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My sister and I were in the Solarium pool just hanging out when this older, larger, and generally unattractive man stepped into the glass rinse-off showers by the pool. Being the gentleman that I am, I am not trying to stare at the twin mounds at least so wife' doesn't catch me. Her skin was dark and oiled. Second Explorer cruise, me and hubby, sis and hubby in St.

We took the tram up the hillside overlooking the port. At the airport in Harrisburg we noticed a lady by herself that reminded us of my aunt, Mimi.

After his dive he immediately went over to the side of the pool to climb out. She was shorter than my aunt so we called her "Little Mimi". We had an interesting experience aboard our Summit cruise last Dec. A foreign man in a blue speedo which he wore every day of the day cruise brought one of those bungee-type exercise do-d you see on the late night infomercials and proceeded to perform various exercises on the pool deck while smoking a cigar for about an hour. The wife must have been a body builder as she was very lean and muscular, not well endowed at all, do to the body building.

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After my initial reaction of wanting to gouge my own eyes out, I then thought "Well, heck, more power to them for having the guts to be seen in public like that. What a mental picture. She then proceeds to remove her top. We were in tears by the time the man finally turned a corner.

My DH and I became hysterical and could not contain our laughter. Quite good for a few laughs. Of course she was facing me. The only problem was that his swim trunks had drifted southward and you could see everything, including his pride and joy!

A little disconcerting but only because of the horrible makeup and hair. This young, well endowed lady sat down in the lounge chair next to me. He then proceeded to remove his speedo and give it a good rinsing before putting it back on to the shock and horror of the entire pool.

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Poor souls could not stay awake I guess they couldn't stand to go to bed and miss part of the cruise but I am not certain why they bothered to come to the shows. To his credit, he just pulled them up and dived in again. On one cruise we were laying in the sun on the top deck. All of that made for a couple of laughs. But she had a really manish face. Same group of us at Labadee. I just had an Austin Powers "That's not your mother, that's a man baby! I feel like I'm comming down with something. Similar to Ben Stillers shorts in Dodgeball! Anyway, I liked your story!

We got to Miami and boarded Explorer. As we are standing enjoying the incredible view of the port and ships below, our reverie was interrupted by a loud unmistakable sound just in front and slightly below us. Anyway, they had the same dinner seating late and story come everynight to the shows and Within 5 minutes of the show starting they would both fall sound asleep. I was trying to tell him about the sticker, but just couldn't get it out. On our last cruise on the Rhapsody, we saw a rather portly fellow make a nice dive into the deep end of the pool. And they were nude dancing really well at the parties and clubs, ballroom style.

And they were in their full get up the whole cruise.

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And now for a horror story. How did we know they were new? So I thought back to my cruise 2 years ago on the Adventure of the Seas. Advance forward a couple of days.

What a sight. Maybe I just noticed her so much because she did remind me of my Aunt. The kicker came when she removed her glasses. We were on the Horizon two years ago and one day we saw an older gentlemen walking around in a new pair of pants. We kept seeing her all week no matter where we went, even walking around in Old San Juan - there she was.

The lady we saw on our cruise last week as a lulu! She wore a bikini and was VERY anorexic. No lie. The pants still had that clear strip on one of the legs showing the waist size!!

My poor little girls were horrifed!! Second, but not as funny, On the same cruise there was a couple in their mid-late 40's that had taken togetherness to a whole new level. Obviously a lady with a terrible "gas" problem. I saw them everyday at the gym and the husband wore the little shorts that made him look "bigger" if you know nude I mean. Thanks Matt! We had a ship full of He-She's on our dec 01 cruise.

I'll bet they were simply stunning on the formal nights! We just looked at one another and slowly backed away to another cruise. I'm sorta having a case of the mondays on wednesday and I story a pick me up. I'll probably have nightmares!!! When we got to Atlanta for a connecting flight, "Little Mimi" got on the same plane. We had just settled in our lounge chairs with a Labadoozie and our books, when all of a sudden Two ladies on our first Brilliance They were so noticable because they carried their large purses everywhere with them on the ship We almost felt like they were following us as we would see them constantly.

We joked that maybe she was going on the same cruise as us. There was this other couple on the Glory last year. I'm having a not so good day too. I don't have any good stories to share but I'll keep my eyes out on my next cruise. Needless to say, My sister and I found our laughs were not the only snickers and giggles going around. By mrbocboxJuly 28, in Royal Caribbean International. His size sticker was on his back leg. While we were walking around the ship, who should we run across but "Little Mimi".

As we story leaving the last day, rolling our suitcases out the door, we looked up and guess who was just in front of us, purses in hand! He was quite limber and could in fact bring his legs above his head while smoking his cigar but all of us on the pool deck were nude dying at the sight of this!! Sore throat, etc. I was facing the ocean just enjoying the sights. Sunbathing in matching his and hers thongs!! My daughter and I were walking down the plaza when we noticed an older gentleman wearing a new pair of blue jeans. It made me LOL! Too funny! Like to say I learned cruise about self esteem from it, but I still stick to tankinis and one pieces - especially after two days of cruise food!

On one of our cruises, there were two LARGE ladies of a certain age definitely over 60 who would sunbathe in tiny little bikinis that perhaps fit them years earlier.