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Once upon a time in a kingdom in Jawa Barat, lived a king with two daughters, princess Purbararang and her younger sister princess Purbasari. Because of his old age, he thought of choosing an heir when he retired later.

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Big Bang Theory plot hole: When did Sheldon install security camera? It was the introduction of Sheldon Jim Parsons to the scene which would ultimately dampen any hopes Raj had with Lalita for good.

However, when he finally met Lalita at the Cheesecake Factory, the Grasshopper got the better of him. As the date continued, Raj's obnoxious nature continued as he exclaimed: "You lost so much weight!

While Raj's parents were furious that Raj had blown his chance with Lalita, he pinned all of the blame on Sheldon. More info. When Lalita was introduced to Sheldon, she became flattered by his comparison to a princess.

Therefore, the character left as she was never billed to be a permanent fixture on the show. Their awkward first date was made even tenser when Raj wouldn't stop repeating the phrase "Little Lalita" at his date.

Raj was left a nervous wreck as he had no idea how he was going to talk to her, that was until Penny Kaley Cuoco invited him to a cocktail-tasting later in the episode. As the actress was only ever cast in a "guest-starring" capacity, the reason for her leaving would be down to the fact she was never ed up in a "recurring" or "main" role.

When his parents set up an arranged date with his former school pal Lalita Gupta Sarayu Bluethis need for alcohol was ultimately his downfall. We use your -up to provide content in ways you've consented to and to improve our understanding of you.

Big bang theory: what happened to lalita gupta? why did she leave?

Why did he leave? First described by Raj as "the little fat girl that used to kick me in the samosas and call me untouchable," his parents decided their son should embark on a romance with her. Sheldon revealed Lalita found Raj "drunk and boring" but also revealed he had no plans to see her again as he "already had a dentist. After a sip of his favourite cocktail, the Grasshopper, Raj realised he just needed alcohol to be able to talk to the opposite sex. Sheldon became enamoured with Lalita as he spotted her striking resemblance to Princess Panchali.

Blue made her debut as Lalita in the eighth episode of season one, The Grasshopper Experiment. Raj then labelled Lalita as "his lady" in order to warn Sheldon off but it was to no avail and Lalita ended up getting dinner with Sheldon.

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There was one problem, however, in the fact he couldn't talk to women unless he was drunk. Raj was initially reluctant to call her and arrange a date, leaving Howard Wolowitz Simon Helberg with the opportunity to impersonate him to set one up.

A clearly unimpressed Lalita grinned and bore Raj's outlandish behaviour while the likes of Howard, Leonard Johnny Galecki and Penny could only watch on. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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