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For the exercise portion of the last stream, we wrote an entry to a contest that one of our viewers Nicole Dark is holding. The prompt is simple: write a gut-punching story in 1, words or less. After brainstorming a bunch of ideas we chat, we finally settled on one and started writing. I was expecting only to do about words, but I got so into it we ended up about shy of the limit! I really love how the story came together. It delivers not only one, but several punches straight to the gut.

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This is where you realize that playtime is over: Plot Armor has been switched off, the hero won't be getting up from that No-Holds-Barred Beatdown anytime soon, Anyone Can Dieand the bad guy winning has become a very real possibility. Only us. It's us. In the My-HiME fanfic Perfection Is OverratedChapter 4: Hitomi, having gotten her first taste of using Mind Control to make her victims kill other people and themselvesuses her powers to cause a massacre at a diner, resulting in the deaths of 20 innocent people, and showcasing that the SUEs mutual if varying lack of regard for human life.

You've heard nothing but praise for its uncompromising brutality, Emotional Torqueand ability to mess with the audience, but so far nothing you've Gut gives even a remote indication of why—. The entire scene is completely horrific, but what cements Gut as this is the opening shot of the usually lighthearted and goofy Vash looking legitimately terrified for the first time in the series that clearly indicates exactly how bad things are about to get.

This is about the one moment where the entire tone of the story shifts Darker and Edgier. Oh, Seth does note to Veronica that he hasn't figured out how to teleport living things through it, and would rather not go into detail about what happened on his triesbut she brushes his reticence off with a quip. Shortly after the 18 story mark, Veronica and the audience witness him sending a baboon through the telepods.

Battle Royale has this by way of Shinji Mimurawho gets killed off halfway into the book to establish that, yes, Anyone Can Die. In Marie D. Suesse and the Mystery New Pirate Age! In the Kamen Rider Fourze Alternate Universe Fic Horseshoes and Hand GrenadesNorio and Chosuke are trying to find the whereabouts of one Misa Torizaki note The head of the Ugly Ducklings cult that Norio was part of and who made Norio transform back into Cygnus despite the fact that Norio didn't want to and has been recently kidnapped by Gentaro for some unknown purpose only to find her body resting against a story, gutted and obscenities written on her arms.

He killed and ate the friendly shopkeeper Vash was just speaking to, and feels it would be a downright shame if the little girl Vash just bought an ice cream for would have to be punch. There was almost complete silence.

This isn't just one scene of Mood Whiplash ; this is a Mood for the whole damn movie. It is not God who kills the children. Rorschach: This rudderless world is not shaped by vague metaphysical forces. If there's a particularly dark moment in a show that then reverts to being somewhat lighter, it's not this. Atlantis: The Lost Empire opens with the Fantastic Nuke being set off and the assumed deaths of hundreds if not thousands of Atlanteans including Kida's mother, sort ofbut it doesn't hit that hard since A Atlantis gotta sink at some point and B what kind of Disney movie lets the princess retain both her parents?

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It's worth emphasizing the " Darker than the audience has been led to expect " bit: Roger Ebert : This was in a typical neighborhood theater, and the kids started filing in 15 minutes early to get good seats up front. Sometimes related to Player Punch. Follow TV Tropes. First we get something that looks like this, specifically the deaths of Tom and Judy.

The hostages: part one (a gutpunch story)

The movie had punch being delightfully scary about halfway through, and had become unexpectedly terrifying. Despite taking place during a war, Mulan is pretty lighthearted with plenty of slapstick, lowbrow jokes, and copious amounts of Eddie Murphy. Before Watchmen : Minutemen explored the titular Minutemen in their Golden Years, showing their successes, their infighting, and some darker themes, like The Silhouette's investigations into child murder and pedophilia.

Then the Leviathan shows up and destroys the expedition's submarine in five minutes of screen time, killing a staggering of people onscreen and racking up a good-guy casualty rate in the triple digits that will likely never be topped again in a Disney movie. Say you're watching that new thriller that everyone's been talking about. From this point onward, the story stops being a superhero punch and becomes a violent tragedy with superheroes in it.

Films — Live-Action. But mere moments later, Moll is shot by Bill out of nowhere in a major case of Mood Whiplashwhich sets Gut tone for the rest of the story as far more serious until the ending. Even when Captain Li Shang and his troops head to the front, they're singing a happy song about "a girl worth fighting for" — and walk smack into a destroyed village. Then the boy and the giant stumble upon a deer recently shot by a gun lying on the ground. Gut doesn't, but only because the real punch comes immediately afterward when we see an extremely gory for its day image of the zombies chowing down on the recently Gut corpses that changed the film from "goofy b-movie" to "terror incarnate.

The mice are for science experiments. Legato: If I'd felt like it, all the people within a 50 meter range, in 0. The Lion King starts off as a fairly lighthearted Disney film about a young African lion cub and his life in the Serengeti. After this, the real mental toll and questionable morality set in, as characters die or leave, and the Minutemen fade away. Both the song and the humor slam to a screeching halt, and it gets even worse when they see that General Li's entire army has been slaughtered.

Comic Books. Then out of nowhere, Legato. Community Showcase More. The Little Mermaid : The reason the scene where King Triton destroys his daughter's secret collection of human treasures, plus the consequences that follow, packed quite a punch was that, until then, such an act of heartbreak and betrayal had never been done in a Disney movie much less an animated one.

Either way, this is a clear indication that the creator has decided to get dangerous. Not fate that butchers them or story that feeds them to dogs. At that moment, Rorschach snappedkilled the man's dogs, and, when he returned home, chained him up in the basement, poured kerosene everywhere, tossed the man a hacksawand dropped a lit match. Watchmen is a never-ending string of theseone after another, practically once a chapter, but you're probably not going to put the punch down and reexamine your lease on life, the world, and humanity until chapter six, when we learn in an interrogation why Rorschach is so screwed up: When he was a private detective for hire, he accepted a job to find a little girl who'd been kidnapped.

For the first minutes of The Iron Giantthe story is about a boy and his giant robot friend and they mostly goof around while trying to evade an incompetent G-man. Legato's introduction in Trigun pulls this off in a single frame.

Then in issue 4, she and her partner are murdered in their beds after she's kicked off the team. This also isn't a subjective trope. In the next ten minutes, you'll learn the true meaning of hell. When this is what's allowed to happen to a lab animal, it's a hard cue to the audience that once the scientist perfects his device and from there decides to become Professor Guinea Pig on a drunken whim, he's going to have it even worse The original Night of the Living Dead gets two back to back in the story sequence.

The Knight of CerebusTragic Monsterand the Hero Killer are three characters extremely likely to cause one of these. The first 45 minutes of Audition could easily be mistaken for a romantic drama in which everything is slightly Then we get Asami's Establishing Character Momentwhich is so scary that it turns the next half hour of violence-free romance into pure terror. Then nuclear weapons and Cold War paranoia get involved. It's so bleak and despair-inducing that it ruins the marriage of the psychologist interviewing Rorschach and basically destroys all faith he had in humanity.

This triggers a momentary story at the giant's dormant but aggressive programming, and things only get worse from there once the G-man starts becoming a real threat. Films — Animation.

Chosuke: Norio, don't look now but I think Misa just killed herself. It arrives in the receiver pod inside-out, and still aliveand the gruesome reveal is used for both the film's first Jump Scare and the first appearance of Howard Shore 's operatic score since the opening credits. In any other horror movie made at the time, that sequence alone would have been enough to qualify as this trope. You've just been hit with the Gut Punch: the single moment when a work makes it abundantly clear that the gloves have come off.

Chapter 18 and While SUE attacks had interfered with the canon villains' plans, Bachiko and Meiko 's plan provides Ishigami and Nagi the opportunities they need to put their plans into motion; the former in his and Yukariko's deathswhile the latter in Shiho and Mai being forced to fight like in canon, with Yukino barely managing to defuse the situation by arriving before Mikoto and knocking out Shiho.

Maybe things go From Bad to Worsemaybe the story was always that dark and just forgot to tell the audience. Chicken Run. As noted in Roger Ebert 's review, Edwina's death complete with her bones on a dinner table right after drives home the point that Mrs. Tweedy isn't fooling around - and neither is the film. Get Known if you don't have an .

Wolfwalkers starts out as fairly lighthearted, and while the film's last third becomes ificantly darker in tone with no funny moments at all, the mood briefly lightens when Mebh reunites with her mother. You need to to do this. This is about a single moment that instantly and clearly establishes that the tone of the work as a whole is fundamentally darker than what the audience has been led to expect.

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Anime and Manga. When he tracked her kidnapper down, he searched the house and realized that the man had killed her, chopped her body up, and fed her to his dogs. This is not simply about shocking events, though a Gut Punch is a good way to lead up to a Wham Episode.

What exited the building was only Rorschach. Chosuke states it best.

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The next half an hour or so are fairly lighthearted, colorful and thrilling pulp adventure movie. Ringing Bell has a scene in which a wolf kills a lamb's mother, establishing that this is not just a cutesy little cartoon about sheep. Chapter the Obsidian Lord, possessed by the Usurper, kills off the entire First District and destroys Miyu, the latter action sealing off the possibility of pushing the Reset Button and undoing any of the deaths. And, on top of that, Triton is not the villain.

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It's a bright and sunny day, the kids are playing with Vash. All that changes when King Mufasa is killed by his evil brother Scar, who convinces Simba to blame himself for ittries to have him killed, and then takes over Pride Rock and turns it into a tyrannical nightmare that Simba has to end. Do not confuse with Groin Attack.