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How old am I: 18
Hobby: Horny Slut Ready Girls Wanting Free Sex Hot Older Women Searching T Girls
Ethnicity: Emirati
I prefer: I like man
What I prefer to listen: I like to listen opera
In my spare time I love: My hobbies cooking
I have piercing: I don't have piercings
Tattoo: None

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The thrusting is relentless, hard, and violent. Sweat drips off his chin and drips on my lower back. He knows exactly what I need. You know I would do anything for you. Does it excite you to take my petite little body like this? I am open and ready for that.

I stand now before him, trembling, waiting for him to decide my fate before he locks my ankles into the stainless steel stocks and puts me into some off-balance position for his taking. Now lubricated with his semen, my ass willingly receives the full length of his manhood as he slowly slides deeper and penetrates me to maximum depth.

I am ready to be controlled. He likes my weakness, I think. I used to think that the point of a spreader bar was to keep my legs open, giving him easy access to me in a view that made his cock hard.

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Ever since Eric bought my new chrome spreader bar, I've snuck looks at it and secretly held it, wondering when and how he will first use it on me. Published 5 years ago. He pushes me back down and continues throat fucking me with care and precision. I rattle in my restraints helplessly.

Spreader bar indignity

He steps over me and spre my legs wide with his knees before locking one of my tiny ankles into each stock. My muscles tense, my cunt tightens, my knees ache. I want to grasp my ankles, or lift my hands to hold onto something: the bed, the wall — anything. Will I be locked in it on my back with my ankles above my head? You want to hurt my little ass? He enjoys me more slowly now. My baby is incredible. I like feeling weak and small and vulnerable. His fist full of hair is all that keeps me from falling over off the side of the bench.

I can't take all of you. You go ahead and take what you want. I want to know.

He pulls my head up and inserts the full, satisfying length of his cock into my throat, right down to the base so I choke. I look back at him beneath myself and see his tight balls slapping against me.

He keeps his hands on me, maintaining my balance. I love it this way. Now his hard, long strokes pound me. That's it baby. You want to lock me up like this so I can't say no? Fuck me harder and faster with swift angry strokes I think to myself.

You go ahead, it's yours. Eric walks to the other end of the bench. I hope he doesn't slow down. It is higher, out of view.

He guides the engorged head of his beautiful cock to my clenched little rosebud and presses it firmly inside, giving me just a tiny taste of what is still to come. The spreader of my throat contracts around his shaft as he calls me his good girl. Licking around the head, my bunched hair clenched in his hand and the backs of my knees starting to sweat. The spreader bar rattles on as I take him. I am shaking from muscle bar as another orgasm racks my body. With his need to release himself now satisfied, Eric is able to really get down to punishing me.

He can feel my delicate muscles struggle as he grips me, and he can feel me pushing back to take him further inside me — partly for satisfaction and partly for safety. One by one, he guides each of my wrists downward, placing my arms at my sides, until they too find themselves locked in securely next to each story.

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I plead with him. Score 4. Eric grips my hips to keep me upright and empties himself inside me. He knows I'm lying. Standing and bent over at the waist?

My baby is working so hard. Maybe face down in the pillows with my arms secured to the headboard. I try to imagine all the ways in which I might be taken. I meekly tell him no, but he knows that I don't mean it.

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He is close again. The trembling sets in again. The twitching climax as I cum on his cock makes him harder yet. Fuck this is good. I can feel him get harder at the thought of controlling me. I can feel his cock swell as he stops thrusting. My head is racing. My back arches backward as his hand pulls my head back forcefully with a fist full of hair and his other slips around my throat.

I wish I could touch myself and rub my stone hard little clit. He holds me on him until my eyes water and he allows me to pull my head back — spluttering, drooling and covering the bench with wet saliva. I'm ready to be helpless. I want to cum now because I know you're about to. Good boy. Holding me in just the right position, so I can wet just the tip of his cock. Ready for him to bind me, to stare at me, to fuck me. I know this excites him.

Kristen & a spreader bar

He slowly withdraws and unlocks me from the spreader bar, letting me slide gently down onto my chest on the bench. Please baby, your cock is too big. I can't see his cock. Is this what you want baby?

The heavy weight and sharp sound of metal-on-metal excites me. He tells me that I'll shut up and take it.

for Free! He's fucked me right on through his orgasm and has stayed rock hard. Every muscle in my legs and back strain, my face is buried in the bench and my ass is high in the air. I know how to keep him going. The harder I push back the easier it is to stay stable. I think he likes the clinking sound of the metal-on-metal too, it means my hands are still cuffed to the spreader bar. It's not my fault. Eric takes the bar from my hands and firmly pushes me face down onto a padded bench at the foot of the bed.

I can't help that he has locked me up with ill intent. I can feel the contractions repeating over and over as his cock pumps his milky payload into me.

The leather is cold against my tits and I can feel his cum dripping down the inside of my thighs. Just as I feel him draw close to ejaculating, I feel his wet cock slip from inside me, followed by the sensation of my ass cheeks being parted with his palms. Eric pulls out of me and returns to the other end of the bench where he intends to fuck me. He ignores me just like I want. Eric is ready to fuck me now. He knows I want it. I wobble on the bench as my knees settle lower, relying on him to hold me still — hold me stable — while he fucks me.

I feel my orgasm coming.

I would resist him taking me this way if I could, but I can't move. I could never hold this position for long on my own, but I have been balanced like a tripod, denying me the ability to tip over no matter how tired my muscles may become.