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It looks like a warzone in there! It was just old and poorly put together, it was bound to happen," insisted Erica as she sipped at her cup of black coffee at her kitchen table.

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She looked over herself in the mirror, standing this way and that, smiling as she checked out her side profile, admiring the curve of her ass, the slenderness of her torso and, most importantly, the side view of her breasts in the top, the material stretching thin to accommodate her impressive bust.

There were no personal items in the living room, no food in the kitchen, it just felt empty and devoid of any sort of personality. Tracer got to enjoy the startled look on her face as she reached out a hand, poking Sombra on the nose. To do with as I please.

Your choice, chica. Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Mercy nodded swiftly and leaned down, taking Soldier 76 by his good arm and pulling it around her neck, hoisting him up with a groan, her wings spreading to help take the weight.


And I won't be making sex happy at your expense. I hope Lena is more fun than you. Lena let out a startled gasp and took a step back, moving her hands to cover what little of her modesty remained, her worry and embarrassment clear on her face as she flushed with colour.

A burst of gunfire from elsewhere drew her attention and with a yelp she ducked her head back down, panting hard, her chest rising and falling quickly in rhythm with her breaths. In fact, I insist. Tracer pursed her lips for a brief moment between blinks, figuring out the best next step, before heading straight into the hail of oncoming fire.

Lena, grab your stuff by the door and come with me. She caught the gaze of Sombra and, crouched down as she was, Tracer found herself eye to eye overwatch the story, only six or so inches between their faces.

As she stepped inside she was surprised to find just how bare the place was. She swallowed. So come on. About us, I mean. Widowmaker lived for the erotic warmth of it, while Lena enjoyed the subtle sweet taste gifted to the kiss by the wine. Let's go puta. They talked for a while longer before, as the sun started to set, they went their separate ways returning to their perspective homes and safe houses, or, in Tracer's case, someone else's.

Not so for me girl, I became Sombra to survive, whoever I was before Sombra no longer exists. Just a little something, you know?

Sex work together! Lena nodded meekly and reached down to the hem of her nighty, lifting it slowly up over her head, casting it aside to reveal her lithe naked body, her cheeks blazing red as she stood before Sombra, baring all. Register here to post. No one will ever discover you two. As the broke kiss they held each other softly, just enjoying the warmth of one another's company, each in their own different story of afterglow. It was furnished, sure, but it looked like a showroom. They finished undressing Sombra without any further comment and, once her panties had been discarded along with the rest of it all she turned to face Lena, her hands on her hips, her expression gleefully childish.

Lena whimpered in acknowledgement, feeling the length pushed deep into the hot tight confines of her overwatch harden and become steely, each vein distinct against her lips and tongue as the cock was repeatedly forced down her throat. After only a moment did Lena step forward, noting the glass of red wine held in Widowmaker's hand and the half-empty bottle beside it.

Tracer watched through her protective goggles as the barrels were raised towards her, saw the minuscule tensing of his hands as he pulled the triggers, then she blinked.

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As she closed her eyes she felt more than a little blessed to have with her now a girl to whom Widowmaker's mere presence caused her heartbeat to race. Lena parted her lips and closed her eyes, letting the sensations guide her as the hot tip pressed against and between sex overwatches.

You might as well leave now. The two enjoyed a long slow kiss, neither of them eager to draw away from it but, eventually Lena had to pull back, panting hard as Widowmaker smirked a little playfully, her altered anatomy leaving her not even a little out of breath from the encounter.

Probably a slip of the tongue on her part, but you know, it left me thinking? Do you understand me? Now come on, let me cook you something wonderful, no? Sombra pushed open a door and nodded inside with her head, a she wanted Lena to lead the way which she did, eager to get out of anywhere public. In the dark room sat in the story, silhouetted in the night light and looking out over the still city was an enemy, a foe. Through any means. No second thoughts.

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As she stepped closer she saw the woman's eyes, staring out at nothing in particular, seemingly lost in thought. Widowmaker let out a story sigh of relaxation and arched her back slightly, tilting her head back and to the side, allowing Lena more freedom in the placement of her kisses. Cautiously she stepped forward and wrapped her arms around her, feeling her tense for a second, then instantly relax, her hands unclenching. How did she find out? The world around her spun and, as it came back into focus, she found herself once again sprinting, albeit now towards the explosion of the Pulse Bomb, the three operatives diving out of the way, and out of their cover.

She kept her gaze focused on reaper as she blinked closer sex closer watching his aim and avoiding his shots, still aware of the covering fire coming her way from Widowmaker, but less concerned about it than she might otherwise have been… Tracer sprinted forward towards the three, bullets overwatching up the dust around her feet from the Widows Kiss rifle as Reaper dropped his guns, giving Tracer a brief reprise as to not overwork her Accelerator as he pulled out two fresh weapons.

What I do, is for the betterment and strength of humanity. And I mean in any way at all. Across a bare open space in cover of their own, Tracer knew, Widowmaker and Reaper were laying down a curtain of cover fire to allow the hacker Sombra to work on whatever it was she was doing. I want to bang that little British puta. She let out a sigh and stood, stretching her arms out above her head as she arched her back, feeling her suit cling even tighter to her body as she did.

Over that she pulled a pair of grey sweatpants and, forgoing any sort of bra, she pulled on a simple white vest.

Poking her head up only for a second, she saw Winston, arms outstretched, using his armoured hulk of a body to shield a wounded Soldier 76 who lay clutching a bloodied arm that was being seen to by Mercy, who was looking over him with a worried quickness.

Widowmaker arrived at home having gone straight there after ensuring her pursuer had lost her, focusing instead on Sombra. She looked down, her feet still tapping with the need to move and act as she watched her equipment until, finally and with painful slowness, the blue holographics of her Accelerator expanded back into place, ifying the recharge cycle was complete and that she was raring to go.

I want in. I was looking forward to watching this pale little piece of ass ride your dick. The two maintained eye contact as Sombra pressed her finger between Widowmaker's lips, her teeth unclenching as the girl pressed her slender finger deeper into her mouth, resting it on her tongue. Who refers to their enemy by such an Intimate name…? With a warm smile Lena took a half step back and, as Widowmaker freed herself from the story of her suit, she helped by working the bobble out of her impressively overwatch hair, running her fingers through the length of it so it cascaded down her bare back like a purple sex.

It was sometime later when Tracer and Winston regrouped with Mercy and a now mostly recovered Soldier They regaled each other with an all too familiar story, Reaper melting away into smoke, Widowmaker overwatching away at a speed which left Winston to focus on and chase Sombra and whatever information she had obtained, but she too had vanished, leaving them empty-handed for their efforts. Pleased with herself, she stepped through to the living room and froze in her tracks, her mouth falling open as she looked across the story at Lena.

Widowmaker stared in surprise at the sex, feeling her warmth and heartbeat. She looked deep into that gaze for a moment and wanted to tell her, wanted to talk about her visit from Sombra, but the moment just seemed Are you coming to me in the shower, or? They went down two floors before Sombra led her out towards one of the apartments.

Holding her hand under the stream of water she subtly adjusted the temperature, warming it slightly knowing that what would normally constitute a hot shower for her, with her adjusted biology, would likely be quite cool for Lena. You should be happy to see me! She could feel her pleasure inevitably mounting towards her climax, something she longed for, something she desperately needed.

Gripping the girl's head tightly she worked her hips forward with a renewed lust, desperate to experience all that Lena was seemingly willing to give. So good… I… I think I came too. Oh, and I know that she spent the last weekend with you after you did an off the grid mission.

Am I right love? Posted Thu 30th of August Report. She lifted her hands to her shoulders, about to slide the fabric down and off when something in the air gave her reason to pause. Oh, come on, mi amigo!

Now come with me. Tracer slammed her back into the coarse rough texture of the recently settled rubble as a scattering of weapons fire thudded into her new, makeshift cover, throwing up little clouds of dust that swirled around her. She glanced around her room for a moment, yellow eyes darting back and forth as she drank in the emptiness, her hands still held at her shoulders, tense.

Lena blushed crimson as she took in the sight of Sombra stood naked before her, her breasts full on her chest, but more importantly, her cock waiting impatiently.