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My tummy hurts and is so fucking swollen. Not had such a taut and obscenely swollen belly in forever. So round and hard.

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Follow us on:. I want to punch her in the stomach again after it stops hurting. Popular Searches. Basics of immunization. My stomach is so full and bloated, i feel sick to my stomach, but keep eating. I like pushing on the area right at my bellybutton kinda slow, but deep enough to hurt just a little.


It leaves me with a kind of all over tummy ache, but feels so good when I do it. Keith walked me back to the car and before he closed my door, he told me not to cry and I told him I wouldn't. At least not one from eating too much. Create As a Member You Can: clubs to discuss your interests Connect with people like you Share information, seek advice, get support. I've found the easiest and most pleasureable way to do this is to sit in a chair with my butt closer to the edge so my lower back is not touching the chair, but my shoulders are against the back of the chair.

I definitely like to start out with a soft touch to the tummy, then slowly get harder and deeper into the stomach. It's a different kind of pain than the "oh I ate too much" bellyache.

The "inside" feeling I get is tummy to a more intimate sensation and I not only feel it in my belly area, but lower as well. Then I push down really hard on my giant stomach until I puke it all up. When parents fall sick. Name: puja Country: India i don't know why my stomach pains so much. It aches and throbs, but the throbbing rub my belly is the "outside" sensation. I don't really like the pressure to be extremely hard when I already have a real stomachache.

Basics of immunization Childhood illnesses and medical conditions. Name: Padme Country: India I need someone to examine my belly badly. I forget what my mom, my step-dad, and my Gram got. I enjoy taking care of her hurting stomach. I enjoy it to the point of causing a stomach ache. Keep pushing and pressing the area all around my bellybutton, working my way out to the sides and above and below until my story stomach has been touched to the point of pain.

That's my day ache my boyfriend. Then came a special piece of cake that Keith decided to take home because he wanted to save it for later. Baby Photo Contest visitors: Facebook Voting gives your contestants 4 bonus points! And I'm not a huge fan of a quick jab to the stomach closer to a punch.

Name: katlyn Country: Ukraine I get daily digestive disturbances and a constant pain in my middle stomach. I like a firm belly rub when my tummy is hurting, but not so deep and hard that it makes the tummy ache worse. Then push a bit harder to make it hurt more. I remember as a kid, I would lay with my belly on top of my stuffed animals so that it would hurt a little. This way my hands aren't rubbing my belly exactly, but pushing different areas without having to take them away from my tummy.

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clubs to discuss your interests Connect with people like you Share information, seek advice, get support. I'll push in really hard and then while still pushing move my hands up and down my stomach. Register Register. India's 1 Family site.

Sick and hurting tummies

ing up with Facebook means faster registration, and quicker access to all member areas of IndiaParenting. Face up to the Challenge. Child Loss and Grieving Parents. I have horrible sounds coming from my belly no stethoscope needed. Keeping your child healthy. Please Wait Forgot your password?

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Stomach aches are my jam

Bowel movements. I'll use my whole hand for some pushes and then just my fingertips to almost kneed my stomach.

Create. Name: Pooja Country: India I suffer from so many bellyaches its awful. A real pretty woman I worked with for a long time just turned me on so today, I couldn't help myself. He presses down on the bloated stomach, and I puke some more.

I liked it. I do remember that I got chicken parm or something like that and Keith got a Philly cheesesteak. Medications safe for children. Name: sports fan Country: U. I went to see my boyfriend Keith on July 23rd his birthday and my mom, my step-dad, my Gram, and I all took Keith out to lunch at Hoss's for his 24th birthday.

A blog dedicated to bellies-n-burps — could i request a story of dabi with a tummyache

The doctor presses down on my swollen upset stomach while I puke up the contents. Childhood illnesses and medical conditions. Related Articles for Child's Healthcare.

Sometimes I'll give myself a really hard push in the belly and complain aloud, "Oh my stomach hurts! I punched her real hard in the stomach. My mom, my step-dad, my Gram, and I pulled out of Keiths driveway and he went back on his porch to wave goodbye. My stomach hurts so bad and I end up laying on bed rubbing my tummy.

A blog dedicated to bellies-n-burps — could i request a story of dabi with a tummyache

Anyone wanna chat, let me know. It gave her a real bad stomach ache and she let me take her home and take care of it. It's almost not pain, especially if I do it to myself. Weird, I know but that deep pressure in my tummy felt really good. I go to the doctor and make him rub my upset stomach.

Then me, my mom, my step-dad, and my Gram took Keith home and I had his birthday present and a care package in the trunk for him so my step-dad opened the trunk for me and Keith to get his stuff. As a Member You Can:. For me it's not about making a stomachache feel better, it's mostly about just the fact it feels good to me.

Name: Bethanne. Our meals came and we all sat and ate whatever we had ordered. Name: skate Country: U. I could really use a stomach pump. We got up and got some salad and stuff from the buffet area and then went and sat back down. This way when I push on my tummy, I can do it as hard or as gentle as I want.

Stomach aches are my jam

We got seated at our table and I sat next to my Gram and I also sat next to Keith because it was his birthday. Find Listing:. Managing Emergencies. If I lay on the bed, I can't quite get the same angle or pressure. I like hurting it more, though. Keith and I caught up for a bit before he took me back out to the car. I also had a friend put couch cushions on top of my stomach and then stand on top of them. Green Country: Bulgaria Whenever I eat too much and my stomach is full, I have to go and get my stomach pumped.

He then sticks a tube down my throat and fills my stomach with warm water, when its full, he take out the tube and pumps my stomach again. I love getting my stomach pumped. Keith and I then took his stuff into the house and I got to say hello to Keiths mom and dad.