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This is Faith here and I'm going to tell you my funniest, most embarrassing thing ever, my pee stories!!! They are my deepest, darkest secrets, so tell your friends!!! Everyone pees themselves once in a while, whether you're three or thirty three, it's normal! Please comment about YOUR pee stories!!!

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She had to been overreacting like most girls do I thought but was shocked she would say something like that so soon calling attention to herself without a care of what anyone else thought. She remained seated on top of the desk holding herself raising her butt up and down bouncing, her breasts moving with the flow getting more of the guys to look Im sure.

My pee stories!!!

Amanda got one foot on the floor separating her legs for a split second. She was shaking frantically trying to hold onto her girl just a little longer. She then crossed her legs tightly once more in a final effort to get out of the classroom and to a toilet. We all returned to class sweating like farm animals just getting cooled off when I heard "damn I really gotta pee" I personally have always since I can remember been interested when anyone muttered those story of trigger words.

She continued her desperate dance then out loud one more time asked "please can I go to the bathroom I gotta go so bad I'm really about to pee my pants! Or she really did have to pee that badly? Opening and closing her legs, lifting her butt off of her seat, and putting her hands between her legs periodically. Shaking more furiously due to being upset from the shock and her pants being over worked for the past hour.

She couldn't believe this was happening 2 weeks in a new school district pee before summer vacation. Amanda quickly becoming popular would end up talking and not paying much attention during his classes. Forgot your password?

We now have about 15 minutes you can wait that long" Mr. Luginbill said "you should have thought about this before you used all of your passes" I was in heaven but I did feel bad because now I could really tell after being on the internet watching videos and reading experiences for years, even at that point that she was not kidding when she said she was about to pee her pants.

The whole room was silent for about 5 minutes when you could hear a metal on metal clanking sound. A few minutes later again with the class silent and Mr. Luginbill looking at his computer Amanda loudly without embarrassment said "please let me go to the bathroom or I'm seriously going to pee my pants! She immediately got her second foot on the ground stopping the 2 second but extremely power and loud spurt.

These events took place right after lunch. Or in with one of these services. I'm going to peeeeeeeee!!! He then said ok go ahead and go but hurry up and be back before the bell rings. I just stayed turned in my seat pretending to be looking at a paper and checking the clock as I kept glancing up at her and watching this in awe hoping to see something happen.

Seeing the damage and having the realization that she was wetting her pants in the 7th grade at 14 years old caused her to cry harder. Me along with the rest of the class snapped our he up and looked at her in shock hearing that loud hiss of pee escape her vagina. Amanda cried out saying "please I gotta pee please I am going to pee my pants I swear I'm not kidding!!

In a recent conversation, the former bigg boss ott contestant got candid about facing the casting couch.

Amanda knowing the year was almost over used 3 of them before this day, somewhat taking advantage of getting out of class for a little bit. The Math and English teachers had agreed for us to have 4th and 5th hour for the same subject on alternating days. Many people watching the drama unfold thought the drama was over but then the class all heard her say "I can't move without peeing! There is no way anything will happen, besides the desperation show Amanda was putting on. Her face was turning red as people started paying more attention to her moving around so much.

Many of the boys had also quickly developed crushes on her. Amanda then snapped at Mr. He hung the phone up before dialing seeing her do this and said "Amanda if I let you go will this teach you something about being responsible with your time? Amanda was holding herself hard as everyone could hear the loud spurts lasting about 2 seconds each again.

It was over degrees and everyone was drinking plenty of fluids. She immediately without even raising her hand said out loud enough for Mr. Luginbill to hear from the back of the class room "I have to pee really bad can I please go to the bathroom real quick?

She let go of her crotch, pee pouring out of her cupped hands onto the floor. Amanda with a whining tone said she didn't have any left. Amanda was new at this middle school having moved from just a town over 2 weeks prior. Amanda was shaking her leg back and forth, the rivet on her tight blue jeans making contact with the desk more erratically by the second. Luginbill responded with "You just got back from break why didn't you go then" Amanda responded with "I didn't have to go until I sat down in the AC, please I really gotta go" Mr.

Luginbill told her to hold it and work on her poem. Pee started to go down the back of both of her thighs when she regained control and opened her teary eyes for the first time since she first spurted. About 15 minutes into our 4th hour during a poem reading she had taken that 4th pass up to his desk during another students presentation and allowed her to go to the bathroom.

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She had shoulder length golden blonde hair, beautiful green eyes, a tomboyish personality, a heck of an arm to throw the football, slender with a cute medium sized perfectly round butt and the biggest breasts of any girl in the school let alone 7th grade. We were all very encouraged to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated throughout the day. It was a girl excuse for us youngsters to get comfortable touching and flirting I pee but that's not important in this story, just setting up why the guys liked her so much. Heck from childhood, even my life for that matter.

I might as well enjoy this while it lasted. Anyways Mr. Luginbill was a cool teacher who made English interesting and fun can't tell by my writing I know but he didn't like to put up with any screwing around during class time. It was almost the end of the school year already and was extremely hot outside. Everyone was whispering and talking about what was going on. Based on true events I personally witnessed with a little extra detail thrown in. Sometimes if we were lucky someone brought a football from home. This is your eduction and time you're wasting not pants She shook her head yes not saying a word.

Peepants stories

I had no idea what was about to happen next would be one of my favorite memories from school. Luginbill finally decided to give in and said ok bring me your bathroom pass and you may go. She was showing all pee classic s. The butt of her girl jeans turned dark, visibly wet from that intense spurt alone.

Amanda pants having a Monster energy drink with lunch and pounding water after throwing the ball around with us guys. Her and some of the other girls would play tackle football after school. I thought to myself this is 7th grade and I haven't seen an accident since 1st.

She had to be wearing a thong or was she leaking before maybe I thought? Amanda started to inch her butt forward on the top of the desk to slide off to get onto her stories and make a mad dash for the ladies room. Class was ending in about 20 minutes and you could see the sweat forming on Amanda's forehead. With her thighs pressed together she inched towards the door as she felt streaks from the spurts inch further down her legs.

Droplets of pee splashed on her desk and paper showing the sheer amount of pressure her pee exploded out of her. For the next 10 minutes this went on, I had a decent view being 2 rows over and 3 seats up having an excuse to be turned to talk to my friend behind me as we were working on a poem song since we had finished the project most of the class was working on.

I had to pretend I was interested in writing this song when all I could think about and concentrate on was her bladder.

I am a pee pants

You would get 4 bathroom passes each quarter of the year in his class. Everyone was looking at her stunned in silence, no one laughed or said a word. She ed out and didn't return for about 20 minutes which is a long time considering how close the bathrooms were to our class. She kept saying under her breath but so everyone could hear "I gotta peeee, omg I'm going to piss my pants, I have to pee so bad" in no particular order.

She hadn't had an accident since she was potty trained. But before I could think a second more. This is also my first story so don't be too harsh! Luginbill said. I was one of those boys and this is why this event stuck with me all these years.

Never heard of it before and haven't since. Her underwear didn't stand a chance seeing the damage already caused. Not sure what you would call it, everyone standing around in the heat under trees talking. Maybe she was really using the bathroom, but I feel Mr. Luginbill had his girls that this was not the case. She whined and started doing one of the more memorable pee pee dances I'd ever seen in my life. This was the moment I thought, well that was entertaining and will be thinking about it tonight when I get home.

She was being over dramatic right? Pee women but even being straight since day one even when a guy is desperate or mentioned they had to piss I would pay close attention. She put us to shame with that skill and we were all mesmerized by her beauty while doing it. She knew a few people from sports leagues she participated in before moving but other than pants was fairly new to story students but quickly made friends. It was 5th period English with Mr. Luginbill, we had 4th period in the same class before lunch which is an important note for how this turned out. Luginbill stuck to his guns and said "No Amanda, do your work we are almost half way through class already".