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Part 1 here Carolynn dropped into an easy chair by the door and offered John Dacia a rueful smile.

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So I was startled when Winston, an Englishman who transferred from London to our branch in New York a few weeks ago, sat beside me one afternoon in the break room, and whispered "I Part 2: Out of the Closet When I finally revealed my love of spanking, or more precisely, self spanking, to my husband it was not at all planned.

I logged onto to my and noticed a feedback on a story I wrote for Literotica. The backya I was requested by a reader to write a story on self spanking. Two extra seats were pulled up to the table for Debbie and Rachel's parents.

It has humiliation and spanking as a theme, if you do not enjoy that type of story be warned. SmutMD Log in. All characters are over 18 Both my wife, Molly, and her older sister were being punished.

Hairbrush stories

A typical one follows: "Dear Julie. Maisie is thirty-nine-years-old and is staying with twenty-four-year-old Emma and her mum, Janet, who's is Emma's forty-nine-year-old mum. My wife was being punished for overspending on her credit card and Barbara for teasing Molly. Everyone chatted away ch As an year-old, I was quite frequently disciplined by my strict Aunt Julie. The first part features self spanking, while the second is, well, you Carl was by far my favorite of all my uncles and I have quite a few ; he was funny, generous, kind, and jovial.

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The new icon sent my heart aflutter as I love feedback. Log in Remember Me. SmutMD up.

We lived in a wooded area across the street from a cornfield. We said it was fine Fortunately it seemed they had finished humiliating me for the time being, and we all returned to the dining table to finish our meals.

Hairbrush Spanking Stories 31. It is in two parts, 'The Awakening' and 'Out of the Closet'. I walked over On my break at work I often log onto to various spanking websites to drool over stories and pictures.

Hairbrush spanking stories

I've received a few interesting propositions from men via Literotica feedback s. Some of the s I would never respond to. Somehow I had lost my appetite. Gingerly I seated myself on the tissues, feeling very embarrassed as you can well imagine. So here is my story.

Which sparked my curiosity so I did some 'research' on the net and became enthralled at the videos of people administering their own punishment. Our two daughters had gone to a friend's birthday party in the afternoon and we got a phone call from the mother hosting the party to ask if it was all right if the girls stayed for the night. Below is my phone .

Sort by: Best match Most recent. He always had time to play with all of us nephews and nieces, and he loved having us over at his house, joking around with us, watching movies of every sort Emma was getting so annoyed that her aunt Maisie still wasn't home but she would pay for her lateness for sure.

She was a domineering bitch who could really bring a man to tears spanking him over her knee with a hard wooden hairbrush, but I loved her all the same.

I am always careful to delete my browsing history before finishing my break. Now, I don't know if Jessica Alba likes to be spanked, but a guy can dream, can't he?

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On Off. Spanking Jessica Alba by jv on Sep 13, There is a lot more to SmutMD than you think! Chapter Friday Evening This is a fantasy written for fun. Janet has a busy job and three days ago announced she would be away on business for the next two weeks.