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My husband told me to go upstairs and wait for him. Not only was he going to punish me, but he also told me that he had a few surprises in mind.

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Oh my gosh That is absolutely fucked up. No, she used to do this till my age of 14, but when i grew up i began protesting her and finally she had to stop. Yes No. Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. My mom was still she is a freak and harsh women, she used to think boys should be punished more harshly than to girls my sister.

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Nothing was Good in as it used to burn like hell in butts and spanking added in pain only. Show All Show Less. Either way, is a very fucked up way to teach children. Dude im terribly sorry about this. Never heard of such a punishment, but I've met a woman that she and her daughter spanked her son's balls for punishment and played games to hit him there.

Ever since she's been as good as gold putting maximum effort into our marriage and is now pregnant. I'd post the screenshot here, but she deleted her .

She's not abusing you recently, right? I visited my family again.

That's not a thing patents should do to their children, no matter the situation. Lol thats a bdsm punishment from the 's. I think it was some kind of gynarchy or something. I'm glad you're away from her and in therapy now. She made your sister watch?

Learn more. But are you okay? And you should protest about it, really. She couldn't do it by just spanking, so she added the humiliation to it, I think. Mr Xper 1. I know I posted this a while ago, but i punishment wanted to know if you're doing okay. Hi when I was 7My mother a adopted meI was considered a special need's childbeing born at only 2 lbs and 13 ozI was removed from my birth mother for not feeding methat caused brain damagewhich caused seizure'sad uncontrolled root out burstany way I was put on valium form the age of 2 to 7 years when My adoptive mother decided she didn't like itand removed me from it all at oncewitch caused stories of behavior out burstandy way the catholic nunwho was my also my first grade teacherconvinced my mother she knew how to ginger with all thisso she started to instruct my mother on how to rain me in.

No, not away but now i have grown up so i don't let her punish me like this anymore, but when i was years old, she used to threat me, strip me nude and then she would shove a big fresh ginger root in butts and then at least times hard spanking.


I do not know how to respond to that. Sometimes it's necessary when my wife isn't acting right, refusing to keep the house cleaning and have a meal prepared for when I come home from work.

But when i was young she used to pull it off by her self if i would not do it by my own. The only opinion from girls was selected the Most Helpful Opinion, but you can still contribute by sharing an opinion! After a week she realised how wrong she had been andrawn apologised, we had amazing make up sex.

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I must say yeah she is your mother but she was an abuser mate. I have never heard of such a punishment How horrible. Xper 5.

Thank God i didn't had a punishment like that. I think she wanted to match your uncle harshness. I was a pure devil when I was a young person, and Lebanese parents were generous with the dishing out, but that shit you described is just sadistic man,. Ginger root punishment, anyone ever had? Like thats terrible and it's disgusting that a mother would do that.

Spanking a to z — f is for the firefighter’s girl #spank a2z

Add Opinion. Yeah, something like that. Dude I burned our house twice in lebanon houses are stone so the furniture burnedour summer home once, I shot my mom's friend in the ass, I took my dad's car for a drive at 10!! Prominent Features: Ugly or Beautiful? She only embarrass you, she must be a gynarchist or something. It was all just a classic shit test to test my limits and of course if I hadn't disciplined her she would not respect me.

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How old were you and how old are you now? Its not for children. Like i made a whole just to reply to this. Bilo opinions shared on Sexuality topic. They lived in a farm and the mom forced the boy to do all the chores while her and her daughter were just chilling, and they even punished him if he didn't the chores right. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate.

Yeah, I understood that part.

November 04,

I am so sorry that happened to you Are you away from her now? But don't hesitate to ask for help. ScottSummers opinions shared on Sexuality topic.

Related myTakes. She ran home to her parents who were discusted by her behaviour and her father threatened to take his belt to her. Well I am glad you don't let her do that to you now. Celebrating the life of one who have passed. She did this only to you or to your sister too? Share Facebook.

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And your mum should be reported for abuse. I think she knew that you'd feel embarrassed and make the punishment even more effective? She said that this kept him submissive and obedient to them. If she try to abuse you, don't hesitate to call for help, family, other adults or the police. That's completely fucked. EVEN with all that I got punished but man nothing like what you described.

I tried to discuss her disrespectful behavior but she flew into a rage and attacked me so I grabbed her and put her across my knee hitched up her skirt pulled down her panties and with the palm of my hand spanked her bottom as hard as I could for 10 minutes.

BetteDavis 72 opinions shared on Sexuality topic. AustinMan I've used it as part of a BDSM scene.


I would realy seek help your safety at risk here :. I love the effect in that context. Yeah, you're right.