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How old am I: 21
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I really do love cum. My name is Alexandra, I'm 28, not too bad looking and absolutely crazy about eating cum. I figured this out at a pretty early age. If you read my other three stories about "The Life of Alexandra" you'll find out that I got off to playing with cocks and eating cum at a pretty early age. The first time I watched my brother masturbate and climax there was no cum, but as he got older, it started to appear. I was naturally a bit curious and wanted to see what it tasted like, so, the next time he was horny he came in my mouth and it was love at first taste.

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But here I was, crouching down with my back against a tree and his cock in my mouth. That delightfully submissive feeling that I get when I know my body is internally transforming just so it can accommodate his cock. He cums hard - fuck! Yes, that got an extra groan from him, as I take each breast in a single hand and almost lift them towards him, groping them as I do.

Mmhmm, fuck that looks good. He cums.

And so here we are, a proud cum slut and her lover. Any part of me. My soles are on the soil, my legs bent, and my head against the oak behind me. I went from the proud housewife, to the unhappy one, to the unfaithful one, to the slutty one, and then, eventually, this one - the cum slut one. With a dominant man. Cum for me - give me that cum you know I crave. Watch his cum fly into my mouth and then watch me swallow him whole, and so I obediently open my mouth wide and ready myself for his explosion But no, his cock is at the wrong angle.

My face must give away my realisation, as he laughs at me. His groans are getting higher pitched, and his face becoming more and more pained looking. At the moment, I can only actually gag and mumble.

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His cock is being stroked so fast, the saliva from my mouth coating it. Will they say anything if they do? A direct shot, straight down the parting of my large tits - I can already start to feel it find its way between the cavern of my breasts before his third streak hits me, this time more horizontally, near the bottom of my breasts, with some of it finding the edge of my t-shirt.

With him, my lover.

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I help push him into my throat - which is almost screaming at me in delightful soreness. I hope he feeds it to me. His second hits my cleavage. Shit, this was naughty. But I do enjoy it. And I love his cum. With that, he takes my hand and hauls me up.

They are near the tip, where a dollop of cum remains stubbornly attached to his penis. I suck hard.

Other times, he forces his cock as deep down my throat as he can and cums almost directly into my stomach. So muscular, so strong. As if he read my mind, he thrusts forward ever so gently. People always notice my tits, always. His first streak of cum hits me story on my chin before I feel it shoot downwards towards and on my breasts. He looked down, no doubt switching his attention between the green, watering eyes that he always says he loves so much, and my 40 DD breasts that were no doubt bouncing in tandem with each of his forceful thrusts.

But not just a cum slut one, but a proud cum slut one. I love that indescribable feeling of it seeping out of my sore, recently taken pussy. I wipe my eyes with my hands and look up cum him, him looking love at me with aggressive intent. Or my mouth. I can see the pleasure on his face, the type of pleasure that can so easily be misinterpreted as pain.

Then I move my hands to the back of his legs, and up to his bum - and with them there, I encourage his thrusts. I love his thighs. Will my lover's cum have dried into me, invisible to the naked eye, before they reach? I dare say, on some occasions, that I need it. I take my hands from my nipples and place them on his thighs.

I get to really taste it when he does that, and I get to play with it too. Fucking my mouth, he had long ago decreed, is something he can do wherever he wants, and whenever he wants. A fourth. I want it. He makes me show it to him, as I swirl it around my tongue, playfully teasing him with his own load before I close my mouth and swallow him whole - always meeting his gaze with my piercing green eyes.

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We had parked the car and went for a love walk in the woods when he suddenly decided he story to fuck my mouth. Fuck, I do. His groans. Squeezing them together, the effect of making my cleavage more pronounced than usual. They are hard and I can feel them from over both my bra and top - and certainly feel them enough to take them between my thumb and finger and play with them as he fucked me.

Sometimes he almost pulls out and cums on my tongue. Oral Sex oral outdoor blowjob tits cum slut housewife masturbation submissive dominant. I stick out my tongue and let the cum slowly transfer from clinging on to his cock, to hugging my tongue with its stickiness. He was unforgiving enough to be fucking my mouth like it was my pussy, and it was all I could do to not gag on the cock that was fucking me so roughly. The fact that so few other sluts would be able to take his cock like this says otherwise. I can see in the distance another couple walking towards us.

I swallow, and with that I lose control and automatically dive forward, taking the tip of his cock hungrily into my mouth as he obligingly moves his cum for me.

Making me his own little fuck toy. Why is he pulling out?! Fuck, I love his groans. He loves my cleavage.

I want every last drop of cum he has for me, and my efforts are rewarded when a final, tasty bit of his orgasm becomes free from his still twitching cock. Stretching and straining to fit his thick shaft, wherever it is he chooses to put it. But will they notice? I love his cock and his cum, his face and his groans, but I also love his thighs.

I found four men…

I tried my best to look up at him, knowing how much he loved seeing my eyes water with the effort of taking him. for Free! With my tongue or with my sucking. Score 4. Jesus, I love his cum. And then his cum. My tongue works on his shaft, as well. Published 3 years ago.

I can feel the thick, pulsing vein of his cock against my tongue - and I enjoy every single spasm the tip of his cock can muster against the soft flesh of my inner throat. I never hated cum before… but to love it? Always so thick, always so white, always so plentiful - just how DOES he produce so much of it?! I almost wish my husband walked by, if only so he could see what I was capable of becoming when with a real man.

The Proud Cum Slut "I love his cum. To be honest, there is very little I can actually do as he fucks my mouth so roughly, but I try to enhance his pleasure where I can.

Shit, I hope he feeds it to me. He le me out of the woods, to the public footpath, and towards the car that we had parked not that long before. He was understanding enough to put his right hand behind my head, protecting me from the harshness of the bark. I adore it. I love it when his cock stretches me. More beast than man, I often think.