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The health risks for obese children may be even greater than ly estimated, new research suggests. So why do parents let their children get fat? The recent start of the new school year was greeted with reports of a dramatic rise in demand for extra-large uniforms for primary school pupils. It came as no surprise to Carol. Her two nieces were wearing size 14 skirts by the age of 11, the average size worn by a grown woman in the UK.

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Fine art from an iPhone? Mint Sidi was married last year and has one daughter, but she told CNN that she will never fatten her daughter "whatever the reason.

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It seems that our advice, as doctors, hasn't been heard enough -- at least in our traditional society. The NGO says this is because many women still carry traditional views which are common in the rural population.

According to a study by the Social Solidarity Association -- a national group set up to help what it calls the victims of Mauritanian customs -- only seven percent of city girls were forcibly fattened but the in rural areas was closer to 75 percent. The older women, "now they're very fat, in their forties and fifties, they cannot even move, they have hypertension, diabetes, and so on.

She added: "With the younger generation it's regressing. Mar Jubero Capdeferro, in charge of gender programs for the U. Population Fund in Mauritania, said: "They say if a women is fat, normally it means her family has the means to feed her, they are not poor, they have money to feed the little girls. They are managing their families and come to see me on weekends.

The women in charge of fattening girls often think the vomiting that regularly accompanies being force-fed is normal and natural for their young charges.

Most of the families don't do it anymore Before you didn't see women walking in the streets. But "for the little girls that are being force-fed, the practice is getting more dangerous. It became the standard for beauty, the fatter you are, the more pretty you are. She says the tradition is regressing amongst the younger generation as they see the consequences.

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What really scares terrorists. Mint Ahmed, who has one son, was raised in the city of Kiffa, about km miles away in eastern Mauritania. I'm not alone for sure. The best Instagram photos from After IVF shock, mom gives birth to two sets of identical twins. Capdeferro said she didn't have exact figures but the s cited by the Social Solidarity Association reflected what she saw in rural against city proliferation.

Share this on:. Slim girls bring shame to their families and even their tribes as well. I am now very proud of what I did," she added.

Heavier girls and women are viewed as beautiful, wealthy and socially-accepted while their slimmer counterparts are considered inferior and bring shame on their families in Mauritanian society. In the capital's National Hospital, Dr. Vadel Lemine warns: "We hospitalize daily big s of victims of forced-fattening, and most of the victims are coming from the interior regions whose people still exercise the culture of leblouh. Nouakchott, Mauritania CNN -- Young Mauritanian girls are traditionally force-fed and fattened for the sake of beauty and marriage, but now some are fighting the tradition, saying it's dangerous to their health.

I feel sad when I constantly see them struggling with blood pressure, hypertension and heart diseases.

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Lemrabott Brahim, a social analyst with OJLPA, a local organization based in Nouakchott which fights poverty and illiteracy, said that forced-fattening, beauty and marriage are for now inseparable terms in the minds of most Mauritanian mothers. Mint Taleb turns a deaf ear to the anti-leblouh voices. They are forced to eat up very large quantities of food and drink up bowls of goat's or cow's milk,'' Mint Ahmed added as tears welled in her eyes. Inside North Korea: Water park, sacred birth site and some minders. The women are not part of a group pressing for legislation to ban leblouh but they do want to educate Mauritanians about the risks.

Before they used camel milk, nowadays the girls are force-fed with chemicals used to fatten animals," Capdeferro said.

Before they used to stay at home making tea, not go working. Now they go exercise, they walk.

She tells us that girls who don't finish the fattening meals put before them can be punished. Each time I thought my stomach would explode," Selekeha Mint Sidi recalls.

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One method, according to Mint Ahmed, is to tie a girl's toes to sticks and if she does not eat, pressure is applied to the sticks sending shockwaves of pain through the girl's feet. It's something deeply-rooted in the minds and hearts of Mauritanian mothers, particularly in the remote areas where the uneducated villagers still strongly believe blindly in the tradition.

She used to beat me to eat more oiled couscous and fat lamb's meat. Before they used camel milk, nowadays the girls are force-fed with chemicals used to fatten animals --Mar Jubero Capdeferro, U. Most Popular. It's also difficult for them to attract men's eyes in our society," said year-old Achetou Mint Taleb.