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She gobbled up the remaining guests. Her shirt tore, showing her stomach as it dropped to the ground. She went crazy. If not, no worries, i brought some too! Everyone walked inside and placed food on the table.

Her cheeks puffed up, as Ruby squinted her sapphire blue eyes. She caught up to the girl and grabbed her arm. If you brought food, set it on that big white table over there. She did a big, gassy belch, as she rubbed her bulging stomach.

The next day, Ruby got to school. Ruby let out a tremendous belch, shaking all the cups and plates.

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Her shirt was basically being pulled by her giant stomach. She smiled as she patted her stomach. She had 2 burgers, 8 donuts, and 2 sodas.

Her belly expanded, as it became as round as a beach ball. She then ate the 2 burgers. She walked towards 2 girls, gossiping about something in the kitchen. Ruby devoured her as her belly grew. It started to tear, showing Ruby's belly button and her big stomach.

Ruby's cheeks puffed up as she let out a tremendous belch. She grabbed a plate and took 2 burgers and a can of soda. The guests made confused faces and slowly went back to what they were doing. Cupcakes, burgers, cookies, donuts, pizza, soda and even a chocolate fountain!

Ruby smirked as she grabbed one of the girls.

Human vore. Ruby was known as the "popular girl" at her high school. People saw the girl swallowing others whole and screamed, running into the house. Finished at PM September 27, Log in Log out Edit.

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She licked her lips. Here are the vore stories where a human is the main character! Some guests walked over to the table. Ruby followed her, but was a bit sluggish, as her bulging belly was gigantic. Few minutes later, and people were already knocking things over, and playing in the pool.

She went into the house. Yet her stomach wasn't satisfied. She chugged down the soda, gulp by gulp. She grabbed 8 donuts and a soda.

Ruby stood back looked at it and smiled. She walked towards the table, it was like a buffet. She saw people dancing, arguing, watching TV, and drunk people. Ruby smiled "it's fine! You can do it, too! She put up fliers around the school.

Guess i'll just have this candy in my pocket, or something. She was planning a party! She patted her gut and sat down. People were running around, enjoying popsicles and having a friendly game of monkey in the middle in the pool. She looked at the guests. Jimdo You can do it, too! She began devouring the others, as she could now barely see over her round stomach. Ruby's belly was gigantic, but she was still starving.

She walked into the kitchen and sat down.

See a problem?

They all talked about it with their friends and talking about what to wear, what food to bring. This really was another great party. Ruby looked down at the thin stomach, as it obviously wanted to have a bit more to it. It bulged as the girl tried to escape.

For the rest of the day, people definitely took notice. Her belly expanded, gurgling and groaning. Ruby was about to go back to grab her bikini, until her stomach growled. Come the fun!

She felt more powerful, as she was now bigger then everyone else, she felt like the leader. You know the story, everyone wanted to be her, be friends with her. The girl gasped in horror. She looked down at her small potbelly. The guests stared at her, confused and stunned. She ran outside towards the pool.

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She devoured all the pizza, gobbled up the donuts, cupcakes, cookies, and everything in between. Party Crasher. Then, it was Ruby heard the doorbell and she opened the door to see almost the whole school! She opened the door and looked at the pool. She immediately dropped her cup, soda staining the pink carpet. She took huge mouthfuls, stuffing the donuts in her mouth. The button from her jeans flew into the pool.

She let out a long, slow belch as she patted her thin belly. Though, unlike most you see in the movies, she was very generous and giving! Ruby went back to the food table. Ruby's stomach growled as loud as a bear. Her stomach was bulging, as people were trying to escape. Ruby then went into the pool, gobbling up everyone.