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But Ugly Girls is a hard book to recommend. If you think the grittiness of Netflix's Orange is the New Black is too much, Ugly Girls takes that several steps beyond gritty to sordid. Hunter got her start in flash fiction — short stories of 1, words or less.

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She was obviously hurt but she was surprised also. Next day when she opened her profile she saw that boy along with his friends had tagged her in his selfies.

Some even supported him. You are so ugly and you are showing this much of attitude? Now after five years of that incident she is graduating from her college. She thought again a boy would insult her and call her ugly.

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. She understood why she never got proposals from boys and why she was rejected by her crush.

She felt like commiting suicide. So she kept herself kind of hidden.

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Have you seen yourself in the mirror ever? She was scared. No one else will ever know that. But he rejected her. However, she had a crush on a boy and she expressed her feelings to him.

Though in tuition there were many boys but she maintained distance from them. If she was so interested to see his photos she would see them from his profile.

But she sometimes wishes if she could go back in time and undo that comment maybe things would have been different today. She wondered what that boy meant. She had made some good friends.

She was surprised. But some views of life surely changed her.

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She had many flaws. Next time when she checked her profile she saw that boy had unfriend her and replied.

Just shut your mouth. At that moment she felt worthless, her life was shattered.

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She was very angry. When she was in class eleven she used to take tuitions where she met many new girls and boys.

But again she thinks what happened, happened for good. She noticed that guy had a weird habit of tagging his close friends as well as those whom he barely knows in his selfies to get more likes.

She deleted her facebook. She made some female friends but she never got along with boys. Suddenly everything was so clear to her.

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She felt devastated. But at heart she was just another girl who wanted to be loved. One day a boy from her tuition who was quite popular sent her a friend request which she accepted.

His words hit her heart like a bullet. Rina has forgotten many incidents of her life but this one, she will never forget it. Maybe that boy has forgotten his words but Rina will remember every word of his.

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But those incidents left a deep scar and only the bearer knows how much pain that scar caused. There was once a girl named Rina. Simple logic she was ugly. And that was her mistake.

To be honest the boys never seemed to be interested in her. She was leading a quite happy and simple life until an incident happened which kind of changed some aspects of her life. Though he openly said those things nobody protested.