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How old am I: 27
Hobby: Single Ladies Wanting Need Pussy Wifes Ready Sexy Chat Room
Ethnicity: German
Caters to: Hetero
I like: Riding a bike

Anon This is a true story. None of it is made up or exaggerated. We are married for twenty years, and have three lovely children. My husband and I have a normal sex life, nothing kinkyand he still thinks I lost my virginity to my first boyfriend.

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I felt guilty Was that weekend my lucky weekend to just be a whore, is what I was thinking. He did I was grasping my pillows crying, but it felt so good.

I ran to my moms room and stole her sex toys, she had an av stick vibrator and more. Reader comments on the erotic story.

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It went on for about 12 minutes, I was squirting wondering if I was gonna be alright, my bed sheets were soaked, Dusty started licking up the mess, I was moaning and wouldn't stop squirting. My parents were never home, I wanted Dusty to stop but he never would I started wearing underwear but if you don't have a dog then you probably don't go through underwear finding it eaten by your dogs He did stop and I felt amazing but it was a drug I kept craving more. Raped by my dog Written by Jennaongenre first times I was 11, only first knowing how people had sex It was the best thing I had ever felt in my life, I felt Dusty start to try and put his cock inside of me, I was in shock I tried to make him stop but it was in me, he had his arms holding me, I was crying but I didn't exactly want him to stop, it felt so good.

It went on though. I was living my best life but I found out it was illegal to have sex with dogs. I grabbed my computer and found a porn website, I had so many orgasms that night, the next night I was wondering if Dusty would do it again.