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She smiled at me and went back to wash me. in Get started.

That only shows that you are getting better, relax lets continue. Let me finish with a couple of people that we need to gave a sponge bath and then it will be all for you.

Guerrero rubby

After a week of having different nurses giving me sponge baths thinks started to feel awkward. We went back to the shower she help me get dress and I went back to my room, I was in shock. I could not hold it any longer and came inside her old pussy, It was the greatest sensation I ever had with a woman in my life, every time I came she had a spam through her body, when she came her old pussy grabbed my cock tightly, her legs closed and she grabbed me tightly.

Susie Bright. Wait a minute I am going with you.

Steve Hancock in Dirty Little Secrets. I thought she was going to go for my leg, but no she started to gently grab my balls, it was a mix of nerves and pleasure, when she notices she sat her hand in my chest got near my ear and told me slowly. All of the sudden I started to notice how beautiful her gray eyes were, her big breast and hips I just fell so found to her.

After a minute she made a gesture to stand up she stepped back turned around and told me:. We stayed calm for a couple of seconds, when I took my cock out of her old pussy my cum started to drip outside of it, she leaned over me and kiss me.

‘granny’ stories

Luckily after a couple of minutes the doctor arrive and told them that there was granny to worry about, I was story somewhat coherent and the images shown no head lesion just a broken leg and an small internal bleeding that need monitoring in plain human a month in the hospital. This was totally surreal, I was naked in a bathroom masturbating and a mature woman said that she just wanted me to get excited again, she got closer took my hand and put it under her dress — where are her panties? I got closer to her and started fucking her mature naughtyI never before felt a pussy so warm and lubricated in my life, how come I am fucking this mature woman that I totally ignored all these days.

As she told me that I started to cum while I look into her yes, while she was moaning enjoying while I cumshot her hands. Naughty Granny Nurse — Short erotic story. Then a couple of hours later was the second unpleasant scene, watch your family and friends worry about you, I was trying to tell them that I was ok however nothing was coming out of my mouth. Me too.

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Get started. At first friends and family came by everyday but with the pass of time the visits started to decrease as it is normal and everything was reduced to the daily hospital routine of analytics, breakfast, doctors rounds, lunch, dinner. Once we were there she put the occupied indicator in the door, opened the shower and help me take my clothes off, I moved quickly to the shower and felt an incredible sensation. Cherry Zonkowski.

Shit hardly two minutes when away and I was about to cum, she immediately story it and spit on the head of my penis and gave me the best handjob I ever had in my life. Men Who Love Burgers —. Alma Awakened in MyErotica. More from Guerrero Rubby Follow. Once the ambulance arrive to the hospital the battery of tests started, some of them were more unpleasant than other. On the last day of classes I went out from the libra r y around A:M, pick up my granny and took my way home and then shit happens, just one block away from home one stupid asshole decided to pass with the red light and Bam the next thing notice was the sound of sirens, people screaming and me lay down on the floor.

Yours In Submission. Everything when that way for around 7—8 days that sponge baths were naughty in the treatment but it was nothing to what I had in mind.

‘granny’ stories

The Arrow Remains. You just can imagine how it when for me the rest of my time in the hospital.

She took a sponge and some kind of chair that allowed me to seat in the shower and started washing my head, she started going down slowly around my neck, shoulders, arms, chest and abdomen, I was totally enjoying it when she stopped and told me:. Open in app. You were going to do a big mess in the other bathrooms since they are too small for you.

Then asked me to stand up and turn to wash my back, I finish my shower and she gave a towel and a pajama, just went I was going out she told me:.

Naughty granny nurse — short erotic story

Zoe Naz in Sexography. I was terrible ashamed once I came back to myself and notice I have an erection.

Michelle Brown in Heart Affairs. Get started Open in app. She went slowly from my balls to my cock and slowly started to peel back the head of my penis, she started to care the head of my penis with her thumb slowly, she formed a ring with her thumb and index fingers around it, after only a couple of moves from her hand my cock started to drip, then slowly with her other hand she took the take the drip and massage my penis with it.

Oh my Gosh, with every movements she made I felt like her pussy was made for my penis.

Half way into the bathroom another of the nurses stopped me. I never had seen before a female orgasm like this. I dropped over her body took her by her waist and started to fuck her harder, what a magnificent sensation was it, feeling her body, her moans, how she reacted with every movement that was something I never had before with any girl my age. Agnes Mtaki.

Once she went out I started masturbating as she told me, and 2 minutes later bum. More From Medium. in. After a week I was finally given green light to take a shower by myself, early on the morning came one of the younger nurses to take off the lines, on my way to the bathroom I feel a little dizziness but I said nothing the only thing I wanted was to take a bath.

My story took place naughty 10 years ago while still in college near the final exams, during those days I decided to wake up early morning and go to the library to study around 5 or 6 hours in order to get good grades and enjoy the summer. The sensation was so great that I it blocked my urge to cum, after a couple of minute she went back to the more softly routine and told me with an easy tone:. Visit us to story or watch erotic stories. Guerrero Rubby. Five grannies after I was back in bed the younger nurse that was there before told me:.

A couple of minutes later the nurse came back to let me know that the bathroom was ready for me and gave me the directions to get there, I was almost there when the older nurse stopped and asked:. But to be honest the only thing I feel at the moment was a small abdominal pain.