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The people of Reddit have no filter. I was living in a cold room at the time, and was desperate for a fap.

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You can decide at the end of the story. I certainly do remember the first time I masturbated, as it opened up a whole new world for me. I was about 14 at the time and was always wanting to masturbate any chance I had, I would always masturbate at my house in the shower, or bathroom or my bedroom.

In my town there is a beautiful acre wildlife refuge with lots of woods where one can see deer, eagles, and various wild cats, and a large pond where one can see ducks, geese, swans, and beaver. Anything in the slightest would get me horny so it was Me and Masturbation. My father, being a d University Education. But first, a little story.

Caught by my aunt. She is a nurse and works nights at the hospital. When I met my second husband, I was in my 50's and he was in his 60's. She had told me before she left for work that there was a possibility Dominic's Deliberation. Hi everybody, this is Samantha again. Those of you who have read my last story will recall how my sister and I discovered the joys of mutual masturbation.

Posted by: SoloTouchArchive Author: Samantha Age: 22 Posted on: 05 Jun 15 comments 14 likes views Category: Masturbation Female-Female Tags: 69sisters, sistershowerbathroomHollysleep overbrotherCaught masturbatingSister to sistersister to sister.

I'm new here, but have been a reader and writer in Solo Touch for ages. Copyright SMI-Help. Once I wen Sandrine's Panties. Feeling turned on by the admiring glances of a younger friend. Posted by: jstfrths Age: 18 at the time Posted on: 23 Dec 8 comments 4 likes 9 views Category: Masturbation General Tags: medical examdoctorbeing jerked offfinger in anus.

Shortly after we became engaged, nudity around the house was no longer an issue and rarely did we e Sisiter to Sister part 2. To give you a quick summary, I am 22, and my sister is 20, we share an apartment, and have been masturbating Towel Humping Try It. This happened this summer, and it changed how I now get myself to orgasm I love this site I guess like most of us on here, I like to get off by reading solo touch and humping my pillow or one of my soft stuffed toys, I have always done it The Cleaning Woman.

Posted by: Sam Age: 23 Posted on: 28 Jul 6 comments 12 likes 15 views Category: Masturbation Female-Male Tags: Masturbating togethercaught masturbatinginnocentfirst timewatching her masturbate. Many f Carefree Nudity and Open Sexuality. In Up. Caught Masturbating in Public?

Caught with their panties down: 23 girls share their most humiliating masturbation stories

Like Mother Like Daughter. I shared a bunk bed. Help keep Solotouch online and free Donate.

Wife Watched. Did I get caught?

She is Russian, about 40 years old, reasonably attractive, and catches little English. I come from a family where nothing is taboo, there is nothing that is forbidden or frowned upon. My getting hired a cleaning woman, L. She comes in one morning a week at to clean the house. Like before, all names are changed, to protect the horny! From this point forward, I'm quoting my client as closely as I can remember. I have tried to get her to masturbate for me but she will not. I'm 23 and went to university late so I am older than most of my fellow housemates but only by a little bit.

Our building used to be a warehouse, and our floor is mainly studios Caught in the Act. Posted by: jjcurious Age: 39 Posted on: 11 Mar 1 comments 1 likes 62 views Category: Masturbation Stories Tags: masturbatingcaughtaunt. I love reading stories written by girls -- they get me so hard and horny, I cum in stories.

I ed WL to meet new people girls hopefully and interact with them 1 -2 -1, talk dirty with them; see their pictures, read their stories. I normally would pretend I didn't see anything, and leave the masterbating, but this morning I stayed for the show.

A follow up on my story and how being caught masturbating led to a more open environment at home. This little story takes place only hours after my surprise love time with Sandrine.

When I try to masturbate for her, she will just pull my hand away. Then she came up with a surprise of her own by touching me and bringing me to the most intense orgasm o Featured Members jemstone friends brenda 66 friends hardcock 89 friends jjerismo 24 friends Maddie69 98 friends Ffugue 25 friends. I sure hope so. There is one boy in our residence who I really l Caught in the Shower.

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Statistic members friendships posts comments techniques forum topics stories photos. We feel sorry for couples we read about who will not be open sexually and feel they have to hide their private masturbation enjoyment from each other. Posted by: sparkle8 Age: 72 Posted on: 08 Sep 8 comments 9 likes 1 views Category: Masturbation Male Solo Tags: Riskypublicwatchingexhibitionistedgingcaughtvoyeuroutdoorsmale solo.

Dominic lives in 2B, right down the hall from my apartment. Dominic is a guy in my building who likes getting caught masturbating apparently. Posted by: sparkle8 Age: 72 Posted on: 03 Oct 0 comments 3 likes 1 views Category: Masturbation Male Solo Tags: Riskypublicwatchingexhibitionistedgingcaughtvoyeuroutdoorsmale solo. In the nights that followed my mom witnessing me brining myself to orgasm after my overwhelming day at work she started dropping hints and making comments about feeling horny whenever we were spending time t This is my story about how masturbation became a part of my life, more to come!

Ok here is the story of when I got caught masturbating at my aunt's house. Caught masturbating in the shower by an uptight fellow student. If you remember, it was when she and I met at her house and chatted about things, boys and I told her of my 'surprise' on the train.

Another story from a client. Wife watched for the first time My wife is very conservative sexually. I am 20, and si Non-Prudish Medical Exam. Hi, I'm Emma and I'm at university and am living in a shared residence with some other students. I was an enthusiastic jacker in high school, but freshman year presented challenges.

She confides in my wife, and once told her that she sometimes is so horny she doesn't know what to do.