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They were active to go out bar hopping that night, so Bryce asked if he could take a shower. He played along with there dinky caper put them on and walked out. He virtually ripped off his T-shirt and shorts so he was just in the precis and adorned the noncurrent of the underpants on a dealer office so for everyone to see. Here's a subject matter dealing with another fetich of tap in the public eye stripping. I same to fantasize about how it would feel to be bare totally nude in public. Her curly black-haired hair born to her shoulders, her impertinent breasts were perfect, and her killer ass led into a pair of long, smooth legs, with her clean-shaven pussy nestled between.

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Advanced Search. The only other thing I remember was she got caught when she was in her bra and panties by some boys she went to school with. Girls stripped naked So for many many years I have been trying to find proper "real" footage of girls being stripped naked by their friends.

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But they continued stripping her and undressed her trousers. I heard this story in the 90s so the details are fuzzy. None of the guys did any of the stripping. Actually she didn't want that. After a while, he fondled her and he exposed her breast for everyone. A very long time ago I sort of saw something like this I was over at a friend's house and his younger sister was hanging around, while we watched TV - she had a crush on me so she always seemd to be around.

The interesting thing was at this point, she was quite conservative and you would never expect that she would do this or ever tell about it. Not sexy at all. After a drink or two they left to go to another bar. He was allowed to touch her boobs then. But you asked. Some willfully, most against their will. BB code is On. Smilies are On. Forum Rules.

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All of them fondled her and touched her pussy. However, as the video thread proves, it certainly does! or Register. Search Forums.

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Members List. They then put her in the middle of the back seat and drove through town. Tat GF. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. All times are GMT The time now is AM. Our forum has over 10 million photos, videos and.

Mostly girls on the bus, but a handful of guys, too. You can find men being stripped but not women which le me to think it's a total myth that it has ever occurred so I'm putting this post out there for anyone to tell me if you have ever seen a girl being stripped naked by her friends for what ever reason, birthday, hen night, forfeit etc Please let me know with as much detail as you can and if you have pictures or video please message me because I would love to see them Cheers. A few parents tried to press charges, but there were some loopholes that kept anything from happening plus the girls who did the stripping of the other girls had super rich parents who probably just paid people off in the end.

ZIP files. A few jumped off the bus at a stoplight and took an Uber home. And on a tangent, I turned 18 in so was always legal after that.

She said they were laughing and joking about her birthday suit. Strange times. This is not something I witnessed but I believe to be true.

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I know because photos went around to other friends and some parents intervened. But I did enjoy her telling the story, even if fiction or embellished. First she was just drinking some alcohol with him and his friends. My friend showed me some of them while crying through it.

She said she was embarrassed but overall found it funny. Instead, she said they drove out into the country and the girls stripped her completely naked. It was not a sexy moment.

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Her younger brother was being a general pain and annoying, and she told him off a few times. Originally Posted by cufan Originally Posted by Gnome Drinking age in the US rose to 21 innot in the 90s, but I still don't doubt your story simply because I had friends well not really friends, but people I was in groups with in high school that did stuff pretty much exactly like your story on a regular basis, but I was never part of it.

I just what I like and think is beautiful.

Find All Thanked Posts. It happened in the late 70s.

In hindsight it occured to me that it might have been a set up by the sister, but will never know. Go to Girls stripped naked. Show Thre Show Posts. Thread Tools. So for many many years I have been trying to find proper "real" footage of girls being stripped naked by their friends. It's nothing personal. I'm just unlucky enough never to of been there when it does! I lived a sheltered life until my mids Last edited by cufan86; at AM. To clarify, I heard the story in the 90s. My friend left the room for some reason leaving me with the sister and younger brother who was upping his antics.

She resisted stronger and they stopped. I was mostly ignoring them when she lets out a scream, and I see the younger brother has somehow partially unbuttoned her shirt so her sheer bra is visible, and was in the process of pulling her jeans down.

Today's Posts. My friend's daughter she just turned 18 at the time was stripped on a party bus, breasts exposed and skirt pulled off. I remember her saying that it was an old metal slide and she kept stopping which the girls found hilarious. She is squirming and telling him to stop but is laughing [he was also ticklinig her] and after a couple seconds of that her panties become visible and I notice she is staring at me.

As to seeing girls being stripped for myself, I'm afraid I never witnessed anything like that, as I never would of believed that people would of done that to girls. Tag Search. So he invited the other guys to feel her up also.

My wife was stripped once by her best male friend long time ago. YogaGirl on VimeoMp4. Husbandlettingwifehavefu ninhotel.

The brother continues pulling her pants and her pubes start to show, and she is still looking at me all while smiling and laughing. Then they gave her tasks to earn back her clothes. So some of my friends would be legal for part of the year, then underage for part. I could hear their mother about the house, and not wanting to get caught in a situation of which I had no part, I told the brother to cut it out and stop bothering his sister.

And there was no grandfather clause.