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His tongue moved all around the cock, and was soon accompanied by the strong sucking of the Donkey. He pulled Shrek's pants back up and laid down beside him, he took was soon in a deep sleep. Donkey groaned and began to grind his hooves into the dirt.

Shrek returned his hands to Donkey's back, repeating two long strokes, on the third his hand returned to Donkey's balls, this time on purpose. Shrek's toes grinded into the sand, and he gripped Donkey by the ears, trying to cope with the wonderful sensations he was causing. Shrek had not came in weeks, and had built up quite a supply of sperm.

A good sized green nut sack with a six-inch uncut penis to match.

Donkey's large mouth opened and sank down on it. Shrek rubbed Donkey's mane hastily, knowing his climax was near, he groaned one last time and thrust forward, spilling his seed into the Donkey's gullet.

Donkey's tongue slid Shrek's foreskin down revealing the dark green head not like you could see it, being in Donkey's mouth it too soon was met with the attack of Donkey's coarse tongue. There before him was the Ogre's genitals.

Donkey tensed up and suddenly spurted his seed on the cold night earth. Shrek moaned, it was the first time he had ever have sex, even if it was with a talking Donkey. By using this website you consent the use of cookies in accordance with the terms of this policy.

Who's gonna want to be friends with a stupid old ogre? He gently rolled the soft silk-like sack in his large green hand for a moment. Shrek picked up the pace, squeezing harder and moving in rhythm, his right hand twisting along Donkey's Dick. The sheath pulled back to reveal the pink cock-tip of Donkey's swollen member. He brought his lubricated fingers to Donkey's cock and slipped them around the sensitive pink flesh.

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Shrek's grip tightened as he pulled on the Donkey's still-sheathed piece. Shrek's dick was eventually at full attention. Donkey sucked Shrek all the way in, his cockhead touching the back of his throat.

Shrek sighed at long. Donkey dismounted Shrek, who had already fallen asleep. He swallowed both and continued to gently nurse Shrek's cock until he went soft in his mouth. Donkey rear legs dug into the dirt as he felt the first massive hot and sticky load invade his throat. Shrek moved forward and reached his left hand down to wrap around the Donkey's sheath, which he instantly began to jack off. Donkey moved closer and shot out his large flat tongue to lick Shrek's cock from top to bottom.

No offence to ye His hand unknowingly went further and further down donkey's back, eventually finding its way past his tale to find his balls. Shrek continued to jack off Donkey's cock and Donkey eventually turned his head to face forward and closed his eyes.

Donkey returned his head back to look at the ogre, but said nothing. Shrek's cock began to rise. Donkey placed his hooves on Shrek's thighs and moved up, bowing his head down he continued to assault Shrek's piece with his tongue.

Shrek and Donkey Written by defenderongenre zoophilia A cool breeze blew in the night as Shrek and Donkey sat next to a large bolder, Fiona having gone to sleep on the other side. He turned around slowly, his cock softening and returning to it's sheath. Donkey jumped at the sudden touch, but relaxed eventually.

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Reader comments on the erotic story. Donkey swallowed the first bit but was soon assaulted by another wad of goo in the back of his throat, and then another.

A talking donkey? Donkey's breathing was harsh, and it took him several moments to catch his breath. Donkey's head bobbed up and down slowly, his tongue wrapped around Shrek's piece, lapping it up. It had been along time since either Shrek or Donkey had gotten off, and both were secretly hungry for some attention.