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Forgot your password? This contains extreme vandalism. If that's not your thing, don't read it. This is the first in another multi-part series. It is a continuation of my story In My Room. If you want to read that here is a link.

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She said she did not expect me to swallow that much first time around. She always made sure everyone had drank plenty of liquids the days leading up to the encounters. We had plenty more pee fun. She swallowed it.

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They only fucked me because mom said it would turn her on to watch it. LQ View all posts by LQ. Looking up at her pussy, I was mesmerized. She put 2 fingers up my butt and sucked me with her throat, not using her mouth like a normal blowjob. Now her boyfriend who she calls her real lover.

It works every time. She kissed me for what seemed like an hour, LOL probably more like 5 minutes, but a deep long kiss none the less. I sometimes struggle to swallow it all and he pisses all over my face.

Loves sticking his dick in my mouth and pissing down my throat every chance he gets. Almost at a yell, I said yeah.

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I always had to pee still do. She motioned for me to her and I reminded her I had to pee first. I know I must have looked puzzled. As soon as her piss hit my face, I opened my mouth and gulped down a huge mouthful.

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It really does work. Published by. Today, my wife will pee on me or in my mouth. As I swallowed, she made a circular motion around my face, peeing all over it.

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I looked down at her and asked what it tasted like. View all posts by LQ. Facebook Twitter WhatsApp.

After some intense pussy eating, she grabbed the back of my head with one hand and pulled my hair with the other. She Turned me around swallowed my peepee and balls all at once.

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As I aimed for her face, she opened her mouth and took in what I had left. She said oh honey, I love you so much. I was hard and wanted to cum again. She said you will.

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After mom had made me cum, usually in her mouth or butt. She stood me up and and licked my ass for a really long time. One guy has pissed in my butt as well and mom sucked it out.

Back to my face. Many were repeated over and over but the one we did the most was just the two of us making love.

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Mom likes peeing all over my face and my peepee as well. She opened the shower doors and stepped into the shower. My mom was obsessed with making sure I had every sex experience possible. Free Sex Chat.

This content appeared first on new sex story. When I go back to your face, open your mouth and drink just a little. She said first just let me pee on your face and then go to your little peepee.

Mind you I was only 16 years old. It was and still is the proudest sex moment of my life. I sat on the floor of the shower and mom stood over me pulling her pussy lips apart. My peepee and balls never left her mouth till I nutted down her throat.

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I never heard her this loud before, not even with other people. This ing of what we shared is true. We would sometimes swallow each others entire bladder of pee. I seen my mom with a dick in her pussy, ass and mouth at the same time and she never, never came this loud.

It was almost daily and most nights. She really enjoys when I pee in her pussy and ass and then suck it out and swallow it. When I opened my mouth for more, she lowered her pussy to my mouth that now completely covered her pussy. I love that it comes out of your little peepee and from your body, just like your cum. One night mom followed me into the bathroom and said lets try something new.