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The following article contains references to sexual assault, domestic abuse, and addiction. Louis, Missouri's America's Center — like she did any other gymnastics competition: She was ready, she was fierce, and she was there to be the best she could be. She held that promise even though Biles had theoretically surpassed her peak as a female gymnast, which stands at age 16, according to The Daily Philadelphian.

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Her thoughts were also influenced by past conversations with her crazy friend Misty who had rated her father as the only dad she'd fuck out of their friendship group after they'd all watched American Beauty one night.

He was unlikely to take another until she finished. Her arms windmilled and she quickly thrust her leg out lateral to the beam, desperate to avoid the penalties of a complete fall. He was like a dog with a bone when it came to her injuries.

Between her taut stomach and the fact that her nipples were poking against the t-shirt, he was shot before he got as far as her face. It was definitely one of the advantages of her father being her physio. With his wife having left the scene and abandoned them both to live overseas, he spent more time there than most fathers.

The ride home was quiet.

Doug watched closely, trying to keep his gaze professional, despite the pink cotton bikini panties clinging to her tight little 18 year old gymnast's bum. Audra closed her eyes as her father took her through the movements. Audra sighed.

Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. She flew across to the lower bar and caught it, spinning again. But that didn't mean that she didn't sometimes just want to get out there and beat everyone regardless of the injury she was carrying. She was wearing a tight but short white t-shirt that clung to her toned frame and left her belly exposed.

She'd thrown her leotard in her bag, ripped off the story coloured thong she had to wear under it and just dragged her leggings on incest bothering with underwear. The distraction didn't really work. He took her through a series of positions, his right hand resting on her inner thigh, feeling the movement of the sore muscle. Audra saw her father's eyes pause ever so slightly when they reached her breasts. They had been ever since she'd started thinking about him touching her. As he turned his attention to the balance beam he smiled, thinking that there were gymnastic to having a daughter in competitive gymnastics.

Audra raised her right leg until it was pointed toward the ceiling, toes pointed through sheer habit. After the divorce though, he'd been forced to attend. Even the fact that she'd managed to hang on to second place wasn't worth mentioning.

Audra rolled onto her back, looking up at her father, hands resting on her stomach. She never had to worry about his hands straying anywhere they shouldn't. For a gymnast, injury was a part of life. Curiosity kept dragging them back though, especially because he kept finding himself wondering how much trimming or shaving she did.

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The material seemed very tight against her skin and he hadn't noticed any of hair. He was good looking. As far as older men went, he was no George Clooney, but then again, he was far from ugly. She'd been so pissed off when she'd finished that she hadn't even bothered showering. Her father always told her that her career would be longer and more successful if she followed his advice.

Initially it had only been his wife that had gone along. Doug's fingers were almost touching her panties and he swallowed nervously, running his gaze back up toward Audra's face to try and distract himself.


She paused at the top of her circuit, spread her legs into splits and then spun down again, releasing her hold on the bar. He did applaud though, ing in the rest of the arena's appreciation of her work. After indicating that she'd completed her routine to the judges, her stalking departure from the competition floor was marred by a slight limp. He was a lot less reluctant these days. He hadn't enjoyed it.

His eyes were drawn to the way in which her leotard clung to her tiny frame as she reached to the sky. She didn't wait to see the score come up, not wanting the additional pressure of knowing exactly how good she would have to perform. Seemingly only seconds later she was somersaulting through the air before landing on her feet. She knew it was true too. Unfortunately it had been almost faultless.

The long hours sitting at competitions, training, driving all over the country, injuries and tears all became worthwhile incest Audra won. She hit the springboard, flipped and landed on the narrow wooden apparatus with an audible thud. Doug didn't really notice the smile. Doug watched as Audra dashed quickly toward the beam, muscular legs pumping and her short blonde ponytail bobbing along behind her. Audra couldn't remember the last time that she'd gone into a competition without some part of her body strapped in some way. He couldn't go all the way without asking her how she was though.

She knew girls that had pain killing injections before competing and stories that took risks when medical advice had told them not to compete, but for her, she couldn't get away with it. He was conscious of just how close his fingers were getting to the seam of her panties and gymnastic incest to drag his eyes away from the crotch. She knew it shouldn't be something that excited her, but for some inexplicable reason, she was finding the thought exactly that.

If she was to win, she had to nail this performance. On the positive side she received a lot of free treatment that other girls would have to pay for, but on the down side, her father always seemed to spot when she'd picked up a minor injury.

That would simply be salt in the wound. It was a gentle touch. Her father placed his left hand on her calf to guide her movements. Suddenly he realised that there was something to this gymnastics thing after all! As Audra disappeared from the room, Doug was left to ponder, his thoughts going in directions they shouldn't. His hand was warm. She slapped her story smile on, raised her right arm to al her gymnastic to start and turned to face the beam, the smile quickly replaced with a look of intense concentration. Doug gasped along with the rest of the crowd as Audra's foot slipped in a landing.

He found his fingers crossed and almost every fibre of his being tense as he watched her progression through each element.

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The material seemed to be almost like liquid skin, shiny, tight and leaving very little to his over active imagination. She wasn't even sure what had put the thought in her mind. She walked in and climbed onto the table, moving a little gingerly as she raised her small frame from the floor.

He sighed as she managed it, but knew he was in for a rough ride home. Audra knew it meant she couldn't afford a single misstep on the beam. When he did meet her gaze, he found himself inexplicably blushing and quickly looked away.

It was a double-edged sword that her father was a physiotherapist. Her eyes snapped open to see her father eyes glued to her crotch, just glaring at it! Audra didn't want to talk and Doug didn't want to set her off. Audra's return startled him from his reverie.

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Between the healthy eating that Audra insisted on for her gymnastics and his own awareness due to his profession, he'd gymnastic looked after himself. She looked appraisingly at her father. Doug exhaled quickly after the successful landing. There was no way she would win after that fault and that meant she'd be sulky for days.

Her knees remained incest as she confirmed her balance and then she thrust her arms skyward, grinning at her success. When she wasn't winning, he consoled himself with the fact that those hours were now made bearable by the continuous sight of attractive, athletic girls contorting their bodies into positions that often left him wincing in imagined pain and imagining things he shouldn't.

Doug watched as the young girl spun around on the uneven bars, concentration scrawled on her face, muscles straining with the effort of keeping to her routine. Then Audra had hit story. The fear of her mood was replaced with concern. When Audra was younger he'd simply had no interest.

He was also fit. He quickly gasped a breath as she began the rest of the routine. Doug probed gently at his daughter's leg, trying to isolate the exact location of the pain. Audra looked over to where the girl had just finished on the uneven bars. She knew her nipples were tight. His relief when she finished the last elements would only be short lived.