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I always loved thongs and wedgies so I'll never forget what my girl at the time said. But it was also very hot knowing that thong remained deep in her asscrack for at least another 15 minutes, as she never left to adjust herself until school ended.

Once she droped to the floor as I was pulling jer thong and i pulled harder until the thong got ripped of. Anyways, during high school the uniform for everyone was black trousers, a white shirt and then a black jacket. After more than two months kiky dumped her of my apartment because one night I opened the door of the apartment and the ugly slut was waiting for me naked by the door, what she didn't expected was that kiky came in with me it was so fucking funny. But great memory.

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I always hated her because she was a very well known story in our town and was always encouraging kiky to cheat on me and even covered her many times when she did cheated on me. During one particular class, there was two thong wearers they were both about 5'5, kinda average sized but one was blonde, the other brunette who sat with a group of about 4 guys and guys being guys, if they saw a thong in that class, they would give the girl a wedgie.

She starts fighting around and moving and her shirt lifts up and I see her black VS cheekie panties sticking out and I pull them and gave her a wedgie. Log in. This girl Spencer just happened to be the rambunctious type, so she would always take the opportunity to humiliate someone. It was in the morning and my step sister had a friend over and we were all in the living room. You didnt see her thong that time but you could just see a guy reaching over, she then screamed jumped up and ran over to the other side of the classroom put her back to the wall and adjusted herself.

Then another day I see her wearing these short pj shorts and I go up behind her and give her a wedgie. Sorry for the long windedness. I was like you give each other wedgies. The worst one was at the end of the class, she had gotten up to leave and a guy was right behind her and grabbed her thong and pulled it till it was about mid back height with the girl screaming 'Ow, get off, you are gonna break it.

Ali was sitting in her chair facing to the left towards me, with her back to another girl to her right. I start joking with her about seeing her panty line and she says"I always wear regular underwear with sweats because someone thong pants me and I don't want anyone seeing my butt in just a wedgie. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Another girl then asked what the problem was and it was then that she revealed the guy had wedgied her.

So one day we were just talking in her room and I start to bug her by ticking her armpits and stuff. And her friend goes up to her and says "Nice thong" and yanks her thong all the way up to her back.

Chapter 2: welcome to your new home

We were out at kohl's and she had sweats on and was wearing regular underwear. That was the start of a great couple of years for me. The first time this happened it was to the blonde. Thanks, I was so happy when she started telling me all about her and her girls. My step sister was wearing a regular t shirt and a pair of white shorts. I don't know why he was so surprised, but his question only added to the humor of the situation. Search titles only. Anyway, after everyone finished their tests, we were all waiting in the classroom for the period to end, and it was the last period of the day.

Do you see her whale tails often? All the time she thongs, then she starts laughing and says last week during lunch ash's thong must of been showing and mark walked by and gave her a wedgie and it ripped she went the rest of the day without underwear lol. These stories are great. One time I gave my 17 year old step sister two wedgies.

There was even wedgie guy in the back who loudly said, "Ali you're wearing a thong?? She was on her blue pyjamas having something for breakfast. Thanks for reading and see you!

She was struggling to pick it then as she's picking it I give her a hug but then give her another wedgie and lift her off her toes. I didn't think it twice, so I bend over a girl so my right hand could grab her thong right in the middle and give her a quick tug on her thong. Wedgie I was washing the dishes as I noticed the waistband of her black thong sticking out her pj's.

Within moments of spotting the thong, Spencer quickly reached over and gave Ali a two-handed thong wedgie, grabbing it from both sides around the butt strap. Last edited: Dec 5, I saw my step sister get the biggest wedgie from her friend the other day. Similarly to some guy, i was the observer never the participant. Before she said anything to me I told her thong the cereals were, so she walked away fixing her undies. Long time ago one of kikys friends stayed with us for a couple of months.

At some point she bent down and oppened a cupboard looking for some cereals cereals that I left story the table in the kitchen because I had just had breakfast.

I frequently spotted her whale tails throughout the year, but they girl usually subtle. Sir said:. Forums New posts Search forums. I was not an active participant in this event, just an observer. I will start with the wedgie one that motivated me to story this. She even got lifted off the groind by her thong. You could see her squirm to try and avoid it but she got at least 4 or 5 wedgies in that one class.

What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Log in Register. Ali shrieked and jumped up with embarrassment, quickly trying to shove her thong back into her thongs before anyone saw. And the chairs had those steel bars at the bottom connecting to the upper back, leaving the lower back completely uncovered.

Give her wedgies often? It may not display this or other websites correctly. They want to watch tv but lost the controller so my step sister bends down to look under the sofa. I don't think I did very well on that test, lol. On this day, however, she had a very blatant tail. She starts telling me about how in art class her friend britt pantsed her while she was leaning over the table and how luckily she said only a few people saw.

Wedgie stories. She got homeless after her boyfriend dumped her she lived at his house when he found her fucking his best friend at his house. You are using an out of date browser. I can share one.

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New posts. Install the app. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. It happened a few hours ago, when my little sister she's 17 woke up. She was wearing a black thong and anytime she moved to a position where someone could get her with a wedgie they did. The most memorable time was to the brunette. She also happens to be bisexual, so she probably enjoyed seeing that thong too.

This blonde chick Ali sat in the front, one column to my right, so I had a perfect view of her lower back. Poor girl.

She tells me that her and her friends are always embarrassing each other and if you wear sweats or comfy pants someone will pants you. So I'm asking more about it, she tells me that they pants each other, lift each others skirts or if your underwear is showing someone will yank it up your ass. I asked her about it trying to find out more info. Wow that's hot. This one time in my high school English class, we were taking the final exam on the last day of class, and I sat in the back.

Ali was the type of girl who was only moderately hot, but the fact that she wore thongs made her much hotter. It went quite far up her ass she yelled and her hands covered her butt! After she ple to stop her friend lets go and slaps her ass.

Unfortunately for her, everyone saw. Hope you found it funny and hope as well to hear your stories! Thread starter Sir Start date Jun 16, Sir Sir of sirs. First of all excuse my English Well, I have a lot of short stories involving thongs, whaletails and wedgies, so deceided to open a thread and share a few of them but of course, I want to hear yours as well, because I have the feeling that they aren't that rare!

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I filled her hair dryer with flour many times, hided her shoes, got all her clothes wet with water, fuckedup al her make up, and in many ocation gave her huge wedgies, since shenwas so fat and always wearing low rise jeans and thongs they will flash all the time. But throughout my time at school, there was a group of about 4 or 5 girls who you knew wore thongs regularly, so much so that when one didnt have her thong showing once a guy legitimately asked where her thong was sadly, I wasn't able to hear her answer as I was passing in the corridor and had no other reason to stop at that point.

Even then, I still saw her walking around after school with a bit of blush on her face from humiliation. She was such an slut that she even offered herself to me many times i never accepted because she was ugly as a cow and fat as a hippo I used to prank her almost daily hoping she would leave my house. Search forums.