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So I called over to John and asked him if he knew where dad's Dirty tape was he said sure it was in his room. He jumped up and went to dad's room and then came back with a cassette called 'Stacked Students' He put it in and hit play. The thought of me touching my brother's dork was really beginning to turn me on and it looked like it was turning some of my friends on too.

They also commented on how his dick would jerk at times and the questions would follow.

I asked him if he could get it come of the girls had never seen one. John replied that he has to stroke quite a bit to 'blow his wad'. We talked about what we saw for a short bit and decided that we needed to go to sleep also.

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Jennifer was the last and she reached down and drew up a big clear pear and licked it off. When the guy cam he shot a couple of good shots and that scene was over. Then I took of my gown I was naked underneath and John's eyes grew even more. Mandy then got up and grabbed a towel and said here you might want to clean up.

Then John said get ready the train is about to arrive. Amber 17 had claimed she has seen a guy naked before but says that she has only touched a penis. And pull down his pants. You know the type that has the slit up the sides of the leg. They would hold them in their hands and comment about how heavy they were.

Daughter's slumber party

My older brother who at the time was 18 and a senior in High School was at the house because his friends had left for a family emergency at the last minute. No that is pre-cum. He got this really big goofy grin on his face and said sure if he can watch also. Then Cindy asked can we see it? The second shot landed by his ear. It was my 14th birthday party and my sister who is 16, her birthday is just 2 days before mine. John was just sitting there occasionally flexing his hips and moaned a little. We asked.

Jennifer was trying to hold her composure as she shook in ecstasy. When the conversation eventually turned to sex. The first time I ever saw a guy ever beat off was at me and my sister's slumber party.

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Well the girls played with John a little bit more and they then started asking when the semen was going to come. Well he was playing some game and everyone knew he was there, and it was no big deal because a two of my friends liked John and enjoyed flirting with him. No actually it feels pretty good is he replied. You must be logged in to post wall comments or like a story.

Well, we all sat around and continued to talk. He gave us a look and we then knew what. Eventually all eight girls were wither naked or they were showing their boobs. Some of the girls were looking at John from time to time, but would quickly look away when they saw that he was watching. He was in some jogger's shorts. Mandy then scooped some up with her finger and put it in her mouth. I looked at John and asked if it hurt? His face got red and then he tensed up to the point that the only thing that was moving was his fist going up and down on his cock.

Sure he said, and pulled his waist band down past his balls, and low ohhs and Ahhs followed. Please or up free. As I went to sleep I heard the wet sounds of girls fingering them selves feverishly. It is a lubricant that guys make.

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John said oh yeah been asleep for about an hour. The girls reached out and took turns smoothing the pre-cum over my brothers dick and when Amber put some on the underside of his dick John's hips jerked again and more pre-cum formed at the top. Then it happened the first shot leapt from the tip of his dick and landed on his neck. And left.

It has left a memory that I now forever get wet when I think about it. She asked, is that your spooge? So, He was stuck with me Mandy My sister and six other girls ranging from the age of 17 to We were up dong our normal girly things like talking about boys and doing each others hair, you know normal stuff.

Some of the girls we were a little shy about that. Alexis then reached out and touched some of the semen that was on John's stomach. John then wiped himself off and said it was fun but he is wiped out. Every time this happened one of the girls would asked if she was hurting him.

Well the film started with a guy and story girl talking dirty to each other when the girl took her shirt off and the guy started kissing all over her. I got excited hearing all of the girls mumbling to each other about how this one guys pecker looked and how strait it was.

Well the flick continued through their array of positions when it was ready for the cum shot. After about 15 minutes of this Mandy noticed the clear liquid sex at the top if John's dick. Till John reached down at the base of his pecker and drew some more up. Of course I want to know how hard it is. I asked is Mom a sleep? Several thick ropes of cum spurted out before he started to relax. The slumbers just sat party and looked as John started to soften.

The slumber party

Then Mandy reached out and touched it also. The girl then reached down and caressed the guy's package and started to undo his belt. The other girls then followed. He said 'OK but I want to see something also. Later that night I got up to go to the bathroom and heard some sounds coming from John's bedroom, I peaked in and saw Amber going down on John I stayed and watched as I had my third wonderful climax that night.

Again normal girl things.

He laid back and started enjoying the show he was giving. The other girls just looked at her and asked what it tasted like. All of the girls watched intently as his breathe got ragged and his strokes started speeding up.

The girls then looked really started to touch his balls. I then remembered John saying that dad had a porn film in his closet. He then smeared his pre-cum around his dick and started to stroke his 7 incher. Well now the all of the girls had seen a dick that was hard. Sweet she said and the other girls started trying to get a sample but there was none.

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Good cause I had an idea. He would just smile and say oh no far from it. John shivered and his dick got a darker color and his head mushroomed out just a little bit more. I just rolled my eyes and said sure.

Like when girls get excited and wet down below it is slick. This birthday slumber party was to be very different. I then grasped it in my figures to feel the sides and it was harder than what I had thought, and it was warm to. So we all chimed in that we wanted to see it.

So I reached out and Jennifer asked are you going to touch it? We discussed who we thought might have the larger dick and who has gotten laid. I heard small gasps as some of the girls came. In Up. We currently have stories with more being added every day. The strokes were smooth and even. Well, as he was jacking off I noticed that many of the girls were fingering themselves, and started to get a glassed look of lust in their eyes. I was also fingering myself and enjoyed the warm wetness of my pussy as Johns strokes got faster and faster.

Then my brother walked in and sat down to play Nintendo. Some of the girls said that they had never seen a dick hard or soft that is when I realized that John was not playing his game any more but listening intently to what all 8 of us girls were saying. As the next scene started I heard some of the girls laughing and I looked around and John was reclined with this Tent for shorts. I reached out and touched the top through the thin nylon material of the shorts and I pressed down on it and I didn't budge at all. As long as I can remember we have had our birthdays together.