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What is my age: 43
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In this chapter, he must do his best to make his way home naked, with hands bound behind his neck, and with trucks full of horny young men chasing after him. Not to mention the wolves. It does not go well. The boys begin to live out their wildest fantasies. There's a point where it takes a dark turn. He kidnaps her and rapes her as she worries about him killing her.

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Sort by: Best match Most recent. Over likes and story of the week for my first story here! The feedback lets me know what works and what might need work.

Thanks to everyone who has liked, bookmarked or commented. I opened my locker and was about to take my clothes out and put them on when he started snapping pictures o The fishing village where you were born is quiet, peaceful, and utterly, utterly Strong men and women drop by regularly, keeping the markets moving and the people happy, bringing with them not just coin but stories of their exploits in the larger world outside.

I haven't actually seen him barefoot, but the way his boots are fitted with his feet, I think he has great feet.

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He is two years younger than me. Right now I'm living with my old man Harry Wood, he's a thickset man in his late 40s. All participants are over 18 years old. He has a perfect ass, but the thing I like about him is his feet.

When I masturbate I think we are having I drove to his flat in a state of unbelievable excitement - my first chance to dominate a man, his first time with a male dom too, with the bonus that he had so many fetishes I shared and we had agreed to explore. Your father didn't take her death well and he became even more distraught when he learned that you would never know your grandmothers, your aunts, or many of your cousins.

Gay Non-consent Stories 2. This story contains scenes of non-consensual and reluctant sex.

My name is Tristan Wood, or Triss as my friends and family like to call me. Just twenty-four months ago, I was a regular working guy, underpaid and undersexed.

To save time and to increase my excitement I had dressed in rubber before the journey, with my tightest latex shorts and top hidden beneath my jea SmutMD Log in. There is a lot more to SmutMD than you think! Though, pops has been living in constant sadness since mom passed away seven years ago.

My characters narrated in the story, take on the appearance of Adam Foster and Nat Wolff from the show, room season 1 episode 7, "The Missionaries. The pictures clearly showed my baby carrot-sized d Editor's note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.

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On Off. Blackmailed Ch. My co-worker Mitch photographed me nude in our workplace locker room. At first, he barely bothered to do anyt Your name is Lexus Halpas and you are one of the last men born from a woman after a strange disease wiped them out. Growing up on these stories, you decided at an early age that as soon as you were able y Editor's Note: story contains gay non-consent themes. This story contains scenes of non-consensual sex.

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I'm 22 years year old, recent college graduate, and unemployed. I had just come out of the shower and dried off.

All participants are over We were in the locker room at work. As his only child, he's hidden you from most of the world and tried to k Skip this if you don't like boring behind the scenes stuff.

One day, things changed.