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This happened quite a few years ago now. We spent well into the afternoon playing and riding rides. Then mom and dad went into their room and did the same. Recommended Posts. I let it out in my diaper and then shortly after fell asleep. My sister and I had been out of diapers for quite a while by this point in our lives.

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Needless to say, this day I will remember the rest of my life, and has led me now that I am older to wear diapers when I want to. Posted January 1, Link to comment. As I finished my huge glass of juice and my sister did the same.

We got to our car and mom said well, we forgot to bring underwear for the kids! I said what about if we have to pee? Dad did while mom stayed behind.

When I woke up the next morning I had to pee bad and when I got out of bed I realized I was still in my diaper. Dad packed the car and mom took her car to the store.

From that point on it had been a fascination for me. Then we would not lose our place in lines at the rides either he said looking at mom.

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We almost got to the gate before dad returned with the bag and ed us in line again. This park was awesome with rides, and so many things to do, and across the lake was SeaWorld, so you could look over the lake and watch things going on over there also. Dad said well they are going to fall asleep anyhow. Mom looked at us and said, well………… It would be ok mommy if you wanted to put me in a diaper so I could go potty.

I could not believe it. Then it was my turn on the back seat. It was like a natural thing for her.

By diaperedboilermanJanuary 1, in Completed Stories. The ride home was boring and soon I found myself super tired and having to pee again. Mom agreed and we took turns in the back seat being changed again.

Jimmy's diaper story

When finished mom put two more of our diapers and 2 adult diapers in her large bag and told dad to take us to the entrance. She shortly came back and said you two go try to pee one more time before we leave Mom then asked me if I could diaper myself, I said well? Soon mom came in and diapered me and my sister up. My sister seemed to instantly revert back to her days of bed wetting and did not even make a fuss or touch her diaper or anything when she peed.

Days becoming diapered

Go to topic listing. And mom did the same with my sister and herself. He handed mom some money and said, please get good thick diapers for us and them. Dad brought me into the men's room and into a stall where he changed my diaper, then sent me back out while he changed his.

I was 15, and my sister was Neither of us wet the bad past about 6 years old and we both probably have about 2 day time accidents a year. I have always had an interest in diapers and pants peeing ever since I watched one of my classmates pee herself one day in class when the teacher would not let her go to the bathroom. I really did not know how to…. We got in the car and drove across Ohio. I was really liking this.

We arrived at the park, and mom made me get out and stand with dad as she changed my sister and put her into another diaper. They were not so impressed to see both of us sitting there in soaked diapers watching tv and ordered us to get those diapers off and get cleaned up and dressed for the day. My Dad froze a moment and said…. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies.

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My sister jokingly said, if we were still in diapers that would work. In Up. Mom said yeah…. We turned the tv on and watched some cartoons waiting for mom and dad to get up. It felt weird but really cool to be able to pee myself in the car and not make a mess. But one that I could not pursue and while most of the time I was able to block it out of my mind, once in a while the interest would pop back up Anyhow it is summertime and dad took a few days vacation from work to drive us to spend the day at Geauga Lake Amusement park in Northern Ohio.

I came down stairs to find my sister also standing there in her wet diaper and the shirt she had on yesterday.

Dad said it is settled. At 10 PM the park closed and we still had a 4 hour drive home. She sent my sister to her room.

We got up that morning and while eating breakfast, dad said we would need to get on the road right away and there would be no stops until we got to the park. Mom then looked at me and part of me wanted to jump up and say heck yes…. Once we got home Dad carried my sister into the house and up to her bed still in her diaper.

The park was always so busy you would stand in line for 20 minutes at certain rides just to get on them.

Back in diapers

We lived in Indiana, so we were about a 4 hour drive away. I assume she was in the car changing her own diaper. Soon mom arrived and handed dad the bag and he headed back to the car to do the same. Sure enough a couple times on the trip both me and my sister had to go and we let it out in our diapers. I walked in the house and mom said just go to bed and I did.

So I relaxed and wet it.