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She ultimately found out what happened and decided I would be punished.

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She wasn't wearing any underwear at the time and pleaded but I didn't care. You deserved it! Post by PhilMarlowe » Mon Oct 12, pm. She tickled away at the shaft of my boner with that feather till I could not hold it any longer and started cumming.

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Well, we decided it would be funny to give her a birthday ticklling before my mom got home from work and took us to the costume party. I was strapped down to the couch with my hands and feet tied to the arms wrests completely naked and helpless. It was awful. She said I was to be stripped of my pants, underwear, and shirt and tied down on the couch for one hour while my sister and her friends got to tickle me with no mercy with my friends watching.

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Contact PhilMarlowe. My step mom told my sister she could make any costume she wanted for me before the party. I was such a laughing stock of the party that I eventually would up getting totally de-skirted. Then, after the worst punishment of my life and being naked in front of my sister, her friends, and my friends my step mom gave my sister a long peacock feather and said to tickle me with that next. So my 4 other friends held her down while I took off her pants.

I was forced to put on my sister's pink cheerleader outfit with no underwear underneath and wear it to the party. Off came her pants leaving her naked pussy and gorgeous rear end fully exposed.

We were getting ready to go to a costume party and my friends were going with me. Who is online Users browsing this forum: Bing [Bot] and 1 guest.

We held her down kicking struggling and laughing like this for 16 minutes because it was her 16th birthday. Again I struggled like mad but that only made my sister's friends sit on my legs and tickle me all over onto of it all. So I was untied and strapped down to a chair next. Janie wrote: Well, fair is fair by Janie I think your step mom is a genius!

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Birthday Tickle Gone Wrong by Shorty Stories from days past, you can find masterposts for series here about older stories, you can also post your favorite older stories here as well, be sure to credit the author. At the strip my sister and friends kept sneaking up behind me and pulling my shirt up showing everyone my bare butt and penis! She decided my punishment was to be the same as what I did to my sister.

My step mom walked in as she was putting her clothes back and and was outraged. My step mom watched laughing and coaching them on! I squirted a huge story of cum that shot up my chest hitting me on the chin, and I just kept cumming squirting one squirt after another after another all over my chest and face for like 30 seconds straight as everyone laughed and clapped saying how do you tickle it now!

I refused at first but my step mom ordered my own friends to help so altogether I was overwhelmed, held down, and embarrassingly depants, underwear and all, and ultimately stripped naked in front of everyone!

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Send private message. I got grabbed, tickled, spanked, fingered up the butt and flicked on the dick by so many people I got an erection and they would not let me have my skirt back till I jerked off right in front of everyone. Users browsing this forum: Bing [Bot] and 1 guest.

After, my nightmare was still not over. Post Reply. My sister tickled me right on my boner and it tickled so much I begged her to stop but she kept going till my erection was throbbing and felt like it was going to explode.

We pulled her shirt up over he head and bared her little tits and tickled her armpits, feet, legs, boobs, ribs and butt. Then my sister painted my nails, put eye shadow and lipstick on me, perfume, you name it. Humiliated and bottomless I had to try to get my skirt back from people as they tossed it around the house playing keep away.

My sister spanked my butt and flicked my boner with her fingers making fun of me as everyone laughed.