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I don't own it, nor am I affiliated with it. Emily sat at the kitchen table, watching her mother cook. She kept an immaculate home and was an amazing cook and baker. She was presently preparing a welcome-home dinner for her husband Clay, who was coming home from a week-long run out of state.

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I am now a confirmed spanking fan, although I have very mixed feelings about discipline when it is my bottom in the firing line, but it is blogs like yours and the fact that they even exist that help me understand these feelings and let me know I am not alone. I mean if I had a trumpet I would not hesitate to blow it, egoist that I am.

When Kate later confirmed that she had been spanked I was astounded, especially when Kate said it was on the bare. My cousin Kate not her real name had worked there the summer and warned me cryptically that our employer was old fashioned and bossy.

Charlie Bigger was particularly loud. It had been three days since her ward Amy Monseigneur had left the castle without permission and now her spies were telling her that she was consorting with rebels. Some of the hereditary rebel leaders even had respectable jobs and only worked as rebels at the weekend.

There are many exceptions but most people do not have the confidence, maturity or experience to see that life is finite and that they do not need permission to be who they are until they have been around the block a few times. He watched it for a moment and then it flew away into the silver rose bushes with blooms as big as his head. In the distance he could see Miriam, the capital of the region and before that lay his destination, Castle Vanity, which rose like a crystal spike above the canopy of the forest. Even sitting down he looked tall. Of course, on the side he was a stock-broker.

But a week later we both got a bollocking for some horse-play that ended in a breakage.

Hannah gets spanked, again! & kate's punishment, stories 4 & 5 (spanking stories from the law office of campbell, blackstone & park)

Now there was a girl who would have benefitted from regular spankings. I was not miraculously turned into a Dom by this relationship and despite further adventures and other women I continued to bumble on haphazardly for many years. Perhaps Lady Marmoset wanted to the practice.

My entry into this world was both sudden and unexpected and I thought I would contribute my story for one of your real life snippets if you want it. A feeling that developed over that summer as we were both spanked a total of four times together, each spanking deserved and I suspect now, courted by both of us.

All respectable women had spank-panels at the rear of their clothing; a consequence of the Dark Empress who had been overthrown by the Council of Queens a thousand years before. She is a much loved and much missed talented former blogger outted by an envious malicious delusional fantasist she was once foolish enough to trust. The first will be thinking how comes this never happens to me. Thank you again for the blog. I know for a fact, and thanks for that support friends, that she inspired many women to be who they are.

Their names were well-known to the authorities and none of them had done a thing but write pamphlets for nearly three generations. Amelia had similar dark features to herself, but where Lady Marmoset wore her hair piled on her head, the younger woman wore it down in a thick plait over the left shoulder of her silver grey dress. I hastily said I would story, but I was amazed as I watched Kate get a sustained kate on her bare bottom with an old rubber shoe that left her well-marked and crying her eyes out.

But that was as far she got. Two weeks before she had been rude to a peasant at the market and he had spanked her soundly in the town square. Not because we are not heroes, modern life is heroically complicated compared to the one led by those who trod that ancient forum, but because spanking reminds us every day that we are indeed mortal.

See a problem?

Now the readers of this post, assuming they got this far and did not just dwell on the picture above, will be divided into three parts. Just thinking about it she reached for her sword and tugged at it wondering when the fight would start.

No fighting today then, she decided. Karl Justice was late and she was getting anxious. But then this regime had stopped. I have had some great stories and pictures from people, some of which I hope to use one day in some form. Just then an azure and green butterfly fluttered by, with a six-foot wing-span it was one of the smaller ones he guessed, a mere youngster judging by the lack of crimson spots.

But on this I can say no more. But none of this was the point. Overlook the kind greeting and move quickly on to the story.

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Often they come from writers and people with quite accomplished lives who variously ask me for advice, offer their stories, and in one case wonder if they will ever have the opportunity to come to Spankville for real. He said it helped him bring down the system from the inside. A good example of adventure coming at you left field.

Lady Marmoset sat like a queen on a wicker chair overlooking her garden. Then a clumsy virgin offering me fellatio my first experience as it happens bit me by mistake and I spanked her; an action that surprised us both and led to further adventures, Lost in Yorkshire being just one of them.

After Kate said it was no big deal and she deserved it, but I was left in a state of confusion and could think of nothing else for days.

Then we both know what would happen. She blushed. But still she was young, barelyshe still had time. I was sick with nerves and so embarrassed, but that was nothing to the worst pain I had ever had and in about a minute flat I was kicking off far worse than Kate had. That goes with the territory of being a master Dom in a castle high on a hill in North London surrounded with slave girls; assuming of course that any such creature ever existed.

It is typical of life that just as three or four major life events collide, within a few weeks the in-tray gets full to bursting. But at least she was discreet. The truth is I am just a guy who apart from a few half-baked clumsy adventures had no experience until well into my 20s and thought a spanking relationship was only going to happen in my head.

She was not sure how to answer that.

But normality is a relative concept and ultimately a state of mind. The forest of Tapu trees in every colour green never failed to lift his heart and he remembered climbing the red cork trunks as a boy all the way to the top of foot giant just to see the view. But since the end of the maintenance regime, none had happened at Castle Vanity. Then our boss just grabbed Kate in the back store room and pulled her unresisting across her lap and yanked her knickers down.

The underlining assumption sometimes is that maybe I have some special knowledge or abilities that transcends the norm. Her ward Amy should not be consorting with them, not when Lady Marmoset was one of the Seven on the Council of Regents. This was no doubt ificant among the youth in the city, but Lady Marmoset had long since lost touch with such fashions.

Laura's spanking corner

There was some all-round nodding at this and Amy sighed in frustration. I am a man on a journey, spanking like you and just like you I have far to go. Nowhere extended for as far as the eye could see and it was beautiful. Not that Amelia had gone without being spanked. As I said at the top of thethe in-tray is bursting and not all of it vanilla. Drawing her sword made the others nervous and once she had been thrown out of a pub for doing it. They would meet in ale taverns to set the world to rights, sometimes even writing another pamphlet, some of which were quite good.

Lady Marmoset sighed and pulled at a strand of long raven hair, a habit she had had since being very young. But do not think that such relationships are easy or always run smoothly. There was special emphasis on the word bossy and I sensed then that Kate was trying to put me off and was not telling me something. But if you remember, respect, trust and empathy in all things, then you kate not need it.

She looked at him. It was not that unusual, the young woman considered, most offences were dealt with a spanking. He was from a story line of rebels and had won rebel of the year three times running. Sometimes peasants could be so dull-witted.

Karl Justice had no idea why anyone would want to change things, it was perfect. But then everyone knew that story. But as I have explained some stories are inappropriate for one reason or another and must be filtered or edited. No what I refer to is the great many s that I have received of late just as I am unable to give them the attention they deserve.

No, at the moment it was her noble wards that troubled her. Not that the rebels were dangerous at all.

That is the nature of the world I suppose. I did not make real progress and heaven knows I am still learning until I began this blog and began to use it as a hook to make contact. As she did so she reached around to the rear panel of her tight hobble dress and made to remove it. He even had a knighthood in that capacity. Karl Justice bowed curtly to Lady Marmoset and then without being invited dropped into a chair beside her and reached for a bun on the table. I was told that as it was the first time I could pay for the damage or get the same.

She glanced at Amelia Du Bow, her youngest ward who sat patiently nearby waiting lest she should be required. Amy Monseigneur sat eyeing up the rebel leaders wondering who would speak first. When I was at college back in the early s my cousin got a summer job with a lady in Cornwall working in a gift shop and as I was broke I managed to get in on it.

If I ever get it right then I might hand out some advice about it. She had had to be rude to him three more times in as many days before he asked her out. Until only a few weeks ago she had been subjected to weekly maintenance spankings and jolly embarrassing painful ones too. I say this not to blow my own trumpet, but to highlight another issue. And even then we are all still scared as we heroically press on.

He had just crested the ridge of the Never Hills and was on the final approach to the Vanity Valley. So with one more look at the view, he adjusted his hat, hefted his bag and broke into a stride to descend the hill on the steel blue highway. The black hair and dark complexion was a mark of her aristocratic ancestors but sometimes it was a burden, particularly for a noblewoman who had not yet married.