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I read short stories about that kind of crap all the time. Or maybe a historical fiction novel. I'l love to read a novel where a straight guy that has a girlfriend, and maybe a jock.

A squire and a knight romance in the fourteenth century, as someone said above me. Historical accuracy is awesome.

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Lesbian fantasy books

Oddish Guest. Coming out gone wrong. CupidBoy Guest. Imagining a sort of LGBT organization meeting, then the ZA breaks out, and they all have to flee and find a safe refuge together. Conflict with religion, preferably in an intense way. I love it when a bigger man saves a little guy.

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Discussion in ' Chit Chat ' started by thebrightficusFeb 25, Empty Closets. Or play it cliche and have them return home safely. I'd also enjoy reading something about a lesbian couple in combat overseas, in the Navy or what have you.

Civil conflicts. I'd be happy with a nice upbeat romantic film, no death, depression, suicide, self hating dribble they all seem to have. Marching band!

It'd spark some controversy, I'm sure. Or incorporate the effects of PTSD in one of them and how it slowly detriments their relationship. A marching band is a great idea!

And other geeky pursuits. And they make a whole legal battle and organize a movement, stuff like that.

8 lesbian couples share their adorable (and unlikely!) love stories

That would be a story I would love, if they got the characters interesting! Poetic Star Guest.

Make a cheesy, run-of-the-mill story about a slightly masculine, blockheaded, extroverted girl who falls in love with a feminine, shy and intelligent classmate. Some thing to do with a tropical hot enviroment.

I guess I could just crap it out and call it generic realistic fantasy, but where's the fun in that? I think I've read too much fanfiction about a certain show. This site uses cookies.


The fact that they have to keep their relationship private 'don't ask don't tell'and just to be an ass, have one of them die out in the field. Your name or address: Do you already have an ?

I'm not sure what attracts me to that, but I wish there were books revolved around that in a way. But I think another interesting theme could be homelessness, maybe s setting and the whole Grease thing but with two boys would be cool there's just so much you can do, why settle for the cliche? I've had the fantasy in my head, but I never wrote it down. Thread Tools Thread Tools.

50 lesbian books & novels – the very best of lesbian fiction

Zombie Apocalypse. Plus, there would be a lot of rivalry and sword fighting. Not everyone comes from a perfect home where everyone they know accepts them. Especially when the little guy is sensitive.