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What is my age: 50
Hobby: Sex Personal Wanting Dating For Teens Single Mature Women Looking Erotic Dating Sites
Where am I from: Emirati
I love: I prefer guy
Tone of my eyes: I’ve got lustrous green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
What is the color of my hair: Scraggly brunet hair
Sign of the zodiac: My Zodiac sign Pisces
My body features: My figure features is plump
I like to listen: I prefer to listen electronic
My hobbies: In my spare time I love mountain climbing

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I can feel my juices flowing freely, but the plant of course eats it all up. Then I notice my breasts swelling slightly.

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At the same moment a much thicker vine erupts from their asses almost explosively, though their pants maintain their integrity. Little heart shaped leaves start sprouting all over my body from the wirey vines. Their shouts quiet quickly though, as the vines in their mouths thicken rapidly, expanding their throats and cutting off their air, but quickly they start breathing again as two rows of six small holes appear in the same tentacle, some of them venting air and others drawing it in.

The scientist and his lackeys gasp, then start scribbling notes, the assholes. My breasts continue swelling, and the amount of milk leaking from me becomes thicker and stronger with each pull from the plant.

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Then, out from under my skirt snakes two pencil thin tendrils, spiraling up my lower abdomen, then my belly, then up to my chest. Meanwhile, the tendrils in my ass and pussy continue to move, and as I cry and moan and grunt I come to the realization that the vines have d growing inside of me. Porn whore to subslut girlfriend Pt 1 My Japanese Love Part 6 Finding myself Search for:.

As the tendrils near my breasts, however, they suddenly break from their spiraling pattern and gently feel me up. I feel the roots branch out a little into my breasts to more surely anchor them, but they barely go skin deep.

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As the plant continues sucking on my breasts with heavy pulses, I feel a little milk start to leak from me. The heat in my pussy is immense, and my mound has swollen embarrassingly. The buds open up, and with powerful suction they both attach themselves to my erect nipples. Despite my need to recuperate, the plant continues teasing me.

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The tendrils then savagely lash themselves around each of my breasts, tightening, and the tip of both tendrils swells into another flowing bud. They start trying to make themselves throw up, but my guess would be that the seeds have already taken root.

The vines from the plant are covering my body now, wrapping themselves down my legs and up to my chest, spreading out to my arms and up my neck, though leaving nothing to the imagination, especially when they start eating all the rest of my cloths.

I try to rip them off, but like the rest of the plant the tiny hairs have rooted into my skin. Network Update.

Animal takes that as his cue to leave and takes one small step backwards before the doors slam shut. These vines seem more flexible, and even so the roots that form my panties seem to soften and limber up. The nearest one takes off his white operating gown to reveal a bulging, wriggling, stomach and tendrils of the plant are obviously already forcing themselves through his digestive track.

The tendrils, with strength disproportionate to their size, force their wandering and waving tips upwards, as if looking for something. I cry out as the plant tweaks my clit hard, and starts kneading my breasts, forcing out more milk. More tendrils now shoot down my legs, and several others up my torso as well.