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It captures the sense of a s miss […]. Rosemary seems to be offering a retrospective of her career as a model. She seems quite sanguine if not positively upbeat about her spanking. Our story begins here. These Lands Beyond Part 6 of 8 11Oct These Lands Beyond Part 4 of 8 06Oct These Lands Beyond part 2 of 8 02Oct Spanking and acceptance 06Sep In the name of common decency 27Aug Wait until your father gets home 23Aug The New Mrs Harris part 1 of 3 18Aug The good old bad old days 13Aug Spanking Stories More Books Loading Comments Required Name Required Website.

The […]. No, she had made a choice now she must live with it.

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It was two days before the wagons pulled out under the leadership of John West. A Voice in the Corner. Our story started here. This blog aims to explore themes of erotic discipline, female submission and spanking. If it is not a construct then it is something of a mystery as it does not look or feel like s or 80s porn and one hardly supposes it is a documentary.

Alice was out of sorts and had left college early. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The scene bellow is a Helga […].

Address:. Heavens above, this was for […].

Around the turn of the last century there was a lot of outrage on all sides about the encroaching liberation of women. The top picture is a from a magazine supplied by TipTopper that illustrates that young women used to live in a very different world.

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This blog is intended for adults only. Somewhere a gate […]. Nothing here should be interpreted as advocating any non-consensual spanking activity or the spanking of minors. This liberty took the form of everything from the suffrage movement, women in the workplace, through fashion and even ladies smoking cigars.

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Not to be too presumptuous, judging from feedback I know that most of you out there like relationship punishment spankings and romantic spankings. One suspects this picture is a recent fake, but it is well done nevertheless.

All characters appearing in short stories on this blog are fictitious. Charlotte had expected more. He was the train captain and he let them know from the start that he meant to set a rapid pace.

Spanking and other sexual activities represented here are intended for adults. This is pretty much where we are all at these days to a greater or lesser extent.

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Newer posts ». One Lady B even remarked in a notable publication of the […].

The next day the ground to the north began to climb and although it remained wide enough, the trail narrowed so that wagons began to fall in behind one another and close up. It features stories, anecdotes and observations by DJB and others.

In fact to even to attempt it would make her father look bad in front of two elders. With a sigh her skirt was folded on a chair next […].

Such things were part of the ebb and flow of her life. Why the street was little more than a muddy track and the sidewalks were all improvised from junkyard timbers set precariously between hastily constructed wooden buildings and even tents.

The walk home had been oddly liberating, the sort of feeling one gets when good or bad, the immediate future is certain. Candida wanted to flee, but there was nowhere to run.