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Jim was a short boy, and his height always troubled him. He was always shy and bookish. His little sister, Hannah, was the complete opposite of him. Hannah was a natural athlete and she was far more outgoing than Jim. He wore shoes with thick soles whenever he was next to Hannah, and tried to stand on his tippy-toes to still seem like the bigger sibling. It was no surprise that none of that worked.

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She stands tall at 6. Even now she goes bed with his elder brother laid on him. Currently our story is on the same plane. Sharing same age of Ravi and stands tall at 5 feet. She also fall in love with ravi. Notify me of new comments via.

Like Like. Ravi sucking breast milk from shilpa slowly recollecting his encounters with shilpa during his school days.

They want to show their superiority in their family and they even tried to dominate nisha. She treats herself as mother to his elder brother. She can understand the feelings of his elder brother when people compares her with him. He undergoes similar toruture with Ravi from shilpa in their school days. He just got introduced in the story plane and in coming chapters he will play a big role. Nisha: The girl who plays title role of this story.

As ravi used to this for the past 16 years, now he cant lead a life in his own without the help of his sister. And was very eager to see him. Once she carried ravi in her school bag along with her books to show him to her friends. Shilpa cant able to recognize Ravi and she still thinks him as an baby boy to anitha. Ravi already facing big hardships with her. This is the story about young indian dwarf with his little sister and continues with the other tall women that he happens to meet in his life.

I love my sweet brother. Also owing to her great love and due to her size comparing to her brother, She is viewing him as her baby rather than as her elder brother. You are commenting using your WordPress.

But Ravi has an great love to his younger sister and he always wanted to be with her. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Right from the age of eight, She used to carry his elder brother in her and rarely puts him down. School Junior of Ravi. She was an Police women and in Higher ranks in the Indian police department. She is the assistant to anitha in her police department. By the way, he stands tall at 71 cm long near to 2 feet 6 tall and weighing about 28 pounds.

This story is written just to display my fantacy of comparing tall women with dwarf and nothing to hurt Little persons.

He is the commissioner of police of the city before anitha s the police department. Also ravi happens to meet shilpa his school junior, not to mention she was a tall girl standing tall at 6. He stopped growing right from the age of four.

He loves his elder brother very much. Lover and would be wife of Ravi. Ravi was in baby love with anitha when she is some five years old and shares same height with him. Julie is in love with the little alexander and hbeen sent as spy to observe christy and save john and ravi who is kidnapped by bi big lucy.

Ravi was very much impressed with her beauty and especially with the structure of her ass. My name is Ravi.

He can still recollect the hard core tortures that he went through with her along with his childhood friend John. I am lucy. But it is bit hard for him to digest him when he saw her standing tall at 6. He has to overcome with the fact that his little sister Nisha was in exact contrast to him.

Lucy: Villaness of the story and tallest women here. Which anitha accepted happily.

Though she is of same age of ravi, she used to be called as aunty because she happens to marry one of his uncle. Also Ravi has an secret love with Anitha his cousin. I am Dwarf. Cousin of Lucy and she is aorund twenty years of age. He still can recollect his encounter with this big girl in his school girls.

She still carried the child hood love with ravi.

When she enquired about the baby which she was carrying in her hip, people replied that it was none other than ravi. You are commenting using your Twitter. You are commenting using your Facebook. She carried him and gone to his house. Ravi can quickly reconginse Shilpa, the tall junior of him. He is of 24 years of age. Obviously not to blame them, they will sure get surprised when they see a elder brother who is level to the thighs of his little sister. She has attained his weight within 2 years and his height within 3 years.

Big sister of little brother.

She then decides her cousin anitha will be a good match to me and also she knew I had an secret love with anitha. I have deep respect to all Little Persons and i always i am one among them always.

She was to be a short girl during her early ages while she falls in child hood crush with ravi who used to be his height at that time. She was 13 years old and stands tall at near to 6 feet tall. My name is Nisha. Whole story is narrated from his point of view. She got struck back to realize that his dream lover was of baby size to her.

Younger sister of Anitha. You are commenting using your Google. The girl who plays title role of this story.

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Helater it got revealed that he is only a midget and only 4 feet 4 inch tall. But she hit growth spurt after and now she is standing at a gigantic 6. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply comment here This story begins from the day when he turns to 24th Year. She is slowly getting to the fact of ravi size and then accepts his love with her.

While ravi travelled with anitha to her town, they happens to meet Shilpa. She offered anitha to breast feed himwhen ravi cries out of his hunger. John was even shorter than Ravi stands tall at 62 cm and weighs about 25 pounds.

Heroine of this story. Now she stands tall at 6. Christy: Cousin of Lucy and she is aorund twenty years of age. As ravi is going to be his sisters husband, she is waiting for more. She used to feed him, bath him daily and do all activites what mothers do to their babies.

She is of normal height of 5. Notify me of new posts via. She wanted some one to take care of his elder brother like her. Dearest friend of ravi, among all other similarities they do share a important one that is their height.