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He was left, as the solid body behind him moved again and the elevator started moving too. Strong hands were running over his body, tugging his shirt out of his pants and undoing his belt.

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Then he felt stupid for feeling hurt and became mad at the two. Wordlessly, Sam got out of the car and then walked around to open the passenger door, standing there silently until Marty finally got out with a nervous swallow. A tight ball of dread weighed in his stomach.

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Collapsing onto the mat, he groaned. Once the other man was inside, he stepped inside and closed the door with a firm click. Sam narrowed his eyes at the tone the younger man had just taken and raising his hand, smacked him firmly once on each side of his backside. Maybe they thought he was joking. Wearily, he headed to the lockers to grab his stuff and then went to his car.

Callen and Sam looked at each other, doing that silent communication thing they tended to do and Deeks found himself losing control of his fragile temper, yet again. Now will you tell me why?

Even if it was firm and impossible for Marty to break free of. Deeks looked at the story bottle and the pillow he now held then grinned. Sam blinked in consternation. Sam stood up and gave him a quick grin and squeezed his shoulder. His hurt feelings and indignation at having been so thoroughly trounced and then left Ncis to nurse his wounded pride simmered all the way home, through his quick shower and light dinner, and then through the night as he tossed and turned and tried to find some relief for his aching arms.

He supposed he was lucky that Hetty and Granger were out of the office at a special meeting. Sam glared, his crossed arms dropping to his sides as he took a step closer to the smaller detective. Yawning and stretching slightly, he winced as his pants chaffed at over-sensitive skin.

Sam and Callen were older than he and Kenzie. Then he clenched his mouth shut, embarrassed to have said as much as he did. The older man had a firm grip around his waist and all squirming seemed to accomplish was Sam moving his smacks onto his yet untouched thighs. That was not spanking I was doing- or at least not what I intended to do. Driving home was more difficult than it should have been.

Oh sure, there was irritation plenty in the glance, but overall- Deeks swallowed hard and looked back at Sam again, even more nervous. Shaking his head and huffing slightly, Deeks stood and started toward where the cars were. But next time Callen or I do something to upset you- you have to tell us.

Chapter 2: double trouble

Sam waited until Callen had gone before he walked over and grabbed the jacket that had landed on the floor. There is nothing wrong with admitting to being hurt or upset. It felt like he was being disciplined. He must have said something. Meekly, he allowed Sam to guide him to the car and when told, got into the passenger seat and buckled his seat belt. He even knew why.

I also did not realize you thought I was punishing you with the push-ups. Deeks closed his eyes tightly in mortification.

Sam frowned, his eyes flashing. Are we clear, little brother? Looking in the mirror, he noted that his eyes were red, bloodshot, and swollen- but all other traces of his crying were gone. That was the problem with being a happy-go-lucky sort that tended to joke too much and he could admit he joked more than he probably should. Except they left Deeks laying there, even when he called out to them. Shaking his head, he walked back out into the foyer, meeting Sam by the door. Sam shook his head, giving him a sad and disappointed look.

Deeks forced his aching arms to push him up one more time.

Deeks hissed as fire seemed to blossom on his butt. We thought you were just joking and teasing like you often do. His one arm had developed a tiny spasm that caused him to jerk the wheel every so often. He frowned, clenching his teeth again as he attempted yet another push-up.

His eyes widened as he realized how nasty that had sounded- even to his own ears.

It was a fact. He ended up driving much more slowly than normal to compensate and was glad when he finally made it to his home without drawing the attention of any police officers. Because believe me.

Fic: bedtime story (gibbs/abby, nc)

Deeks howled, quickly stilling. He really should have just called in sick. You go with him.

Back to Hope1iz's Stories. He pulled Marty close and held him in place tightly with one hand.

He sighed softly. When he awoke the next morning- he was not in a very good mood.

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So his upper body strength- as far as his deltoids or triceps were concerned- could really use some work. He forced himself to answer. Sam redirected his attention with a softly worded question. Swallowing again, he slumped, then walked to his front door and opened it, allowing Sam to go in first.

Deeks whimpered as Sam used the other hand to quickly divest him of any protection slacks or underwear could provide. They were laughing and smirking as they left, so he supposed whatever point they were trying to make had been made.

Deeks stomach filled with butterflies and then sunk as he realized what was about to happen. Deeks quickly retrieved his pants and pulled them on with a pained hiss before going into his bathroom and washing his face. Best not tell anyone then.