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Nevada legalized prostitution, but is it really worth the money? Uncover the truth behind what life is like as a Vegas sex worker.

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It was during my April 2nd trip.

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My partner and I males make our way to Vegas frequently 3 to 4 times a year. While I can't remember them all here are a few.

She summed the situation up herself when she said 'I used to be pretty ya know'. What a great case of mistaken identity. BoOct 31, I have yet to be approached by a hooker. We had a couple beers and I invited her to go to a show with me later that evening This girl stayed in my room for 3 whole days and nights having sex with me over and over and over again for little more than a few beers here and there, some food, and a place to crash away from her friends.

I walked up to hear him say no thank you him and I are together, she said that is ok does he want to have fun too? I was with a crew of friends of mine and we were wandering the strip in the early morning hours about 2 am or so when a drunk girl very sexily dressed was loudly trying to catch up to her boyfriend who I guess was too embarassed to be seen with his obviously smashed girlfriend.

I was approached by a hooker once in Vegas.

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I walked next to her and made my move to talk to her by asking if she was out walking for exercise and she said Yeah. Discussion in ' Vegas After Dark ' started by mesaJan 5, Vegas Message Board. We ended up meshing VERY well together and had a great time on that trip together. At this point in time she introduced us since Dee and this lady had made eye contact and at this particular point in my "Vegas Career"so to speak I was very fond of wearing costume jewlery. I came over after I finished my round on my slot machine one bank away.

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I took her out to the Venetian for a bite to eat and we decided we didn't want to wait for a table so we sat at the bar together and ordered some pie. My last story is actually a case of mistaken identidy. Only bad view I've ever had. Given the circumstances, I knew what she was as soon as she started talking.

Having seen this kind of thing before I said no sweetie she's just drunk and slutty. It was about 3am and we were drunkenly trying to find food at the Excalibur; at the food court upstairs, we were propositioned by a couple women who looked like Central Casting had sent them over in response to a call for "truck stop meth addicts". I couldn't stop laughing. It was my second night, close to 1am. It was about 8am downtown fremont street and I saw this pretty blonde walking in a short skirt asd tiny pink shirt with high heeled shoes and bobby sox and I was thinking this HAS to be a hooker.

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So I had on a giant horshoe diamond encrusted ring, a flashy fake gold necklace, a jewel encrusted gold watch, and a diamond pinky ring. Since I was a flight attendant I used my pass priveleges to get her a buddy pass and her and I flew out to vegas almost sight unseen except for a few pics. I suppose it's possible that she was just another solo traveler This generally doesn't happen quite as frequently at Bellagio or Mirage, for some reason.

I told her, "There's nothing to see" because of the bad view from the room. All I hear him say was unless you look like Chris Evans under that skirt you can forget it. Now come on who walks in high heeled shoes to be healthy So we started walking together up and down fremont for a while I actually WAS walking for health reasons and I invited her into the vegas club for a drink. I guess they were jealous she met a guy.

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I was expecting to make a little small talk and find out what she charged and if reasonable maybe pull the trigger and well you know. UKFanaticOct 31, Can't just be me, I'm sure there are lots of us that have unprintable favorite hooker stories!

He is always getting hit on by hookers.

I had befriended an older very pretty redhead on plenty of fish and our first date was something crazy. It happens to me fairly frequently when I stay by myself at Mandalay Bay. For example, a couple years ago I was wandering around the casino trying to decide between Aureole and Fleur wound up at Aureole, by the wayand this absolutely gorgeous girl came up to me and asked if I wanted some company for dinner.

More I think about it, it probably constituted sexual assault. After meeting a couple of her coworkers we went to get a bite to eat inside somewhere when we came across a VERY attractive blonde in a short dress the kind of body that makes your mouth water.

There's only one that stands out for the opposite reason, and that was on my second or third trip, about ten years ago, with a couple of my guy friends. Played the desperate card like she was desperate for sex, and at no point mentioned prices.

The front hallway of our company gets so much traffic that the cleaning crew has to be on it several times of day just to keep it presentable and they have to steam clean that area every night.

An erotic tale from the male’s perspective.

She followed me into the elevator and took it upon herself to unzip my pants and examine the goods with her hand, fortunately. VladimirNov 1, After more than a decade of trips I have a few stories that stick out in my mind reguarding ladies of the evening. After seeing X Burlesque at the Flamingo. Oh she was pissed flipped him off and promptly left, mission accomplished Another time same situation at PH, he got hit on.

That probably presents a tougher mark for them BLNTNov 1, My one and only 'approach' was last year. My friend Rita turned to me and asked Is that a hooker? I think all the stuff cost me about 9 bucks on ebay or somethin. Of course being British I politely declined, and she went on the hard sell.

But I was confident and girls love confidence and she fell for me hook line and sinker. God's BookieOct 31, Put me down as "never been approached" - though that's likely because my wife is usually by my side. When we went to walk into The Paris there were two obviously dressed hookers drinking out of a bottle of jack daniels leaning up against the eifel tower leg and one of em gave me the look.

Why guys are interested in an entryway that gets so much traffic from people leaving their dirt and germs behind always puzzles me. Trying to listen in on their conversation I heard YUP, this old geezer had himself a tranny hooker. I'm sure she did.

It began as a 20th anniversary present for my husband. by the end, i saw how fun it was to make fantasies come true

Sitting right behind us was a knockout brunette who seemed a little "China Dollish" and too good looking to be story with the old geezer she was sitting with. So there you have it My hooker stories! We ignored them completely, and one of them shouted after us, "You guys don't know what we're missing!!! Welcome to VegasMessageBoard It appears you are visiting our community as a guest. She asked me my name gave only 1stwhere I was staying MGM.

She suggested I show her my room. In order to view full-size images, participate in discussions, vote in polls, etc, you will need to Log in or Register. Her escorts tried to run a recon mission to get her back from me but she wasn't having any of it. Reason being that I didn't get many night pictures of the area during my trip. Having played spot the hooker before I explained this game to my companion Kim and she nonchallantly looked behind us and then started laughing and pointed out vegas our china doll had a very slight Adams Apple.

Dee my lady friend kindly pointed out to me that she knew her since she worked the hotel there often and that she was available for dollars an hour but NOT to me lol. One night in PH he was sitting at a slot machine and this girl walked up to him and started talking. I had met a wonderful lady friend at The Green Door who to this day almost 8 years later still one of my good friends and she JUST moved back to LV which I'm excited about but we had met on a subsequent trip Las we were visiting her work at the Hippie Chick kiosk in the Carnival Court.

The truth is I wouldn't of had the nerve to approach her if I didn't think she was gonna be a paid date.