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He came over stood in front of me apologising as he stroked my hair. I was meant to be in full day but had left early feigning illness.

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now! His tongue flicked up and down my clit and I felt a sensation I had never experienced before.

I looked at him, yea sure I had heard about things but never had the confidence to try anything with myself or anybody else. Log in to comment or register here.

I slipped my shirt off, as he reached forward pulled my bra down my pert teenage tits bouncing out freely. My cunt so tight it could barely manage 1 finger. He slide his hand up and I greedily sucked my cum off his fingers.

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I was raised to respect myself and wait until I was married. Am sure u have urges that u satisfy when u are alone? No ?

Click the link and get my phone. He slid his hand up my back unclasped my bra, slid the straps down my arms and lay me back on the bed. Username: Password: Remember.

He pushed a little more but was met with resistance, no matter how gentle he was it hurt and he thrust and thrust but he could not get his large member in me. I ran my tongue up and down the full shaft of his cock he seemed to like this as he groaned with every lick.

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Tears had filled my eyes and as he wiped them away he began thrusting in and out long slow thrusts, I could feel my pussy stretching to embrace his huge member and take it all in as deep as possible. I thought I was done but my dad had other ideas his cock throbbing so hard the veins were practically bursting.

You must to do that! Before I could even ask what he was going to do I felt his finger probing me, as he pushed it deeper n deeper. Daddy''s Naughty Girl.

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I turned my key in the door not expecting anybody to be home I walked straight into the sitting room ready to put my feet up and watch crap t. Only here real single girls are ready to mingle! He thrust harder, faster, deeper. Permalink Reply. Story Details.

In You must to do that! I was always taught that my virginity was something special, something not to be thrown away. I was nervous and embarrassed.

Looking for serious relations? The sight I got shocked me there was my dad, always so calm and prudish sitting on the settee in his boxers porn mag open on the sitting room table stroking himself through the material. Punish me with your dick in my mouth.

Already wet from dirty thoughts bout you. He spread my legs, I could feel the tip teasing my pussy lips but I was scared, he was so big and I was so small and as he pushed the head inside my welcoming slit I cried out in pain.

My nipples hard and erect. He knelt down between my legs started unbuttoning my shirt.

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My pussy is at your disposal! He pushed me onto my back lifted my skirt above my hips, he grabbed the waistband of my panties started pulling them down over my creamy white thighs revealing my shaven glistening slit. I felt his tongue flick against them making them harder as he grasped them between his teeth I could feel him biting pulling them with his teeth. Share Story.

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Who Upvoted this Story. This story is purely fictional as are all characters I can remember it as if it were yesterday. I was gob smacked and just about to walk out the room when my dad insisted I sit next to him.

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