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He became your favorite professor in college. Tom Varian was his name and you had eagerly enrolled in his class because of your interest in astronomy and the access you would have to larger and stronger telescopes. You always stared in wonder at the images they brought you of the distant planets and stars.

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I was only a few minutes late, and actually since it was the last day of class before school break, it was a shorter session.

As I walked in, I smiled as my Professor Calloway and my eyes met. He flashed his handsome smile and just for a second, I saw his eyes wander down to my cleavage and long legs.

Maybe this newfound freedom made me even more daring. My thoughts wandered to what hot sex story I could tell the sorority girls next week.

My pledge sisters and I were told that we had to hook up with someone on campus and give all the graphic details. This was the first time I lived away from home.

Even though I was 19 now, in the last year I had discovered I was somewhat of an oversexed nympho compared to most girls my age. Since I first laid my eyes on my hunky, young professor — Creative Writing became my favorite class. And I loved a sexy challenge.

I was so ready to hookup again anyway but I needed to do it before their deadline. He cleared his throat and looked away quickly. I loved sex and sharing my crazy adventures and steamy details with my friends.

And now I had total freedom to hook up with any guy I wanted and bring him home. Ask it above.

About Publish In. Readers Benefits of registering Where are my ebooks? As I arrived to class, I gently opened the door and stepped in.

I loved getting a rise out of guys and found it to be incredibly fun this last year. 3 of As I hurried to class, I thought about the last year. I was a pledge and Initiation was coming up soon.