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It was late night in a big suburban town with the streets looking empty without any life in sight. Save for one place which was flashing multicolored lights inside. There was a long line outside of it while loud music was blaring in through the Keller: We appreciate your interest with Invitrion Inc.

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I then went Being right handed, you decide you might as well follow the path to the right.

As they finally break through the hull, they storm into the vessel expecting to see their enemy, but find you instead and for a breif moment, there is an exchange of odd glances. As the smoke begins to clear, the 1st officer and captain are dead You know you have less than one hour of breathable air according to the navagation grid, so you send out a surrender order and power down the vessels weapons grid.

Then I remembered how I got there. After a few minutes of walking an alarm goes off, and a voice came on over some hidden speakers. She was This was completely unexpected. Since I had the ring, I didn't need the password.

Nevertheless, your race is fixed on self destruction and we are afraid that your kind will take us out too, so we are intervening. The Human species had mastered the art of space travel, but this gift has only birthed trouble for the residents of Earth; a small, pitiful, blue marble that rolls about in space unaware of its surrounding like a clover in a meadow of wildflowers.

Remembering what the old lady had said, I said "I wish the clothes of the female I'm looking at would disappear. As your vessel is surrounded by armed soldiers, you begin to contemplate if going into space was a good idea in the first place!

You turn back to the 1st officer and captain, but as you turn your head, a blast rocks the bridge. Where the woman once stood was now a blob like creature with tentacles. All security teams please converge on his location, we will corner him there. Then I saw what had to be an escape pod, so I jump in and launched.

The council replies that 'Option A' is meant for females of the human species, and 'Option B' is meant for males of the human species. Apprehend on sight, do not, I repeat, do not use lethal force. But it then pulled out a metallic device and clearly spoke into it.

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At least I now knew who my kidnappers were, I thought as I roughly pushed the blob out of my way and continued running. We have orders to bring the human to Wobthum Their Home Planet by any means necessary. She said she wanted to thank me, but I told her it wasn't necessary. She must be crazy, I thought.

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When I regained consciousness I found myself in an oddly shaped room. I was on a space ship, because when I looked out what was obviously a view screen, I saw only space. We didn't believe what the sensors were showing us at first. I didn't know where I was, but I was going to find out.

I had been heading home when I had been suddenly hit in the back of the head and blacked out. Then about 15 seconds later the voice came over the speakers and said. As you take control of the navagation computer, a wormhole engulfs your escape craft and soon closes. She smiled and said "Now, from now on, it will grant your fondest wishes! And I saw that the speaker was right. The old lady had left her purse in the store.

And, besides, her bus was here.

I grabbed it and ran after her, just as her bus was pulling up. You decide that your odds of outsmarting the Minbari are quite less. But it was too late to take any other hallway, because a quick glance over my shoulder showed me that several of the blobs had begone to move down the hall toward me. Then, the bus suddenly died.

A long time ago, when you were an embryo …

But I was more concerned about the reason this room was called the Bridge. And, just like that, she had nothing on, except for the shoulder strap of her purse! This little planet has ushered great change for the rest of the universe, filling it with trinkets and stories, but all of this did you tell you what you needed to know. And then, she pulled out a ring. Which way? But suddenly the hallway ended and opened out into a big room. As I looked at my surroundings I noticed just how odd it was.

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For about 30 seconds, you are tossed and turn as the wormhole transports you to a whole different universe. So with a quick wish, the door opened. All you can tell is that you are in some sort of creepy lab and as the female alien releases you, she leaves and the male Minbari surgeon comes back in.

My Disguise is blown, abort mission, repeat abort mission! There was no other way out of the room. And behind everything I could hear a steady humming noise. The Minbari Chief Surgeon asks the council which procedure they should undergo.

But the sensors are right. As the wormhole opens you are violently tossed out into a battlefield where two opposing factions are fighting. As the man loosen his tight grip, you now have the chance to make an escape, but do you dare?

As the ship bay doors open, your escape pod is ushered into the loading docks. You look very much female.

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As the alien chief surgeon and security forces remove you off your ship, they then straps you down tightly to a metal bed and wheel you down a long corridor to where they will be conducting the testing. Put this on your finger!

The Cheif Minbari Surgeon glances at a chart on human gender identification and then looks at a photo of you. As the alien takes you into another room, there are machines and wires and tubes and devices unknown to humankind that you could never describe regarding the lack of time. The bed I was on was shaped a bit more like a bath tub. Where a jewel or an engraving should be was just a flat, blank oval. Around another corner, the question finally comes to bear So running away would be the quickest way to commit suicide!

My fondest wishes? As soon as she was on, the engine came to life again, and the bus pulled away.

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I looked around, and saw a gorgeous female across the street. Then I began to have second thoughts.

A prisoner is to escape at any opportunity, but those words were only meant for war times back on Earth. But then, it had adjusted itself to fit on my finger!

The 1st officer looks back up at you, "Come Now, if I were you, I'd get back to reality The 1st officer shows you to the console where the last officer was killed by debris. As the Minbari vessel recognizes your unconditional surrender, they power up their gravitational beams to pull the wrecked vessel in and as you pass the point of no return, the sleek skin of the vessels protective shield bends and swallow the Churchill whole.

As I suddenly saw why. I looked at her more carefully as she shrieked and tried to cover up. The lady paid no attention to it, but continued looking her her purse.

The human has escaped his room. The creature seemed equally startled that it's disguise was gone. I emerged into an empty corridor.

So I went over to what was obviously the door out.