dance with that strange guy.

I told her to relax and calm down as nothing will happen by then we saw the stranger guy coming fast towards Kalpana and saw her trembling with fear, he came direct and hugged her with rough hands and started licking her neck and I was in a shock and tried screaming and I felt Kalpana hand …. The guy was standing behind Kalpana and dancing and I and Ravi could see that guy is trying to touch Kalpana back with his pant.

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The security guard was looking at me from top to bottom and he came little closer to me and he was yuk with chewing pan inside his mouth. What did you think of this story??

Kalpana is also happened to be a shy girl in the party. I felt Ravi fingers on my bear backless and I tried to resist but I was feeling vibrations in my spine and goosebumps on my hands. So Ravi introduced me to his wife while he did that it happened to be that his left hand was on my back and touching my bare back, I felt it may be part of the culture.

Ravi came to me with anger and I knew if he steps little right side he can see Kalpana and I was in such a shock, Ravi came to me and said feed me vanilla.

The I felt a hand of some stranger is actually moving around my bum and the time I realized I could see that Ravi also noticed that and when my husband went to toilet, Ravi took this as opportunity and tried to accompany by showing his dance skills and still feel a hand moving around my ass and kind of touch. He shouted at the security saying she is my wife and the security ran away, it was nice grope by the security guy and I was half wet already.