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Hidden in broad daylight, adults-only resorts offer couples the chance to truly indulge, all the while enjoying time away from home and work, usually in the confines of five-star hotel walls, numerous pools, fine dining and views to die for. Great, no more tan lines. Couples only? My boyfriend was very down. Sexy shows every night, great food, and sensual experiences geared toward turning up the heat in your relationship? For the first time in my adult life, I felt incredibly naive and unprepared — and it was pretty hilarious.

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You will see bodies of all different shapes, sizes, and ages in various stages of undress.

The price point is a bit higher than a generic resort, so that tends to attract a more mature and established crowd. While on the way to our first dinner together, our group of journalists passed by a group of people partying completely nude on their balcony.

I was lucky enough to go to Temptation with 8 other amazing, hilarious journalists. Last day of vacation vibes. Turns out, I had nothing to worry about. And of course, there are also people like me who just want to chill by the pool and eat as much guacamole as possible, with zero judgment.

More men in thongs. With that said, I feel like many of the returning guests would say the same thing about their Temptation experience.

This trip was the first time since my BiSC days where I went somewhere and felt like I met my people. A FOAM party! These kinds of moments become so commonplace that they kind of stop registering after the first day or so.

What's the craziest thing you have seen or done at temptation

On my last full day at the resort, I worked up the courage to go topless. While sexual activity is prohibited in public spaces, you will see things. We started as strangers but ended the trip as friends. The beginnings of what looked like a foursome popping off in the pool.

Everyone has their own reasons for coming to Temptation. Everyone is just doing their thing. FYI, you cannot buy Xanax or Adderall without a prescription.

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I liked having a choice between the two. Some folks just want to go topless and love the laid-back, friendly vibe. I asked… for a friend. I had a lot of questions, concerns, and just general curiosities. Some people are topless, others are not.

Cancun Care is a place where guests can connect, arrange meetups and talk about their experiences. I recently wrote about my Temptation experience in the Toronto Sun. However, I thought it would be useful to put together a post that answers FAQs. Stay tuned!

I went to a sex resort and it was basically spring break for millennials

Also, bottomless fresh squeezed juices at breakfast! The music from the outdoor nightclub Bash, usually winds down around 2 am. However you cut it, if you have a freak flag, this is the perfect place to fly it. I loved their Mexican inspired breakfasts and modern seafood dinners. My favorite restaurant overall was Sea Flirt.

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Within my first 20 minutes at TemptationI looked across the pool and saw a woman vigorously applying sunscreen to her very ample breasts. When at temptationresort …. Perfect for those late night chips and guacamole cravings. The hardest thing to get used to about Temptation is how decidedly UN-creepy it all is. I know it seems counter intuitive to come back from a sexy adult themed resort and want to talk about the food, but it was really quite excellent. Journos gone temptated. I learned this the hard way heh, pun not intended. Without really advertising it as such. Going topless is completely optional.

By the end of my stay, I felt a renewed sense of acceptance and love towards my own bod. LetsPlay Swipe! Some of the things we witnessed: A very large man in a very tiny man-thong. Whatever your comfort level, no one judges you I even rocked a one-piece while hanging out on the beach!

Temptation cancun resort

Many guests come back every year or even multiple times a year, so it makes sense that they have their own message board. Dinner at Romanza high-end Italian was also excellent. Also, good call re the sunscreen. Apparently burnt nipples are not much fun.