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Years: I'm 32 years old
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This is a great movie, for the usual reasons any spanking movie works. The plot, acting, and production value are all adequate, too.

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Danny and Emma are doing me a huge favor. It was close to one in the afternoon, but neither … Continue reading Scoot In. Oliver adjusted his rear view mirror so he could make eye contact with his sister Jessica in the back seat.

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And I didn't feel regret until right this moment, standing in the kitchen in the early morning light, looking at the expression on my dad's face and knowing it's only a matter of minutes before he starts undoing his belt. Today was the sort of day where trouble found her first.

They had agreed to foster a dog for the next two months and today was pick up day.

The man never saw her, at least never clearly enough that he could be certain. She'd spent some time in … Continue reading Animal Shelter.

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You probably would have smiled at the way one of her legs always manages to sneak away from the blankets, and likely would have let her keep sleeping. Mikaela was working at her desk when a shadow fell over her hands; she paused her typing and looked up, then swallowed. Older posts.