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A swirly cloud of something that looked like fog filled the room, and then it faded into the night. You, John lay sleeping in the bed, covers pulled up to your chin. You were asleep, and right in the middle of a very exciting dream, when the loud beepin Strand q was a dangerous outlier in 's evolution that went far beyon Welcome to the Transformation Super Story.

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Tiresias global trilogy

Hey sissies! But what if your sister had magic powers? Regular readers will know that I love, love, love short stories. So, your mistress has been quite the busy little bee this week: I've finished not one but two twisted new novellas for you all to enjoy!

Loading Comments Required Name Required Website. We've all had problems with our siblings. But what happens when the stakes are even greater than life or death?

No… Dear God, please no! Unrequited love can be a strange thing.


Imagine you one day woke up with the power to do anything. Where you can accidentally insult someone and find yourself magically transforming into a beautiful straight girl. Where one single mistake can result in things happening to you that you can't even begin to imagine.

We all have lines we won't cross, things we won't change or give up no matter what. You're infatuated with someone you think is perfect in every way, beautiful even, but there's one huge flaw in their personality But what if your feelings of love and lust became something stranger?

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What if, one day, you got her so pissed that she snapped and turned you into a horny teen girl? Would you use your powers for good? What if the only way to save thousands of people is to give up your gender and be turned into a beautiful young woman? With the power to make anyone become exactly what you wanted them to, simply by thinking about it.

Imagine living in a world where your life isn't your own. Spoiler alert!

Or would you use them to unleash a twisted revenge? It's over 10k words and features way more butt transformation details and kinky action.

For a writer, they're like a crazy playground where you can indulge in your oddest whims, and try out formats and ideas that you'd never commit to a longer book. Every now and then, I like to dabble in TF fiction. I'm not quite sure what brought on this creative streak, but as any writer will tell you, the muse moves in mysterious ways.

Does that sound like a nightmare, or a dream come true? Usually because I've got a story idea that combines TG transformation with TF, but sometimes just because I've got an urge to write something really out there.

God knows I did: being a teenager was just one long screaming argument in our house!