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I was watching a movie with my roommate last night and we were both getting horny watching a girl touch herself, so under the blanket I slowly started to rock my pelvis against the heel of my foot. She smiled at me and asked if I wanted to try a few things. She slowly climbed on top of me with her knee rubbing against my area as she leaned in and started to make out with me. Both of our shirts came off in minutes, and she was rolling my perky nipples in between her fingers as I moaned loudly. Then she leaned down and started to lick my chest area, going down until she her mouth was directly over my nipple.

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Then he started kissing my neck and biting my nipples thru my shirt which makes them tingle because of the texture of the material. Well the night that he went down on me it had been planned that he and I would go to the club with the rest of our friends and then afterwards we would spend the night in his dorm having fun.

By the time he was done my butt was no longer on the bed, I had arched my hips up so he could get better access and didn't even realize it. He had asked me in the past if he could go down on me and I had told him no and he knew that I had never had it done. Well I went downstairs to his dorm room and crawled in bed with him.

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I had never felt anything like it. I was so hot and bothered I couldn't think for minute. I had been dared to do a few things to my best friend's roommate and I was craving some action afterwards.

Next he goes down to my stomach and lifts up my shirt and then sucks and licks and kisses, and bites my nipples this is a huge button for me. I have never experienced anything like it since.

This was my first time to ever have a guy go down on me. Next he slips one finger in my hole and starts to put pressure on my g-spot, then two fingers.

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It had all started my freshman year of college. The entire time he is still licking me he had a bit of stubble too which gave some friction and added some texture, mmmmmmm!

It was more than I could take I started to pull his curly blond hair and then I slipped into a kind of black nothingness. He was kissing my thighs and trimmed bush thru my satin panties because he hoped it would make me want him to eat me out.

I had no concept of time or anything else for that matter, from then on I don't remember anything. Then he goes down to my hips and starts kissing them.

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He spre my lips and starts to lick my clit. Well we made out but not much more. He was driving me wild and getting a great scalp massage. He stared to kiss me, his lips were on mine and his tongue was in my mouth. So of course he takes that as a yes I was glad, partially because I was too embarrassed to say yesbut he doesn't go down on me immediately.

Then he slips my panties off.

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Copyright SMI-Help. It was getting me so hot and bothered.

So after we got out of the club and drove back to our dorms I went back to the dorms to change and he did the same. He starts kissing the inside of my thighs and this is just sending shock waves thru my body because it had never happened before. When we were done he crawled back up beside me and held me in his arms. He let his tongue slip in between my inner lips and into my hole and then back up again.

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I just didn't know so I told him that if he made me uncomfortable I would stop him. It happened almost two years ago. He kisses me and teases me more. He puts one leg over his shoulder and the other down at his side. You must be logged in to post wall comments or like a story.

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Well I knew he could tell I was hot and bothered and he asked if he could go down on me. I didn't think it could get any better.

So of course they told Jorge. It did!

Well it became a regular thing when either one of us were craving action. I was so spent, and it was so wonderful that I shed a few tears.

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He was licking and sucking and biting and kissing my clit and I am in utter ecstasy. Please or up free.

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