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Though they may be rich, influential, and glamorous, these famous Latter-day Saints have the same troubles we all face when it comes to love. Awkward dating moments, insecurity, and embarrassing failures all mingle with the sweet to make these real-life romances something far more fascinating than what you'd find in a fairytale. Ann and Mitt Romney's love story is one that goes beyond the notion of high school sweethearts.

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5 love stories of latter-day prophets

One of the first people he texted following his mission release was his best friend Lexi. Despite their eight-month separation, they immediately connected. Lexi was always at his side. Chemo treatments. After enduring several days of difficult treatment, he was rewarded with a surprise. At the clinic she meets a handsome young man named Ricky, a cancer survivor. He was where he needed to be. She says yes, just as she knew she always would. Ricky Stafford jokes with Lexi Gould during his cancer treatment a few years ago.

The talented young basketball player from Orem, Utah, had discovered his own illness when he was 15 and being treated for a sports injury. Her life changed in an instant.

She laughed at his goofy jokes. No one is promised a tomorrow, so enjoy everything today offers. Lexi had nueroblastoma, a cancer that develops from immature nerve cells. Lexi was sitting on her bed watching a movie when her parents quietly walked into her room. Ricky became a frequent hospital visitor. By the end of their first chat they were trusted friends.

Ricky was a leukemia survivor. Their shared gospel testimonies continue to bind and sustain them. His cancer had returned. Lexi Gould and Ricky Stafford prepare for a school dance shortly after Ricky returned home from his mission to continue with his cancer treatment.

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Facing uncertain futures. His cancer returns. He had fulfilled his mission. A lot of my nurses told me they can tell when people are Latter-day Saints because they are more peaceful. Elder Stafford was immediately released from missionary service. They stayed connected through texts and FaceTime. He makes her laugh.

Her newlywed husband, Ricky, will soon turn But the young Staffords could aptly be called old souls. His stake president, via FaceTime, assured the young man that the Lord accepted his offering of service. From the beginning, I hoped she would one day marry me. It was time to focus entirely on his health and recovery.

A couple of weeks ago, family and friends cheered as Lexi and Ricky exited the Mount Timpanogas Utah Temple, hand in hand.

Ricky and Lexi may have just met, but they related to each other in ways others could not. He was serving a mission. The two helped one another out during their fights with the disease. A visit to the emergency room revealed grimmer news. This time, Lexi is there for Ricky. We look for His hand in little things.

Lexi is enrolled at Utah Valley University and plans to become a pediatric oncology nurse. The two relished their brief time together in New York. Missing out on benchmark high school moments. Once again, Ricky pulled Lexi from a dark place. Cancer brought the Staffords together. And yes, people often tell them their love story is the stuff of movies.

Their rooms are peaceful and people are happier.

The two recently married. Now they were family. And some more good news. Then a few months into her treatment she met Ricky, who was at the clinic for a checkup following his cancer remission. Ricky was soon moved from Boston to New York to begin initial stages of his cancer care.

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Lexi Gould Stafford is 18 years old. She drew strength from her parents, Kris and Emily Gould, along with the rest of her family and her Latter-day Saint faith. Their love grows and Ricky asks Lexi to be his wife. She shared the happy news with now-Elder Stafford in an. Hardships have forged spiritual sensitivities and wisdom in Lexi and Ricky that belie their youth.

We see His tender mercies. He encouraged Lexi to stay strong.

On a frigid day last February, Ricky dropped to one knee and asked Lexi to be his wife. But the roles defining their relationship had unexpectedly reversed.

They had been best friends for years. A pretty teenage girl with big dreams is shocked to learn she has cancer. Last December, Elder Stafford was eight months into his mission when he received awful news. His latest tests reveal no s of cancer, but he remains a weekly face at the clinic where he goes for frequent checkups and blood work.

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Ricky eventually built up enough strength to travel to Utah for aggressive cancer therapy, including a bone marrow transplant last April. We are grateful just to be here. Ricky and Lexi Stafford prepare for a school dance during their high school years.

Ricky, meanwhile, works full-time at a car dealership and plans to play college basketball. They talk and talk and talk. Doctors said it was too risky for him to fly home to Utah. His brother was the donor.


But the disease does not define their new marriage. Strengthened by past trials, the Staffords are focusing on their future.

She knew something was wrong before they could say a word. It was harder for me than my own diagnosis.

After wandering into the waiting room of the hospital cancer unit he found a smiling Lexi and her mother sitting on a couch.