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He motioned up and to the left a little. The kitchen living and dining were all one large room. I said again "Like I said in the bar, that while you're damn good looking and fill your hose well, I'm into women. Here I was, talking to a stranger who knows my secret, and invites me up to his apartment to continue the talk.

And we did so about everything and nothing for about 20 minutes.

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Some lovely ladies were in hose and I chatted absent mindedly with some of them. That Thursday was no different and I headed out after coming home from work and changing. I slowly worked my tongue around his cock several times getting the nerve to wrap my mouth around it.

Ah what the hell, why not talk for a bit. I must have looked like I just saw a ghost. I started to calm down a bit, though I didn't know why. I was just looking to my right at the couch and admiring the leather when he came up from the left of the sofa and offered me my drink.

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It's a casual place, lots of business types after a long day, so many were still dressed for business. I notice once we're on the second floor that there are only three doors for the corridor. My bulge was getting bigger by the second and here I was in a strange man's apartment with him standing right in front of me with a cock aimed right at me. God this was so erotic.

Now I was going to get a taste from the other side. My mouth just about dropped fantasy I turned to him. I was now in a position to look up at his face, and I remember clearly him staring straight up, his hands on his pantyhose clad hips. I quickly tried to pantyhose my excuses.

He suggested that we go up to his apartment. He mentioned that he had seen me here before which made story because I'm pretty well a regularand that he had noticed me in hosiery as well, but this was the first time he thought of coming over and talking to me. At the bar, I usually try to get a corner seat not far from the entrance, but usually along the corridor so I can see people come and go.

There he was standing in front of me, his cock must have been at least 9", aimed straight at 10 o'clock and right at me. I was so hot and turned on by this. It's one of those funky new condos, kinda loft idea with 5 floors. Instead while he was fixing my second '4 finger' drink, I got out of all my clothes except the pantyhose, which in case you were wondering were Filodoro diva, and sat back down on that pantyhose and comfortable couch, and I was completely story.

My jeans are long enough that no one can notice that I'm wearing nylons under my jeans. It was getting harder too by the second. I got my seat. You know, that shade of red which is all the rage in lipstick lately. He sweetens the fantasy by mentioning my favourite bourbon and saying he has a bottle. About 6' 2", maybe lbs, trim with washboard abs, good rugged looks and chin and nice brown eyes.

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My heart was racing now as he stood in front of me again and slowly took my face in his hands and guided me to his pantyhose covered cock. There was a long soft skin black leather sofa facing the kitchen with two coffee tables on either side and large persian rug in front with two modern loungers facing about 6 feet from the couch.

I had done this with women before. It was open concept. He was a good looking man, I have to admit. I've had my cock sucked through pantyhose and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was slightly wet and a little salty, looking down at it I could tell why.

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I always go out to the same bar on Thursdays. His nylon covered cock felt so huge but so good in my hands as I started to gently stroke it. I quickly looked down and sure enough, some of my right ankle was showing. Though his nylons were barely black, because they were so sheer, I could make out the veins stretching the length of his cock and the nice swelling around the rim of the head. Suits and skirt with hose.

I was always a sucker for pantyhose and good bourbon, so why not take him up on the offer. I did. Underneath, pantyhose. I looked around a bit and noticed the guy had taste and class.

I started to move my tongue a little further down and then under his pulsing beast. I've been in that position so many times, and here I was on the other end producing that reaction in someone else. I moved my mouth closer to his waiting cock and started touching the nylon clad tip with my tongue.

His cock was so big that I needed to move slow. He le me to the third where we walk in to one of the most spacious apartments I've ever seen. The crowd was good that night, a good mix of people. It had clearly thrown me for a loop. Instead I had another gulp of my drink and asked for another. He noticed my puzzlement and said that he wears a size larger if he can so that I could do exactly what I was currently doing. I get the quick tour of the main floor and kitchen and I'm totally amazed. What brand are you wearing?

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He grins a bit and tells me that this is his dream pad. Always sheer to waist, no underwear and always nude. I mumbled something, but did not try to get up a second time. I referenced some of the lovely ladies near by and told him I don't know.

I noticed though that I had no problem covering his whole cock with the nylon. There he was, standing there, offering me my drink, and all he had on was a pair of sheer to waist wolfords, nearly black and sandal toe. My favourite combo. There was a nice bulge in my jeans and I only finally noticed it. Most of the people are friendly and just want to unwind from a rough day.

The women are hot and long legged and they always wear pantyhose.

He looked at me after a minute, still standing there in front and asked if I liked what I saw. What's going on here? We got up and left the bar, heading right next door, just as he said.

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Then it came. Never had anyone, let alone a guy, notice that I was wearing pantyhose. Stainless appliances and an island for entertaining in the kitchen. His cock was massive in front of my face and I instinctively brought my hands up to cup his cock and pinch the nylons around it. Instant panic. I was there for about an hour and a half, and just finishing my second RC when a fellow came and sat beside me.

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He soon came back with my drink and instead of giving it to me, he just smiled and put it on the coffee table beside the couch. I didn't know how long it had been like that. I turned that shade or red again. And I always wear a proper flesh tone colour so as to not arouse any stares in case something happens to show. I move my hands down his shaft to his balls, gently caressing them as I then worked my way back to the head.

It really was a nice place. That night was no different for me and I ordered up a rum coke to sit and sip slowly while watching the crowd. I ask if his apartment is on the second and he nods affirmatively. I gulped down the rest of my drink and made off to leave when he quietly suggested that we had a lot to talk about.

I think I was still dumbfounded when he handed me the fantasy, and I still don't remember drinking any, but the glass was half empty, when I finally recovered. I paid no attention, still just sitting there watching the crowd. To top things off, he was sporting the largest erection I'd ever seen, tenting his pantyhose quite nicely.

He opens the front door and he motions to the classy vintage style stair leading to the story floor. Perfect head with a large ridge and very gently curved up. He then leaned in a pantyhose closer and with a bit of a sly grin said, "I meant you.

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There was precum soaking the end of the nylon. This was too weird, looking back at it.

Like usual, I dress in jeans, collared shirt and a jacket, deck shoes or dress shoes. I could feel my own cock starting to precum as a result. Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements.