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I had no idea now many enemies I had made while a city traffic cop for nearly six exciting years. That was until I was fired from the job for trying to fix some politicians speeding ticket another veteran officer had written up two days earlier. Unable to land another state wide Law Enforcement job for nearly three long searching months, I finally took a thirty hour a week rather low paying position as a security doorman at a well know downtown Gay Club. Christ only into my second hour of my very first shift, I caught some older fag merrily sucking away on a large stiff cock right in front of the two mensroom urnals! Right on the spot I made a citizens arrest for lewdness and marched him straight into Mr. Hendersons private office.

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His cock, which seems to have swelled to unreal proportions to fill my entire mouth from tongue to roof, is literally jammed against the back of my throat. The pale smooth flesh is exposed above my streetwalker-pink fishnet thigh-highs. I wiggle my ass in his lap and whimper some more. I nod, eyes closed, picturing it. You must be logged in to post a comment. Next Post Submissive slut and cruel sadistic Master who took her pain as his pleasure Next ».

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Contact to the webmaster Visit our site for more porn! He touches the front of my panties. As I work slowly up and down the length of it, H. I open my mouth as wide as possible, take my hand away from the base of his cock, and use both hands to cradle and warm his balls in my palms. He makes me admit what a slutty little girl I am.

I slide off his lap and H stands up, undoing his belt, then the top button of his jeans. I settle my pantied bottom across his thighs and put my arms around the back of his big neck. I gaze down over my exposed tummy and purr my contentment. In the hazy, candlelit aftermath of bliss, I feel H peel the soaked nightie from my belly with a tsk-tsk expression of mock-disapproval.

How much stronger, how much more powerful he is? Next I use my tongue, licking him through his underwear as his cock begins to make its way through the opening in the front, searching me out. Meantime, he feels me up, has me ask him to please, please kiss me on my filthy slutty cocksucking mouth, and then he thrusts his tongue into said filthy slutty cocksucking mouth, a. After pizza by candlelight, he calls me over to sit on his lap. I love when you use my face for your sexual pleasure! I hardly ever suck cock without it turning into an educational experience.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. I bury my face in his shoulder as he teases my swollen pink clittie free at last of its confinement behind the lace-and-rhinestone panel of my bikini-style panties.

My tummy is filled with his cum. It manifests like this: H cups the back of my head in one of his big hands and jams my face into his crotch. Meanwhile his hands have found their way under my nightie, inside my nightie, down the back of my nightie. Are you excited? Something happens at this moment, something always magical, a transubstantiation as miraculous as any other.

He holds his palm, shining with my cum, in front of my face. It just goes to show you.

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I take over with the zipper, getting it started with my fingers, and using my teeth to pull it down the rest of the way. His hand has picked up that scarcely perceptible quarter-speed necessary for me to achieve escape velocity. Club - The home of free adult content. Does he feel it, too? Post « My girlfriend gives her sister the ultimate birthday present. Just for emphasis, I nod my head, nod, that is, as enthusiastically as one can nod with a mouth full of cock and I let my eyes smile between thick lashes. And, indeed, I learn another lesson during this session a practical cocksucking tip.

It feels as if he has seven or eight hands and they are all over my body. How he has me totally at his mercy?

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I might be a pornographic priestess consecrating the holy wafer as I look up from the floor to H-on-high, his cock planted in my story, my lips sealed around the shaft where it meets the curling hairs of his lower belly. How he has, quite literally, the power of life and death over me?

What a dirty, cocksucking mouth I have. Drool, warm and copious, spills from my mouth as I moan-mumble and forms a little puddle on the floor around my knees. I can feel his cock throb under my bottom when I give him an honest answer. My legs extend, trembling, and rigid as I cocksucking orgasm, my feet arched inside the red platform sandals, my back arched, everything seems arched, if sissies could arch mine are arched…and then it happens.

How humiliating! Kneeling on the floor at his feet, I slowly feed his cock between my painted lips. His cock pulses again: picture the ring of muscle that passes through the body of one of those thick Amazonian rainforest snakes.

H grunts with satisfaction, a leering sneer of lust rearranging his features into those of a centaur, a satanic satyr, the great god Pan. Then he guides me gently, with his finger thrust come- hither fashion inside my ass, back to his chair, and sits down with me once more sideways on his lap. His hand is like a warm, intelligent vibrator, automatically synchronizing its speed precisely to my level of arousal… set, purposely, just one setting lower than what it would take to take me over the edge.

My face smells like his crotch. He puts his finger in his mouth.