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HelloI am CD from the age of 14 years secretly in our house till college ends and then it continue after marriage my wife fully support after my marriage and I also enjoy ladies dressing fully with wife support but other than wife no body knows about my CD dressing. Wife packed clothes for both in two separate bags. Mom welcome me nicely and said radha you go to wash room and get it fresh I said ok and I went to wash room had my bath and put my clothes in washing machine for cleaning. Then after my bath I come out wearing towel around my waist and went to bedroom to wear clothes.

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They had got lot prepared my that time. When she saw me she said to my mom, your daughter has grown up a lot. When i finally came out of the room in front of others. When finally they identified me then everybody started laughing. Then we all went to sleep.

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Within few minutes they added bangles, necklace, earrings, nose ring and anklet which was followed by lot of make up. I started laughing and said that when my brother-in-law would listen to my voice then all her plans will fail and he would catch me. Then she brought a wig and lengha with her.

Aunty tried to convince me that no one would laugh but i still said no and left the room. The moment i was dressed up, my cousin started applying nail polish to my hands and legs. She told me that i will change you so well that nobody would be able to find out that you are a guy. They finally put chunni and completely set up the ghagra. I got confused and asked her why you calling me like this. If anybody would identify me then she will close her parlor.

As every one present was pleading and forcing me. She got angry and called everybody to the room and asked them to say sorry to me.

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After that everyone left. So i took off my jeans and t-shirt. I first wore the ghagra followed by choli. My aunt simply said these were wore inside and so nobody could see them.

Son and mom

I could not believe my eyes as i looked very pretty. My mom tried to give moral support by stating that he would only have to dress up before the ladies. By the time my uncle also came back and started to coax me. We came back from the parlor to my home.

After that my aunt took out a red color mid heel sandals from her bag and made me wear them. My mom followed me outside and told me that your aunt loves you a lot and you should follow what she says.

One of the lady there was the one who had taken my measurement. Later in the afternoon my mom bought a lady to me who took measurements for a blouse.

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The distance from my house to the parlor was only steps But due to the dress and sandals it took me minutes to walk home. Thus whenever they took him to their school, they would dress him in female dresses. They also did my facial. After staring for some time he finally identified me and went back to get everyone into the room. Within moments i was out of the suit and my aunt was dressing me up.

When i told my mother

I told her that the function is nearly over and i should wear my dress but then my sister who was to be the bride told me that i want to make a fool off your brother-in-law. One look at me and she said that today some guy is going to fall in love with me. She told me i am lucky that i am also being made ready along with the bride.

Then they started my make up which lasted for about 45 minutes. I went to where all the ladies had gathered. When it finally ended i was startled to see me in the mirror as i had become very beautiful. Then she called me inside and gave her suit to me to wear for the remaining day. Everybody said that you had taken a boy inside the room but now you bring out a girl.

I also wore some jewellery. Then aunty and my cousin took me to a separate room. My aunt said that you are still a kid for us and so take them off fast. They started my making me wax my hands and legs. My mom told him that she is your niece.

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Later in the evening while everyone was getting prepared for the ceremony. At last i had to listen to her. They were curious who was Sakshi. My mom then said to the ladies that we should get Sakashi ready. During the walk i was able to learn to walk in heels as i got a bit familiar with them.

My aunt seriously asked me that all the ladies would dress him up like a girl would he like to dress up. I just laughed but did not utter a word.

All the women were laughing at me as they saw me enter but my aunt came to me and lovingly told me that when i dress you up, you will look so beautiful that they will have to shut up. Every first asked forgiveness and then started to praise my beauty. I was supposed to hold the garland on stage standing near my sister.

Everybody thought that in that frock he looked like a girl. I had to relent and i went and wore the salwar suit of my mom. They made me wear the saree along with the petticoat and blouse. When i went to my sister and sat near her, she started teasing me and saying that your mother-in-law would love you a lot.

When i went to take a bath crossdressing sister gave me a Patiala suit along with a new set of undergarments bought in the morning. Everyone tried to recognize me but were unable to do so. Mom told that we should story me Sakshi for the two-three days that the mother went. She told me that during my childhood she and my mom took me to their school where one of their colleague had brought a frock for her daughter.

The blouse did not fit me as it was a bit larger. I started to feel very odd about son. Not only that when they took him to market dressed in the frock, everyone in the market also thought he was a girl. Then i was given towel to cover myself while aunty brought a very heavy saree and matching blouse.

I replied i would not take my clothes off in front of you both. Everybody started laughing. There i was told to take my clothes off. One of the guests was a close friend of my mother as they had taught together in a school. After some time when she came back, she had a brand new bra and panty set in her hands. I got a lot of appreciation from everyone.

My sister got so happy that she asked people to put mehndi on my hands. She pleaded and said that she would be leaving me for her new home after tomorrow so i should listen to her request. I found out that she had been told everything about me. A lot of female relatives were present there.

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She told me to wear them after the bath. Uncle cracked a joke that it is nice that now we have a sister-in-law for the groom. My aunt took me with her to a nearby beauty saloon. So i told aunty i did not want to wear these.

I got afraid as i feared i was going to get scolded a lot but when he saw me he asked my mom who is this girl and how i have not seen her before. The next day when i woke i was feeling very feminine. This was not all.

The moment i reached there everybody started saying that instead of the bride we should put garland over her head. Then they added the wig and styled my hair. I started feeling nice with all of them. She also told me that he said that he is fine having a sister-in-law no matter the voice. My aunt also followed me to the room and i had got so upset that i hugged her and started crying on her shoulders. She was meeting my mom after a long time, so the last time she had seen me i was small.

Crossdressing and attending marrige as a girl with my mom

They all had fun putting the frock on him. I started feeling pretty bad so i left the room and started to take clothes off. I started to explain to my mom that i was pretty young at that time, now if i wear a female dress everybody would laugh.