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How old am I: 30
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This story from thetaboohero has been read 8 1 1 3 times. My house mate found out I have a foot fetish fanasy Written by thetabooheroongenre fetish So I live in a house me and my sister are renting with other people living here.

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Tan with high arches and beautiful toes painted crimson red. When I was just 15 years old my family used to spend almost every weekend at my grandparents house in Connecticut. Those feet, those gorgeous feet!

At that she began to slide her soft warm foot up my leg under the table. Finally I looked up at her and she gave me a sweet smile and a look that gave me the hardest erection I had ever had!

I was embarrassed to find that she had caught me staring at her, but instead of being put off she just smiled. I was excited to see that Kia had picked a spot right next to me and was getting some rays as well.

I've never repeated the experience and would love to. I thought it was just accidental but she did it again and again. She had the most exquisite feet! As we were eating I felt her bare foot brush against mine. I must have had a hard on all day!

The End James - Thanks for your great story submission! She even had an anklet on which I found very sexy. Well, when we all went back to the house, we decided to have a cook out in the back yard. I hope you all enjoyed my experience as much as I did. I'm 36 now and I've been a closet foot fetishist since then. However, during the summer we my brother, sister and parents, etc.

Www.walkervehiclesolutions.com sociální síť pro dospělé

But I have read some of your experiences and I have got to share mine with you! When Kia realized how turned on I was, she gently slid her other foot up the other leg of my loose shorts and began to roll my aching cock gently between the balls of her feet.

She wore a black bikini and some really cool shades. Foot Fetish Experience - My First! Her name was Kia and she was a very sexy Japanese woman also about 30 I'd guessed.

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I was motionless and my heart was pounding. When she was done, she quietly stood up and walked across the yard and began talking with the other adults. I was in ecstasy. Posted on Tuesday, June 2, Written by James at thezoojep snet. If any of you can hook me up with a sexy woman who will stroke me into ecstasy, I want to hear from you!!

Not much happened after that, but all I could think of for the rest of the day was how sexy it was to touch this mature woman's body and feet!

I couldn't believe it! I was certain I was going to pass out right then and there. Well, one summer my aunt, who was 30 at the story, was spending a lot of time with one of her friends from work. Her body was so beautiful and petite.

But I began to massage the lotion onto her back and shoulders. I didn't resist and she went further up my leg and slid her toes under the opening of mt shorts. I smiled back nervously. The smell of the suntan lotion and the thought of those exquisite feet on my cock was more than I could stand, and fighting ever so hard to keep from moaning out loud, I came. She turned on her side and propped herself up on her fetish facing me and said, " Would you mind putting some of that lotion on me? Back to the Story Gallery.

Thick pulses of hot cum jetted from my hard cock and ran down Kia's toes and soles. One weekend while my family and I were visiting we all decided to head to the lake; Me, my family, my aunt and Kia. It was kind of hot and I was into getting a tan had to look good for any prospective females so Leg laid down on the blanket and put on some tanning lotion. A chill went up my spine! Kia was seated directly across from me.

I can not describe to you the sheer ecstasy that shot through me the moment her soft sweet toes caressed my cock! Most people had left and no one saw what was going on. We all sat at a huge picnic table with one of those long table cloths. It was SO erotic and she let out a little pleasured moan and said, " That feels so good. Great Feet Foot Fetish Menu.

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I could not keep my eyes off of her! Well, this is the first time I have openly spoken or written about my first foot fetish experience.

I wanted to make it last a while so I went very slow and caressed her skin as I went. I was left there to compose myself and get a grip on what had just occurred. I was in awe! I was usually pretty bored with nothing much to do except watch TV, etc. No problem.

As I rubbed the lotion onto her feet she spread her toes so that I would get in between them. When I was done or thought I was she said, " Oh, don't forget my legs. As I got to her feet, she bent her leg up so that her foot was up in the air at about chest level to make my job easier.