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First of all, I would describe myself. Believe it or not, this story is not a fiction, but a real life incident by which I lost my virginity to my teacher. Now let me describe my teacher. Her name is Akhila, 35 years old, fair, average height and having an attractive body and assets. This incident happened when I was preparing for my plus two board exams.

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She wrapped her small warm hands around my penis and asked me to stand up in front of her. Her looks were sexy and seductive. She was also on fire. We got up from the desk and started stripping. She unbuckled my belt and dropped my pants to the floor.

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On the other hand, my grades in other subjects were very good, save for Biology which you shall know about in my other story. I'm quite alone. And this was my first affair, that too with my Teacher. It felt good. She continued to probe my mouth with her tongue.


Did you know you can create short links with Shortest and earn money from every click on your short urls. For the first time she saw all 9 inches of my hard-on. And no one has to know about it. Hers was the last period and I anxiously waited for the bell. Her hair was down and she was wearing a red blouse with a black skirt that came down about 2 inches below her knees.

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Now then. Naresh gmail.

I decided that it was now or never and called my car later than what Sophia had said. If you want your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend to come crawling back to you on their knees even if they're dating somebody else now you need to watch this video right away Hi I am Naresh my age 30 near Hyderabad. After all her classes I went to the washroom where I ejaculated long and hard just thinking about her. Once in a while, she would giggle while kissing me but on asking would not tell me why she giggled.

I felt as if there was any chance in the world maybe something could happen, this could be it. She pulled away for a moment. Latest links of are available. I have no parents and have no any real sister.

At that time she was 26 years old. Every time I look at you and Every time I think of you this is what happens to me and I just cannot focus. My grades suffered badly, even when I did her homework, I thought of her and had to jack off. At that time I was in 12th Standard. Time pass and greedy girls don't contact me. I'm waiting a true sister for that secret romantic relationship. In spite of my bad marks, I was very good friends with Sophia.

I've just installed iStripperso I can watch the best virtual strippers on my desktop. She was kissing me all over my face and biting my ears. She was gasping for breath. Eventually the bell rang, even though the class seemed to take forever to end.

She was wearing black stockings and open toed strapped sandals. Besides this being the first time a girl was touching my cock, I could not believe it was Mrs. She stayed seated in her chair and started to put the head of my penis in her mouth and swirl her tongue around it slowly.

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In free periods and when inquiring about my marks, I used to chat with her. My Teacher Sophia. The thing I feel most confident about, my penis. My stool was higher than her chair so I sat a little bit above her, so as she was pointing out my mistakes in my essay it made it easy for me to look at her cleavage.

Boys don't disturb me. Now I would like to tell you about my teacher. I waited, sitting at my desk, and Mrs. Sophia was leaning on her desk saying goodbye to the students as they were quickly leaving.

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Thanks for sharing such post. I went on top of her and started pumping her mouth very hard. She was married. After some time, I felt something wet and soft entering my mouth and realized it was her tongue. I had never felt such wet, juicy lips before. She smirked and than slowly moved her hand up my legs. Her name was Sophia and she taught Language. Consider it my final? Rather it was delicious to taste her mouth and the tongue. There we started kissing like star-crossed lovers.

My name is Haider Rizvi. On the memorable day, school was nearly over and the exams were coming. Again she took it in her mouth and had a workout and within minutes my shaft was stiff again. There was no turning back at that moment as she turned back with the grade book. I am sorry if I startled you, but I wanted you to know. I felt like I was dreaming, she was actually at the base of my penis with her hands.

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She then pointed my penis in the air and ran her palm up the back of my shaft and than slowly back down. So, I am trying to understand why you have a hard time writing essays, but you can ace a math exam? If you are looking for cuckold partner who will make your life far better with joyful acts then please visit www. She ran outside and before I could even think, she came back with some keys and locked the door.

She told me to sit on the stool on the same side of the desk with her so we can look at the essay together and the grades. She was just caressing my penis for about 3 minutes. She was really a good cock-sucker. She swallowed it without spilling anything and she cleaned my tool with her tongue.

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She looked so good on this day too. I bit her lips hard. This was my chance. Hope you will get your desired partner from here.

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Sophia told me that the next day I would have to stay back as she wanted to discuss some things with me. Are you searching any horny girls? You are so much bigger than my husband and I thought he had a nice one. You are still my student, and I am married!

Hope to get such post ahead. After some time I shot my load into her mouth.

After some time she lay on the desk and asked me to fuck her mouth. She actually took her ruler out to measure it.