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Hi, guys, I am Choco name changed I am 20 years old, from Chennai. And this was my first incident that happened a few months ago. As I completed the 2nd year of my college, I had my semester holidays at that time. So my aunt called my mom and asked her to send me to her place for a few days. My cousin was coming from Bangalore for a vacation. She welcomed me and gave me some tea with some accompaniments.

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I got a little tense, but I knew there would be blood the first time for a virgin. And also her father is a strict man. But one day, it happened all of a sudden.

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Then I started thinking, what if these pics went out? Hi guys. I asked her what will she do for me to not tell her parents about it. I held her tight and started ramming her at full speed. I again put my dick in her slowly. And I was also confused about what the need to click pics was. I just threw her on the bed, put some Vaseline lotion on my dick and on her pussy. I slept beside her for a while and then left.

I love incest above all. Just a year-old guy who loves sex.

Anyways I got angry and asked her to shut up. I love older women.

Incest/taboo stories

I stopped moving halfway and looked at her. She was actually still a virgin, and this was my first time with a virgin. I was so into ecstasy that within minutes, I was about to climax. Pink lips and nipples. She started wiggling and tried to roll over. But back at that time, these two lovers had gotten naked and sucked off each other. Full angry with an arrogant bitch type attitude. That angry face, pink lips, red cheeks, small boobs, pink nipples, hairy pussy. She thought that I had all these pics and was trying to blackmail her.

Tears rolled down her eyes. What did you think of this story?? I told him to just leave me alone.

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The very next moment, she started behaving strangely. You can think of her as a young version of Keerthi Suresh.

There was blood on my dick and in her pussy. The moment I felt she was at ease, I pushed a little further. She stopped me halfway and started abusing me. Small boobs like tennis balls. He now wanted to get back together and asked me for help. She still had an angry face with filled eyes. She asked me what I wanted. I immediately pulled her top, which was lying on the floor next to the bed and stuffed it in her mouth.

Then again, I lost control and just thrust my dick inside her completely. After two years, they had a petty fight and lost contact. This is Madhu. Looking at that bitch face of hers, the demon in me woke up. In case any of you have any queries or want to give your feedback, you can reach me at [ protected]or you can ping me in hangouts. He then asked me to keep a secret and sent some pics of them kissing and touching.

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If you're on ISSstories. I love to fuck them hard. This Shrena is the daughter of Shilpa aunty about whom I wrote in the story.

It would be bad for her. I was confused as to what happened to her. I could see the pain in her face. He then said that they were in a relationship in high school. After a week, I got a text from her.

I went to her house to talk to her after both her parents had left for work. She just lay still like a statue. She was squeezing the bedspread. You can read my stories on ISS. This incident happened about 2 years ago. If IndianSexStories2. I kissed her on her lips, put my tongue in her, and played with hers.

I just blocked him and tried to forget this guy even exists. She was tired. I got angry. Fully naked. I pulled out completely and did the same for a couple of times. There were no nudes. I guess you people can imagine the next short conversation.

He said he knew Shrena and wanted to get in touch with her. That fellow had sent just pics with clothes.

I tried my best to do it slowly. She screamed as if someone stabbed her in the chest. He saw that she had put me up as her cousin on Facebook, and so he texted me. This time we did it sensually with all the foreplay. But could not. Once there, she said she wanted to do it again. She was around 19 years old when this happened. Just her sight got me hard. I got a message from Facebook from some random guy. I pulled out and shot my cum on her stomach. I told him to fuck off. The next moment we were in her bedroom. She was using vulgar words and all.

The moment I put out his name, she started trembling a little. So I decided to talk to her about it, just out of concern. I asked her to calm down and told her everything that happened. I was more than happy to oblige. She tried to push me away, but I overpowered her. She wanted to talk to me and asked me to go to her house. I spread her legs apart and pushed my dick halfway inside.